Melodies and Memories…

It’s a lazy Tuesday afternoon after a sumptuous mid-day meal, and the mood here in my bay in office is laid-back and calm (the PM not being around might have got something to do with this ;)) The air has got a feel of self-contentment and camaraderie in it…my team-mates are going about their work with quiet efficiency, sharing jokes, some are working in groups, some by themselves, listening to music… Music!! How about I list down the first thing that comes to mind when I listen to some of my favourite songs?
Since I happen to be listening to some Kannada numbers now, I’ll do this exercise for these and may be on another lazy afternoon I’ll pick a few Hindi ones 😀
So here goes…

* Jotheyali… from Geetha – the song itself with Shankar Nag and the heroine, whom my parents insist is Arundhati Rao and me insists (thanks to some gyan from Rohini ;)) is her sister, Shobha… the debate rages on even now, every time the song’s on TV 😀

* Jeeva Veene… from Hombisilu – Vasundhara and Pranav singing it at the UVCE fests, used to love listening to them… really miss those days

* Naguva gulabi hoove… from Auto Raja – Sudhindra singing it (really well), at the new year party in class, final year BE

* Suryangu chandrangu bandaare munisu… from Shubhamangala – this fills me with a kind of inner glow and warmth. My dad says that his sis aka my aunt (who incidentally is no more…) used to sing this and feed me everyday, while pointing to the moon, me sitting on the compound wall… seems I wouldn’t eat till she did all the above…

* Naguva nayana… from Pallavi Anupallavi – it was the study holidays time somewhere in 2nd or 3rd year BE and I was there at home, all alone watching this beautiful movie on DD, Chandana channel. Knowing that I had to study and feeling guilty but unable to switch off the TV…

* Noorondu nenapu… from Bandhana – my dad imitating me singing this song at the age of 6-7 with overwhelming feeling, in my childish voice as “noorondu nelapu…”

* Doni Saagali… from Miss.Leelavathi – me and my colleague and friend, Shivu singing it at the Musical Nite here in MT, last year. It was a rendition very well appreciated by one and all; also the fact that we were the only ones to have chosen a Kannada song (this beautiful number penned by Kuvempu) for the evening, gave us immense satisfaction

And finally,

* Yaava mohana murali… from America America – nothing comes to mind really, am just filled with a sense of immense calm and complacency. Everytime I listen to it, I find finer nuances and deeper meanings in the words and voices of C.Ashwath and Rathnamala Prakash… one of my all time favourites.

Well, I’ve really enjoyed myself, jotting this down…feels good, going down memory lane.


12 thoughts on “Melodies and Memories…

  1. I have been searching for a song from a nondescript movie called Belli Modagalu, like for ever!!! The song went like “Hrudayave ninna hesarige baradde…..”, easily the most melodious song i have listened to. The movie also was surprisingly good.

    Have u heard it? And in case you have it, plz pass it on! A treat assured 😀

  2. Thanks Shreyas, I had inadvertently missed it from the list…agree that it is one of the most melodious songs I’ve heard.

    And what memories does it bring to mind? Just that me and my sis would stop in our tracks, no matter what we were doing, every time, on the very rare occasions that it was played on TV/ radio…hmm delightful song

  3. Hey Anu!
    You have all amazing songs listed there all of them :)…n ya, tht was Arundathi Nag’s sis in tht movie…U can debate on…guess it will b like the DCH debate v used to have in college !!

  4. Hey Smitha,
    the DCH debate is not a debate, it is a complete mis-interpretation of the director’s intent in the movie by u and …(I forget who, Sowmya is it?):D U’ll never convince me on that one!

  5. Amazing kane…melodious list 🙂 …I also recollect Bendre’s song “Moodala maneya muttina neerina” and the same in the movie where Kaplana has done a good job…We also had that as a poem during our high school! It is so nice to think about those days!

  6. Wow.. amazing list of songs.. when u said ‘yaava mohana..’ i also remembered ‘yelli jaaarito manavu’ from the same collection.. and also ‘Ee sundAra bEldingala..’ from Amrutavarshini..

  7. No, we dont know eachother. I just came across your blog and started reading them… and by seeing that you are from B’lore… just sent a comment :D.. I’m from B’lore too…

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