Caught in action!

As promised, here’s a post in pictures…

pliss to ignore the junk piled on the sofas and the random nappies lying around… all this needs to be excused in households which are inhabited by little tykes like the one seen above 😀


The blessing is here!

Finally, the much awaited day arrived when we received our bundle of joy with out-stretched arms and hearts full… it was on the 20th of August, 2010 at 8.45 AM in the morning and it is a BOY! 🙂

Right now, my cup of joy overfloweth and I am unable to find words to write a detailed post…also my mom is at my back asking me to shut down the computer and get back to bed… well, details can wait for another day… right now I shall leave you with this pic… as they say a picture speaks a thousand words…

Our blessing

College chronicles

I am so over the moon today! 🙂 Apparently one of our favourite lecturers from college actually remembers me and asked after me, when my colleague and junior from college met him recently! Well, I happened to lunch with her today and when she told me about this – boy, was I thrilled??!! 😀

We spent a good half hour going down memory lane, back to the good old college days, chatting with two more colleagues who were our college-mates too. There were the usual – ‘Do you remember him? He used to teach us this …and he was so damn good at it’ and ‘Who is that? I can’t seem to remember the face too well…’ followed by some explanations and anecdotes which would most definitely bring back the faces. Discussion about the eccentric support staff – the attenders and the Xerox chappie, the librarian and the rude office guys… talks of the brilliant lecturers and the not so good ones and making fun of the really pathetic ones too!

Gossip about the college pairs and who teamed up with whom, and who actually went on to be together… laments about the labs and their sad state back then, to rejoicing at them being all spruced-up and hi-tech now. Talks of the scrapes we’d got into and the strike we’d unsuspectingly been a part of, the excitement of the companies coming for placement and the tension till we made it through! Whatever be the tribulations we faced back then, all that remains now is sweet nostalgia and longing for those lovely, carefree days and the wish to turn the clock back in time!

As for the afore-mentioned, he was a favourite all right- especially amongst us, the girls – known to be the suave, handsome, silent types, he was super-intelligent and made the most difficult lessons look so simple. Gosh, I remember, how we’d bought this book with really complex problems and spent endless hours trying to crack them, just because he’d recommended! We were so much in awe of him and a little scared as well and would greet him timidly in the corridors. And if he happened to just so much as acknowledge our lowly presence, we’d be elated and talk of it for days. 😛

And to think that he actually remembers me even today, from among thousands of students he’d have taught over the years… well, if you happen to look up and notice something flimsy floating amidst the clouds… don’t be surprised, that would be me! 😀

Beloved Bengaluru

DNA is celebrating its 100 days of existence in Bangalore and has chosen to accentuate this jubilation by giving us a series of articles about Bangalore. It started with their Sunday edition with these pages aptly title “Bangalore Boundless – Everyone’s welcome” which beautifully captured the very essence of Bangalore being the melting pot of cultural diversity – welcoming and housing people from multiple communities – caste, creed or color no bar. Check this (pages 7-14) for some interesting info tracing the beginnings and the history of how Bangalore became a multi-cultural hub.


Their Monday edition was about Beautiful Bangalore – shots of 15 beautiful up-coming and aspiring models spread across 8 pages – “encompassing the quintessential woman of Bangalore” – in the photographer’s own words.


But what I found truly captivating was their special in yesterday’s edition – Bangalore2Bengaluru – which, as they say, “takes us on a trip into the past and present – book marking the landmarks, images and icons that make Bangalore – to wade through history, understand the present and glimpse the future”. As part of this section they have listed the 100 little aspects of Bangalore – that makes it as special as it is. Do read all about it here (pages 7-14 again)


Meanwhile I was strongly inspired to come up with my own list of the landmarks and specialties of Bangalore that I love personally. Here’s my list –


  • 8th cross Malleshwaram – this hustling bustling street is really one of its kind – just making your way amongst the crowds and shopping for everyday stuff is an experience to remember
  • Aero India – the yearly event – the pride and joy with more than 25 countries participating in the biggest air show and exhibition in Asia
  • Bashyam Park & NKB – days spent as kids in the mentioned park opposite the LIC building and Sampige theatre – walking , playing around or mostly sitting watching the others doing their bit – and then invariably stepping into NKB for some Mangalore delicacies
  • BDA complex, Banashankari – for what else but pani-puri! the corner pani-puri-wala makes one of the best in town – although an increased demand and surging crowds has led to a change in price and attitude!
  • BIAL – the much-awaited spanking new hi-tech international airport, besotted with problems ever since its conception – I still feel proud for what it is worth
  • BMTC and Vayu Vajra – though much maligned, I think BMTC is one of the best road-transport services I have seen – considering the sheer number of buses and the crowds that use them, it is no mean feat to manage and keep it running. And now of course, we have the swanky new Volvo Vajras adding value and sheen to the transport services in namma Bengaluru
  • Cafe Coffee Day – what truly brought the irresistible taste of the simple, unassuming brew on to every man’s palate – a revolution of sorts for sure
  • Cauvery theatre – probably the theatre where I’ve seen the maximum number of movies in the city – its proximity to my place of stay mattered of course, but I’ve had some real fun-times here watching my fav flicks
  • Commercial street – though I can’t claim to have done much shopping here, I’ve enjoyed the times when I actually have – simply for the amazing way in which it caters to every person’s needs – right from the middle-class public to the ultra-rich folks
  • Cubbon park – the one place which truly gives me a glimpse of how Bangalore might have been in the days of yore – the moment you step into its environs the difference is tangible – oh so cool and pristine!
  • Darshini filter coffee – not to forget the poor man’s invigorating brew and daily dose of energy and motivation to face whatever it is that he might encounter in the big bad world
  • DVG road, Gandhi bazaar – again, the one stretch which has something for everyone – ideal for an evening to be spent shopping or eating-out or just strolling around, taking in the vibrant feel of being in the heart of the city
  • Hebbal flyover – 6.25 kms in length and conceptualized, built and functioning beyond expectations – the longest fly-over in the country – in my city of course!
  • IIMB – reminds me of stone buildings and days spent playing with tens and more kids – off-spring of dad’s colleagues and co-inhabitants in the staff quarters
  • IISc – the temple for Science and Technology – an absolute haven for the academically inclined – surely one of the brightest stars on Bangalore’s map
  • Janatha hotel – for the days spent relishing a crispy vada and piping hot cuppa coffee after a jaunt in the by-lanes of Malleshwaram
  • Jayanagar 4th block – another favoured hang-out place for the middle-class junta – from show-rooms to small shops and darshinis to restaurants – it has it all
  • Malls and multiplexes – of course, the recent additions of the past decade that has up-ped the glitz factor – cool hang-outs for the yuppie Bangalore crowds
  • MES College – not only of lectures and special classes and labs and libraries – but rocking fun-times – the type only girl-gangs of our sort can come up with and of course for discovering friendships that are meant to last a lifetime! 🙂
  • MG Road and surroundings – for India Coffee House and the horde of book-stores – ranging from Blossom to Crossword to Gangarams to HigginBothams
  • Rangashankara – the place that has mainly contributed to keeping theatre and the interest of its enthusiasts alive in this city – for the perfect ambience, lovely food and the avant-garde creativity it breeds
  • Sankey Tank – for the peace and calm it fills me with, the soothing effect it has – every time we only just drive past it
  • UVCE – The oldest Engineering College in this city – which incidentally has more engineering colleges than any other city in the world and more importantly, the college that’s close to my heart for obvious reasons!
  • Vidyarthi Bhavan – the place to be for the crispiest and the best masala dosa in town – complete with a generous helping of the lip-smacking chutney and a dollop of ghee!
  • VV Puram food street – a gourmet’s delight – you name it and you get it – the perfect place to explore the choicest of dishes and at the cheapest of prices

I had absolute fun compiling this list. How about you? Any thoughts on what you love best about our city? The comment-space is all yours! 🙂

India Coffee House

Read about this on Arun’s blog yesterday and my heart sank 😦

Only a couple of days ago, I was nagging the hubby to let us grab a coffee at this place – like I’ve done several times, while in its vicinity. No matter how many swanky new coffee shops sprung up in and around MG Road, this small little nondescript hole-of-a-place with its characteristic faded board and paint peeling off, was the one that I gravitated towards as the first choice. But as it most often happens, we ditched the idea considering the nightmare that parking would turn out to be on a crowded weekend evening.

And now this… I am ready to blame the husband for snatching away what was probably my last chance of sipping the insipid brew – savourless it might be for some, but the warmth of the memories and the fuzzy feel-good factor it carries for me is unmatched. Was it our gang hang-out or adda for a group of us special friends? Nope, I never was part of any gang with their addas for that matter. The corner this establishment occupies in my memory is just as nondescript as it is – the image conjured up by the eye is of a school girl on a cold evening, out with her dad on the bajaj-scooter for a treat of sorts – a visit to the book-haven Gangarams for his official book purchases (while she feasted her eyes on bound copies of Jane Austens and the lovely colourful illustrations of PGWs); followed by a snack at the aforementioned. It wasn’t a routine affair either – at most, might’ve been sporadic visits of some 2-3 instances – but that memory – of soft, white perfectly diagonally-cut bread slices and the taste of the yummy salty, scrunch-y cucumber and tomato slices on biting into the sandwich and the aroma of the hot, crispy masala dosa – is still fresh, fresh, fresh in my mind! This, followed by a wholesome cup of my favourite drink – freshly brewed strong filter coffee, was all that was needed to satiate the simple needs of a middle-class school-girl. The waiters who looked ancient with their maharaja-style petas and white uniforms completed the picture of the homely setting.

It is this small memory that pulls me towards the place even this day – funny isn’t it – how some memories are made of the most mundane, seemingly unimportant events and contexts? Well, cutting back to the present, this place is shutting down – read more about it here – the story behind and thereof. Tomorrow it is – their last working day – before the shutters clang down and the page turns on another of the chapters of dear old-Bangalore’s history. Sigh! 😦

Churmuri @ Ballal circle

After that super-damp response to my previous post, my dashed hopes and bruised ego are lamely picking themselves up from the by-lanes of disappointment-land. Meanwhile, I thought it wasn’t fair to deprive this guy of his five minute claim to fame. So, here goes…

The lip-smacking chaat we gleefully gobbled up last weekend, as my loyal friend Shar pointed out, was the churmuri. And this gaaDi is parked at the very famous Ballal circle (the landmark I mentioned in the second photo below) in Mysore and this man here, has been preparing and serving this churmuri and a host of other equally mouth-watering chaats in this very same place, in the same humble cart, for the past 32 years, since 1976! Can you believe that?!!

My hubby, his family and friends have been regulars at this adda ever since his school and college days. Thanks to him, now, I insist on driving to this place for a paper-cone-ful of absolutely delicious churmuri every time we’re in Mysore! 😀 Of course, once we stop, we can’t help but bolt down plates of tomato-chaat and cucumber-masala, wrapping it up with a sweetmeat like haal-khova or kadale-mittayi.

Though churmuri is a snack on offer in many places, nothing tastes as authentic as this one, because in most cases the puri used in different. Generally in most places in Bangalore and otherwise, the puri used is the normal bhel or Bengalooru-puri as it is called. The taste of this churmuri is no-way close to the original, made using the crispy and distinct Mysore-kadale-puri, as my hubby painstakingly pointed out to me the first time I said, “What’s so special about it?”

Umm mm… it is lunch time now and all this food-talk has me drooling and salivating at just the thought of that yummy churmuri! Sigh! My packed lunch-dabba looks so boring and listless in comparison! 😦

Quizzical pic

Oki, its quiz time, folks!
On Sunday me and the hubby wolfed down one of the most delicious and mouth-watering snacks at this place.
Can you identify – the place and what is it famous for??

Here is another pic for a clue… this is the landmark by whose name the above gaadi-wala is renowned

Lemme see how many of you have got your food-facts right! 😀

And now… all you lurkers out there, who take pleasure in surprising me out of my wits by quoting events and happenings from ‘my’ life to me, in-spite of being out of touch for something-like-ages, when I remain woefully unaware about your whereabouts – well, this is when you give yourselves up for scrutiny!
C’mon show up and get counted!