Happy tenth!

A decade – ten years it has been – of togetherness. Should I be saying – ‘you complete me‘? Nah, I would rather say – ‘I am incomplete without you‘! 🙂

It has not been a easy ride (is anybody’s ever?) – there have been ups and downs, triumphs and trials, laughs and lows, tears and toasts… moments when one’s felt euphoric, that life can never be better and others when one has felt down in the dumps, like it was the worst!

Marriage, they say is a life-changing event. I would agree whole-heartedly, especially it still is, in our society and is an important milestone in each of our lives. It’s important that you have someone to share your thoughts with, to laugh-along or to find solace when you’re upset about something – a friend, a companion, a lover, a guide, a protector, a provider, someone who needs your care and attention like a child. I’d say, we experience a plethora of relationships through our spouse. The demands are different and the roles you need to essay keep changing, it’s a dynamic relationship – ever-changing and that’s what makes it interesting. And no matter how many years pass, each day is different.

The initial years are all about moments that set your heart a-flutter – when you’re discovering each other and what makes him/ her tick. You’re fine-tuning your frequencies, being in generous moods to adjust and accept, all in the name of love/ tenderness that you feel for the other person. Whoever said that one has to be in love to get married, was ill-informed. There can be love after marriage too – as has been proved by the several hundreds of arranged marriages over the generations of our parents and grand-parents. You might argue all you want – that these marriages were not on equal terms, that the women didn’t have much choice and the men had the final word always. But you can’t deny that there was love – that’s the beauty of it, isn’t it? that love can have so many manifestations!

Slowly as you settle into the humdrum of married life, a few years down the line, life starts losing it’s rosy sheen and you begin to see the flaws and the idiosyncrasies in the partner – what used to amuse you once, might just irritate you or worse still, might be disgusting in some extreme cases. You begin to make further adjustments and a slow sense of familiarity and sometimes resignation – looking at the bigger picture, sets in. Also around the beginning of these years, a child makes an appearance and priorities shift. The bundle of joy becomes the attention-seeker and all efforts go in trying to appease and take care of your child. The child is the apple of your eyes and every single routine begins to revolve around him/ her. The marriage and the sense of seeking comfort in each others’ arms takes a back-seat.

Further years cause more adipose tissues to be built around the relationship as each settles into their own comfort zones and the keen sense of sensitiveness (which is a given during the early years) starts disappearing and you begin to take your partner for granted. Another child or two doesn’t change the equation much and each gets busier with their own lives, there’s hardly any time or opportunity for heart-to-heart talks. And romance? Well, if you are a keen observer, you can surely see it fly out of the window! 😀

I guess, it’s the latter years which again gives opportunities for rekindling the romance?! After running non-stop being a part of the rat-race, when you finally retire and take a breather, that’s when you look at everything around you afresh, with new eyes. The small gestures and sacrifices which would’ve gone unseen and unappreciated over the years get a second look.Sometimes the enormity of the sacrifices which the partner has had to make – which inevitably in most cases in our society turns out to be the woman, begins to dawn upon you. Or maybe not. You just begin to appreciate your spouse a teeny bit more. It’s also the time when the birds have flew the nest, the children are all grown up and busy running the rat-races of their own lives and don’t have much time and don’t need you any longer (till they have kids of their own, that is! 😀 ). You find solace in each other’s company. Further additions to the family in the name of the grandchildren keep you busy and you rediscover the pure unadulterated joy that children can bring to one’s lives. And so it goes on… The lucky ones get to spend these golden times together, the unlucky ones not so.

I guess I’ve generalized a lot in visualising the life-scenes played out above, but most often this, with a few tweaks and side-plots here and there, is the story of our lives 😀

Parenthood and the companionship for the latter years of one’s life – these are reasons enough for marriage, according to me. Parenthood is an inexplicable joy – there are people who are single/ married-with-no-kids who are happy doing their own thing in life. Ha ha, we too were happy go-lucky, travelling around and enjoying the various perks of not having kids, for quite some time. But then, once you are a parent there’s no looking back. That one tiny bundle makes all the difference, you wouldn’t want to trade that feeling for anything in the world. It becomes the focus of all your thoughts and energies and deeds. All you want is the well-being and happiness of your child. Heck, we tried doing a couples-only trip for the tenth anniversary, but couldn’t get the little imp out of our thoughts! 😀 Sights and sounds and actions and happenings reminded us of him all the time and we missed him badly, while he was having a rocking, rollicking time with cousins at his grandma’s! 😛

Having a friend and partner for old age helps one lead a complete, fulfilling life, I believe. We see so many single elders sad and depressed due to lack of company when their world slows down. From the looks of it, the spouse in this case is irreplaceable. It also helps to keep each other busy, active, chirpy and occupied, without causing unnecessary interferences and upsets with the kids’ lives. After all, what can be more satisfying than having your life-long companion by your side as you watch the years pass by, your children grow up, your efforts bear fruit, and you walk together, hand-in-hand into the most gorgeous, brightest sunset of your life?! 🙂

And that, is what I wish for us, on this occasion! Happy tenth PK, and here’s looking forward to spending many many more, with you by my side! 🙂



Fun-tastic four!

It was our little one’s 4th birthday last week! 😀 I wonder, for much longer can I call him a ‘little one’?

I’ve already spoken about my new-found-since-the-last-two-years fetish to make birthday celebrations special and personal previously. In tune with that, I set some aggressive targets for myself.
-Make the cake
-Make the frosting, which isn’t just simple butter-cream
-Make the sweet
-Invite his cousins, close family and neighbourly kids
-Cook for the aforementioned 25-30 people
-Have a celebration at home
And all the above in the middle of a busy week at work.
To be fair to myself, I had complete intentions of taking the day off so that I’d have enough time for the preparations. But unfortunately he was down with viral fever the previous week and I had to take two days off to take care of him. This left me with no option but to be at work on the day.

To add to the woes, his school had announced the fancy dress competition on the day following his birthday and they had a theme that we had to follow – birds! After much thinking and indecisiveness following his illness, during the preceding weekend we decided to send him dressed up as a crow. And so followed some hurried scourging around for ideas and procurement of paraphernalia to make the crow costume. With all of the above happening, it was a luxury to get 5 hours of decent sleep and it wasn’t surprising if I felt and looked like a zombie!

Though I did lose some sleep, the birthday celebration turned out to be quite a nice event – the sweet – almond burfi was made 2 days in advance; the cake with the whipped cream frosting was ready the day before and was assembled early morning before I went to work. I did manage to leave office a couple of hours early and rushed home to make some chocolate butter-cream for the piping. The 3-layered-cake, though lacking in finesse of a professional or store-bought one, looked quite nice with the cherries, whipped cream and chocolate butter-cream, I must say. The kiddo had a great time blowing candles, bursting balloons, cutting the cake, jumping around and generally having a good time with all his friends and cousins. Having just a couple of servings of the BBB (bisi bele bath) left at the end for myself, meant that the food was enjoyed too and there were no leftovers – so it was a win-win from all sides! 🙂

Post the celebration and cleaning up, a couple of hours till late night were spent adding the finishing touches to the crow costume. He did quite decently at the fancy dress event and there were no mishaps to the dress thankfully! We did wish that he’d been a tad more vocal with his lines on stage – I wonder why it is that all the shouting and screaming happens only at home and the vocal chords go into hiding when it is required to be of service?!

So that was one eventful week – but there was one cause for agony which ruined the good parts of it for us – on the day of the fancy dress, the m-i-l slipped a couple of steps at the kiddo’s school and now has a hairline fracture at her ankle. This means she is gonna be out of action for the next 2-3 weeks. With the Gowri-Ganesha festival coming up the next weekend, apart from her obvious discomfort and sadness at not being able to take part in the festivities; this means it is more work for the already sleep-deprived me! I’m hoping that I should be able to pull it off with support from my hubby, co-sister and sister-in-law! Wish me luck!

Birthday and surprises

April is a relatively busy month for me – we celebrate the hubby’s birthday and our anniversary, they being just a week apart. I am the sort of person who doesn’t believe in or get excited at the prospect of cooking traditional sweets or new dishes, but somehow when it comes to my loved ones I find this sudden rush of enthusiasm to make everything by hand. So normally around this time and also during my son’s birthday I try out recipes, excitedly and revel in the aftermath of glowing praise if they turn out to be a success. But you will never catch me doing so for my birthday – I believe birthdays need to be made special not by ourselves, but by the loved ones around us! 😀

The hubby’s birthday was no different and I did some elaborate planning well in advance. It helped that he was going to be out of town on work on the preceding two days. I had decided to make a cake (using the available mixes for cooker-made cakes; I don’t yet own a convection over that will help me bake cakes from scratch – it is something I hope to own sometime soon and I hope my enthusiasm to bake stays till such time that I own it!) and this time I decided to try and make the frosting for it too. That saw me hurriedly scouting the shops for essential ingredients on the previous day. As is my wont I decided to try out one of the many internet recipes for easy, quick to make sweets that I have collected over the years and chose the ‘Mango peda’ – all it needed was a can of condensed milk which I bought and pulpy ripe mangoes which we thankfully had a stock of at home. I made the sweet two days in advance and made the cake and frosting on the preceding evening – just in time before the hubby walked into the home. Having my mother come over to help manage the kiddo, I sought her assistance in making ‘Bisi bele bath’ – one of the hubby’s favourite dishes. This way the culinary aspects were made special enough, I thought.

On the gifting part I had pretty much made up my mind several weeks ago to get a collage made with all photos of the hubby and the little one, right from the time of his birth. I painstakingly scoured all the photo archives in the hard disks and chose the photos well in advance. I had inquired at various shops – physical and online, to check out the prices to have a collage framed/ canvas-mounted and had worked out the most reasonable option, as I was sure it wasn’t something worth splurging high amounts for. Having ordered the photo online and gotten it after some anxious moments of the courier guy coming over to the office and having had to go back it being a long weekend of holidays; I had given it for lamination/ framing and collected it too on the previous evening.

As if picking up and packing the gift on the previous evening after work, along with the already aforementioned task of frosting the cake was not enough for last minute action, I decided the sonny boy was old enough now to make a card for his dad. Imagine the joy of receiving the very first hand-made card from your little one – I wanted the hubby to have that too! 🙂 I also picked up craft paper on the way back home and spent a frenzied hair-pulling hour with my son, trying to get him to draw and colour and write ‘Happy Birthday‘ straight! 😀 After much fussing and some tears on choosing which Winnie – the Poo stickers to decorate with, the card was made and ready.

I think I had told the kiddo a dozen times already that it was to be a surprise and he shouldn’t be telling his appa anything, but the moment the hubby walked in, as if on cue, he blurted out saying ‘amma cake madiddale!‘ and when I admonished him in a whisper he defensively cried saying – ‘cake madiya anta ashte heliddu, surprise ide anta helalilla‘! :p Though during the later part of the evening he did give away the secret that there was to be a surprise, thankfully he didn’t spell out what it was to be! 🙂

The card and collage were handed over sometime before the midnight hour as it was the kiddo’s sleep time and I didn’t want him to miss out on the fun and the sweets and cake were sampled on the d-day. Though the reaction wasn’t as profusely expressed as was expected (we wives never do learn to keep our expectations low, do we?! 😉 ), there was a deep sense of accomplishment of having made the day special for my loved one. And the icing was the fact that the sweet and the effort was very well appreciated by other friends, colleagues and family members, with some of them going to the extent of saying that the sweet was too good to be called homemade and tasted just like store-bought ones! If nothing else, that compliment surely made my day! 😉

Simple aagondu anniversary and more…

It was our anniversary a couple of days ago and after a long time, we went to watch a movie together in the theatre. As my other counterparts would agree, watching a simple movie becomes quite a challenge after one has a baby! After nearly two years, we managed to convince ourselves that it’s ok to spend a day on our own while the kiddo was at school.

We watched the Kannada movie – ‘Simple aag ond love story’. Nothwithstanding the cheesy title, I can say that it was a movie we enjoyed watching – the cinematography and the scenic shots in Coorg are beautiful and some of the songs (especially the one sung by Sonu Nigam and another female solo by Sowmya Rao) are soulfully rendered. But the movie’s biggest strength are it’s dialogues – they’re crisp, sometimes in-your-face, funny, interesting, thought-provoking(?) and hold the story together. Both the lead actors are newcomers – Rakshit Shetty and Shwetha Shrivastav – though the latter is a familiar face on TV I guess. Both of them have acted well and carry the film through, but I thought that Rakshit was especially good – the way he rattled off those dialogues and carries off the different looks in the movie is commendable.
On the downside, though they called it a simple love story, I found that the story was a little too incredible and not very plausible. Also I felt that they could’ve used other people for the flashback scenes which form a major part of the movie – though I must say that Rakshit was equally brilliant in those scenes from the past too.That apart we enjoyed a quiet dinner out with the sonny boy and the day went by in a flash and the anniversary was done and dusted, even before we realized!

Among other stuff, life goes on as usual – amidst hours spent at work and at home with the little one. Now with his pigtails given to ‘maami’ at Nanjangud, he looks and behaves quite like a big boy; who still chatters non-stop though! He goes to a different day-care now which he likes much better and doesn’t mind going to. We’re a month away from sending him to big school and I can’t believe that my little baby is now so grown up that he will go to school on his own in the van with the other kids! He is never short of talk though and I love hearing him chatter, though it does get overwhelming at times! 😀
Some samplers:
Ellige hogtaiddiya? naanu barteeni – whenever he sees his appa or me opening the door!
Ivattu kaalu/palya/chapathi mam-mam madtidyaa? – whenever he sees me getting stuff ready for the next day’s meal
oota madona banni, chaape haakiddini – appa saaku TV nodiddu banni – kanda, ammane first, appa last (or vice versa depending on his mood)
These days all of us sit together on the kitchen floor and have dinner – we started doing this to get him to eat on his own. He has learnt to eat by himself – though he chatters non-stop and makes a mess sometimes, meal-times are a lot less stressful and get done quickly these days!
amma nange jeans pant haaku (anytime that we have to go out, sometimes there are tantrums and I am reminded of my friends telling me this about their sons and how I’d given gyan to them about handling such demanding kids – it all comes back to bite your butt, I tell ya!)
– when we’re watching IPL and shout SIX! or OUT! he repeats saying – six-ante! out-ante! 😀
– he loves listening and dancing to the beats of jhampak-jhapang! says jhampak-jhapang-giligiliye annu!
– he now knows his grandparents’ names and his chikki-chikappa’s names, his dodamma and atte’s names too…and several of his appa’s friends and their sons/daughters names 🙂
– he still loves listening to his amma sing at bedtimes and makes demands like – doni saagalu helu, mungaarina abhishekake helu or sakshatkaara helu… he clings to me like a little monkey and pulls across my hand saying – thatti maadu and falls asleep on many days.
I’m amazed at his grasping power especially with these songs – I’ve observed that I would’ve sung them just once or twice and he would’ve picked up parts of the lyrics even from the antaras and sings them when he is playing or is in a good mood!It has happened a couple of times and I’ve been pleasantly surprised every time.
– If he’s asking us a question and we’re hmm-ing and haw-ing through it, he says yaake, baayi bittu maatadu parvagilla! 😀

Well, that will give you an idea of the extent to which his thought processes and conversations around them have evolved 🙂
However big he talks and acts and says – naanu eega doddavanaagiddini; he still is my puttu-bangaari and even to this day, I am fascinated by his antics and expressions and the ease with which he talks. Sometimes I just look at him when he is fast asleep – that is the sight/ moment when my heart really feels full – with warmth, love and gratefulness for having this blessing in our lives 🙂

Milestone on wordpress!

Just I published my last post, I saw this statistic – I now have 250 posts and 1000 comments on my blog! I also saw an anniversary note from WordPress saying – ‘Congratulations! You registered on WordPress 6 years and 1 month ago!’
Wow! That’s a loonng time indeed!

Namma Metro

I’m back after a short hiatus and this time, not with baby tales. I see that this space has becomes more or less a mommy-blog, which I suppose is normal; but I feel I have neglected the other aspects of my writing. Earlier I had a wide variety of subjects that I felt like writing about and sharing my thoughts on, but with the arrival of the baby, all that has taken a back-seat. There are events happening around me, and I have opinions/ thoughts on them as before, but those thoughts never find their way onto this blog-space. Today I decided to make an attempt to get back to my former writing style and substance.

And what best to start on than the ‘talk of the town’? Namma Metro! 🙂 Yes! It is finally here! Today at 4 PM the inaugural run of Reach 1, is scheduled to be flagged off between the MG Road and the Byappanahalli stretch. As this article will tell you, the trains will stop at Trinity, Halasuru, Indiranagar and Swami Vivekananda Road stations for 30 seconds each and the frequency of the trains will be 10 minutes. From tomorrow the regular services are slated to be started from 6 AM in each direction between Byappanahalli and MG Road.

Can you tell that I am super-excited! Gosh! We will finally have the metro zipping across our city! Though it is just a single line being started at the moment, it is a giant step taken, I feel. Better late than never! If there is one thing that was lacking in our city, according to me, it was the metro rail transport system. Having been in several cities abroad and in India and seeing how much difference having a metro makes to the time taken to commute within the city, I always felt that Bangalore sorely missed having one. I thought that it was one aspect of planning for the city which had been left undone too late, cities like London and Paris have an excellent inter-city and suburban rail transport system that was designed and built nearly 100 years ago. If they could do it then, why couldn’t we? Well, I suppose nobody anticipated the kind of bludgeoning growth that the city witnessed in the last few decades, but still, realizing that plan on paper was much delayed.

As the chairman of the commission’s working group and MD of Delhi Metro Railway Corporation (DMRC) E Sreedharan says: “Seven cities are already building the Metro. If the city’s population is 2 million, they must start planning for a Metro now. To me, the Metro rail should be a revolution in urban transport. How else are we going to handle this urbanization that’s going on at a frenetic pace? Buses can cope with just 8,000 passengers per hour.”

Rants aside, I am truly, really, amazingly and goose-bumped-ly happy that I am part of the generation that witnessed the metro services being launched in Bangalore. Did you know that our metro is really high on tech?

Check these out:

  •  Ballastless track system
  •  Electricity runs on third rail
  •  Wi-fi enabled coaches, internet access
  •  Emergency call button
  •  Voice communication/speaker system between passengers, driver and control centre
  •  CCTVs inside stations and trains
  •  Automatic train supervision, safety and protection that will sense another train on the same track and come to a halt
  •  Stainless steel coaches made by Hyundai Rotem and Mitsubishi
  •  Automatic ticketing
  •  Recharge of metro cards through mobiles and SMS, a first in the world

Wow! Isn’t that amazing?! In fact it is supposed to be so stable that you can drink your coffee without spilling a drop, as this article will tell you. The logo for the metro is the Rangoli. In the words of the designers Jayanth Jain and Mahendra Kumar: “Rangoli has been an intrinsic part of Bangalore’s culture. With the explosion in vehicle population, it faced the prospect of being lost forever. We wanted to revive this traditional art while depicting the seamless, continuous connectivity of the Metro covering all parts of the city, and it became the inspiration for the logo

The route map for Phase-1 according to their website is this:

But as many of us have seen and need to know, the journey hasn’t been easy. If there is one man who has taken all the brickbats till now and needs the bouquets, it is N Sivasailam. He has led from the front and has overcome a lot of adverse situations to bring the metro to us. You can read some instances and the team’s experiences here. It has left a lot of broken hearts especially with the demolitions – no compensation can replace their loss; but in retrospect, it was something that we as Bangalore citizens needed the most. So, it is hats off Mr.Sivasailam and his relentless team. We’re proud of you and thank you wholeheartedly.

On this eve, E Sreedharan , in his message to Bangalore says:

I want Bangalore Metro to be the best. Bangaloreans must take pride in their first mass rapid transit system. With this, we’ve proved to the world that we can construct world-class transport systems

We definitely are a proud and happy lot! Now, all that I need to do is go to MG Road and hop on to the metro and take a joy-ride! I am eagerly looking forward to doing that! 🙂


Here I am – as shame-faced as I can be – with absolutely no excuses for my absence and that too at a time when my precious little completed a year of being little. I’ve missed many milestones – the baby book I bought with so much excitement lies only half-filled, but this was different. I did not want to miss writing on the occasion of his first birthday – about the year that he came into our lives and completely enveloped it in his fold. But now it’s come and gone and there’s nothing much that I can do about it, except post my thoughts now, before they’re lost in the ocean of other thoughts (mostly work related – at office and home, all that I can think of these days is work and how to go about completing it – but the fact of the matter is, it will never get completed! There’ll only be more work!).

Rants aside, it would be an understatement to say that this has been the most exciting and life- & lifestyle-changing year of my life! Firstly it really is unbelievable that a year has passed by –  a year? 365 days? since he was born? I feel like saying – gosh, you must be kidding! Wasn’t it recently that I was waiting impatiently for my due date? The day when I had those incredible pains that went on and on for hours – all to culminate at the surgery table 10 hours later and voila! there he was – wailing his lungs out in the next 10 mins. It was surreal in my then groggy state of anasthesia, to be looking at that baby being held out – it was mine! It was what we’d all been waiting for, those 9 months! He was my flesh and blood. He was my b-a-b-y!!And those following weeks/ months of emotional upheavals – of pain, pleasure, angst, confusion, joy, tears, helplessness, ecstasy… Now you say, it’s all in the past?? A year ago?

But it’s true. Incredible, but true. He has turned a year old, already. He is no longer a helpless infant, he’s a baby with thoughts, actions and a personality of his own. There are so many developments that I don’t know where to begin… he understands most of what we tell him and reacts in his own sweet way. He knows all his dolls by names and looks for them when asked, and brings them to us. He talks so many words in his baby-tongue and makes gestures to match. He points out to his head, nose and tummy – though he seems to be a little confused as to where exactly his tummy is! 😀 All other babies, not necessarily younger to him as paapa/ paapachi for him and he loves interacting with them. In fact any photo/ face on any magazine, paper, poster etc is paapa – including the doggy on his favourite poster at home! 😀 He holds his hand out for a sweet handshake and tries to touch and make friends with other babies. Anybody who greets him is responded to with a ready smile and a wave of hands – including random strangers at traffic signals. He does a dutiful namaste when asked to and devoutly listens as his appa helps him with his prayers after his daily bath.

He listens and points to a doggy bark and tries to imitate it with his bow-bow. He loves looking at the touch-n-feel Fluffy bunnies book that he got as a birthday present and grins as his mother reads it out, in her typical sing-song fashion. The kitchen utensils are still his favourite playthings and he rushes to grab them – especially the spoons, which he knows he has to dig out from the bottom of the tub which holds all the washed vessels. He waits for amma to come home from work and rushes to her the minute he sees her and isn’t satisfied till she lifts him into her arms. The contented smile and the way he touches and feels me all over my face and hands then, is something that wrenches my gut every single day! He loves his appa no less and actually cries while bidding him bye to work, even though he is perched on (an indignant)amma’s waist and she is cooing sweet nothings into his ears. Did I say that he loves trying out new types of food – considering that his appa-amma have deprived him of all tasty and adult food for so long, given a chance, he doesn’t lose a moment to grab at any eatable within his reach and pop it into his mouth. And if likes the taste of it, he gives a grin and does a little jig to express his joy! I could just go on and on… but it really is difficult to capture his every action in words.

On the actual birthday we took him on his first visit to offer prayers to the home-deity and the celebration with homas/ pooja and cake-cutting was planned for a later date. The celebration occasion brought us all much joy. Albeit being a little unwell, he behaved irreproachably and was a darling through-out – even in the stuffy atmosphere, with the homas/ pooja going on. He went to everyone with a ready smile and was generally a happy child, enjoying all the attention being bestowed upon him. We were happy too with the way things turned out. Initially we weren’t quite planning to have a celebration by inviting relatives and friends – thought we’d done enough of that. We felt it would be more satisfying and meaningful to celebrate by being part of a social cause. But then decided to also have a small-scale function, mainly for the kiddo’s sake – I don’t want him to come back to me later with regret that he never got to celebrate his first year birthday. Though it might not mean much to him now, it will rankle in later years.

I handpicked and packed the gifts for all his little friends with a thank-you note; age-appropriate books ordered from Pratham with some accompanying dolls/ sweets. We also didn’t want to give regular plastic/ metal gifts with the taamboola – and decided to give potted plants which would be low maintenance and used indoors/ outdoors as desired. People found it surprising/ offending(?) or laughable, but I’m happy that we stuck with our choice – it brought us immense happiness to contribute to the green cause on this special occasion, albeit in a small way.

All in all, it has been a eventful year and we can’t thank the lord enough for bringing this joy into our lives. I pray for his long life, health and happiness always and look forward eagerly to every moment of his growing-up years. A very very very happy first year birthday to you my puttu-kanda! You bring a purpose to our existence. You take us back to our child-like ways and help us feel the purity of unadulterated innocence and joy that one can enjoy only as a child. You are a tiny being as yet, but you fill what would otherwise have been a mammoth void at the centre-point of our universe. You complete us. Thank you for being you – may you continue to be as naughty, playful, joyous and smiling as you are now, always! 🙂