A week with work-woes and a movie

Have you ever felt the need to get away from work? That you’ve had enough of it and cannot take the same old boring work-routine for even one more day or hour?! I guess, many of us would’ve been parley to such thoughts several times – especially considering the typically stressful work-styles we follow. Last week was one such for me. The work-days-juggernaut was rolling along nicely and I was working on the usual tasks and going about the boring daily work-routine. There was a planned project change implemented on a Thursday and everything looked fine. That night at 2.35 AM I got a call on the mobile from the night-support team. There seemed to be some issue with the implemented code, due to which some files which had to be generated and sent to the downstream partner systems was empty. Within five minutes I was awake and logged in – trying to decipher what could’ve gone wrong. I figured it out soon enough – I had overlooked some accompanying changes which had to be done and the empty file was a result of this miss. 😦 Amidst the thoughts of all the music I had to face  on the morrow in office, I was trying to check if there was a quick fix solution to generate that night’s file. I did some fix on the QA environment and drew up plans with the support-team-lead that this problem would require an emergency fix to be implemented on the very next day, before the next day’s file would get generated. I promised them that I would get into office early and work on it as priority.

Daylight was already breaking over the horizon and I thought that it was futile to go back to bed then; I might as well get the cooking etc. done and get ready for work. Accordingly I went about the morning chores and was ready for work at 6 AM, an hour before my regular morning start-time. I coordinated with the early shift cab driver and was in office by 7 AM, before most of the other folks started coming in. The rest of the day went by in a blur – the fix wasn’t as easy as it had initially looked, I had totally missed analysing the code earlier and had to figure out the logic, carry out tests and ensure that it would work seamlessly with the other changes. Added to this was the time constraint – everything had to be done within a couple of hours, the change orders raised and all necessary approvals sought to put it out-of-cycle as an emergency fix.

Phew! Luckily everything worked out well and by the end of the day the changes were in, after taking some help from colleagues. I was pretty jittery that night as well and had couple of calls at around midnight with the support team to ensure that the fix indeed worked and the issue was resolved. As they say, all’s well that ends well! But this episode left me drained – mentally and physically. Probably this too was routine a couple of years back, working late hours on deliveries and overseeing last minute fixes by my team were part and parcel of what I did regularly. In fact I remember doing such releases even when I was pregnant! But now, somehow, I found it very very tiring and stressful; I took almost a week to get over the dreadful feeling and get back to my normal working style. For a couple of days after that, I really did not feel like working at all!

What followed was something rather atypical for me – I decided to take off on a work-day, mid-week and for no reason! I just didn’t feel like going into work and facing another routine work-day 😦 I called the hubby and asked told him that he needs to take leave the following day and we would go out – probably catch a movie or just chill doing something else. Poor guy, reacted like a cat caught in the headlights! 😀 But he did some juggling around with his meetings and work-stuff and obliged like a dutiful husband 😛 The next day I was up and about at the usual time – the plan was, we would finish all chores like everyday, drop off our son at school and go catch a movie at the matinee show. The little fella, clever that he is, was surprised to see me at home – normally I am off to work by the time he wakes up in the morning. He seemed confused – what day is it?, he asked. Is it Saturday? Why aren’t you at work? I won’t go to school! 😮 He was even more suspicious when he saw his dad in non-formal clothes! 😀 After side-stepping his tricky questions, we managed to drop him to school and went on our way to watch the movie Neerja.

Neerja is a biographical thriller about Neerja Bhanot, the brave air-hostess who laid down her life in her call of duty. Her efforts thwarted the hijacking attempt of the Pan AM flight in Karachi on 5th Sept 1986 – she prevented the flight from taking off by having the presence of mind to inform the pilots in time for them to flee the plane. Her heroism and calm, cool-headed handling of the dire situation resulted in 360 hostages being saved from the hijackers’ hold. Instead of trying to save herself, she chose to save the lives of hundreds of passengers, showing immense courage and strength of character. The film was motivational and an example of how ‘work is worship‘ for several people – like our brethren from the armed forces and others like Neerja.

I wasn’t too impressed by Sonam’s portrayal as Neerja – she seems more suited and at ease with roles like the one in Khoobsoorat; but the scene-stealer was definitely Shabana Azmi. The feelings of what a child’s loss means for a mother, couldn’t have been brought to life more poignantly by anyone else. She is outstanding, especially in the last scene and one cannot but leave the theatre with misty eyes and a lump in the throat!

After the movie, we grabbed some lunch and walked the shopping streets leisurely – doing more looking-into-windows than actual shopping; but happy to have the road to ourselves sans the crowds, thanks to it being a weekday. And just like that, the little get-away was over! 😦 Soon, it was time to go back – to be faithful to our line of duty, on the home-front and to get ready for the challenges of the work-day on the morrow. I felt much better the next day at office and am now back peering into the laptop screen and trying to tame/ slay the usual work-demons! These little, especially mid-week jaunts, do a world of good, I tell ya! 😀


Talk of the Frangipani and the lure of firang-lands

Hellooo, I say ** and wait for the echoes to come back to me** ‘coz obviously there aren’t any readers here any more! 😀
Before I change my mind and think that it’s too much effort to type out a post, let me get on with what I have to say.

Firstly, I am thrilled that the very first flowers on my ‘Frangipani‘ plant have bloomed and there are many more buds ready to burst-forth! 😀 I’ve always wanted to have this plant (also called the “temple tree” as someone mentioned) in my home, mainly for it’s heavenly fragrance and the flowers themselves, which are so beautiful with their velvety shaded petals. And I was particular that I wanted this variety which had the smaller yellow flowers – not the pink ones or the long-petal-ed white ones! The gardener who got the plant for us must’ve prayed, and prayed hard – I’d threatened him of dire consequences if it turned out to be of any other variety! Did I already mention that I am thrilled?!! 😀

Sometimes I go back to my old blog posts and read what I’d written. Sometimes I flinch, but those occasions aren’t many – mostly I am left wondering if I indeed wrote all that at some point in time. I seemed to have so much to say! An opinion on everything, I’d find topics to write about so easily. Books that I read, movies I watched, trips that I went on, the everyday happenings, the events unfolding around the world – sporting and otherwise; I seemed to be so “tuned in”. These days if I think of writing something, I feel “zoned out”; like it is so much of an effort. It’s like I have this a sudden urge to write – something, anything! But most often I’m unable to type out a post at a stretch and later in the day I am back in the seemingly thought-less void!

Nevertheless to get on with the post, amongst other everyday happenings we managed to catch a night show of the movie “Airlift” recently. We liked the movie – although it is not an exact representation, it is a take of the events that unfolded in Kuwait in the early 90s and how a couple of individuals and the Indian government came to the rescue of the 1.7 lakh Indian refugees who were holed up at Kuwait after the Iraqi attack. Akshay Kumar‘s character is based on the lives of two businessmen whose almost heroic efforts were instrumental in getting these people back home during the crisis situation. I especially loved the role played by the seemingly inconsequential Joint Secretary in the External Affairs ministry; all said and done he had a major role to play in getting the Indian govt. to act! At the end of the movie as they flashed the statistics of it being the single biggest airlift operation in the world – with Indian Airlines flying in nearly 490 flights over 50 days to evacuate all those people, I had goosebumps and my heart swelled with pride! The movie brought a lump to my throat, a similar memory I have is from my school days when we’d watched Border – the story of how a few dozen men fought the fierce battle at the border to wrench control from enemies, for the country’s sake; not caring for their lives or their families.

When I look at friends and aquaintances and hear of them flying away to far-off lands in search of better opportunities and a better lifestyle, I wonder. As it happens, most often, once you go and start living elsewhere, especially when it offers a more conducive atmosphere for your work and life, doesn’t it become more and more difficult to get back to the homeland knowing the harsh realities that await you here? When we as adults find it so difficult to adjust, just spare a thought for the young kids who’re bundled off, who’ve never seen anything of the kind to be even prepared for! No doubt the foreign shores have much to offer but does it outweigh the feeling of being at one’s home, amongst family and friends? And what about these external factors on which one doesn’t have control – like the harsh weather extremities or the insurgent revolts or the terrible terror attacks? One has to be ready to sign up for all these too, along with all the niceties, isn’t it? Of course, there’s no guarantee that one’s own country is free from all these – but doesn’t it make sense to have one’s family, friends and support systems firmly around, to face such difficulties?

January also saw me making a quick trip to Kerala to attend a friend and ex-colleague’s wedding, with family and another colleague’s family in tow. The wedding itself held at the famous temple premises in the town of Guruvayur was a quickie and we spent some time exploring the surrounding attractions. The said collegue has already flown away from her nest, to settle in the hinterlands of Amreeka. Sigh! One can’t help but feel for her aging parents – who of course were thrilled to see her getting married! But how about being around when they need you the most in their sunset years?

Guess, it’s a very debatable topic. I, for one, have always believed and will continue to believe that with all it’s flaws and fantasies, India is the place to be, for me. There’s nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing that is really worthwhile enough, to leave and head away from here! India – with her myriad extremes is truly incredible – while there is beauties galore, there are several beasts one has to battle with too. But as I mentioned, at the end of the day, it’s home! 🙂

Of home and hearth…

Hiya, I’m back on one of my quarterly visits to the blog! 😀 I know, I’m not even going to pretend otherwise!
What prompted me to write here today? – it was when I saw the link to my blog under favourites on Smitha’s space! Wow, I didn’t think anybody still followed my irregular random posts, which seem to revolve only around my son and his yearly birthdays!!

Anyway, a lot has happened since the last time I wrote here. We moved into our new home, a couple of months ago. Technically speaking it has been a good 2+ months but like I tell anybody who cares to ask – we’re still “settling in“! I don’t know… I suppose it’s rather difficult to capture the “when” that a house transforms into a home or the “how” either… when I look at our house today I see a lot of small niggly things that stare at me right back in the face – it’s just got to do with me I know, but I feel these small probably-insignificant-in-the-bigger-scheme-of-things are essential to make it into a home. And that process I know will take many more months.We are getting a lot of stuff still done – there’s probably not a single weekend that we’ve been free; small not-very-evident but nevertheless important stuff, which involves time and effort and money… so I suppose we just have to go with the flow and take it slowly. But the nagging thought that rears its head from time to time is – “but what if it takes so long that the house no longer seems new?!” Well, it really shouldn’t matter to anybody but us, isn’t it? It will be our “home” then! I guess, I sound as clear as mud – that’s the state of thoughts in my head too! 😀
Continuing with our efforts of turning it into a homely place, we got in touch with a gardener and got several plants planted around the house. Though we don’t have a huge garden space to boast of, we had left few patches of land at the front and by the walk-way, hoping to have some greenery. I’ve selected a bunch of different saplings – flowering ones mainly and I’m crossing my fingers that they will all get successfully adjusted to the environs and grow into our healthy green-companions!

In other news, the little one is growing up fast as usual and is already starting cursive writing and dictation at school! 😮 There’s not a day without homework and just the thought of his next years with multiple books of homework in different languages and math is giving me the jitters right-away 😦 He is in his ‘taane‘ phase right now, where every sentence or question of his is suffixed with a ‘taane‘ which I guess in English would translate into tagging-on a ‘isn’t it?‘ to every line that comes out of his mouth! He is doing pretty well at school – the first PTA happened and his teacher said that he is a shy but intelligent, smart child – basically well behaved. His love for drawing and colouring continues and here are some peeks into the latest flights of his imagination.

A very like-to-like representation of the Channapatna Giraffe we have at home

A very like-to-like representation of the Channapatna Giraffe we have at home

That's Chota Bheem turned into a girl, watching the aeroplane fly!

That’s Chota Bheem turned into a girl, watching the aeroplane fly!

Drawn looking at a Dora pic in his book - he improvised with a hat as her wasn't easy to draw! :D

Drawn looking at a Dora pic in his book – he improvised with a hat as her hair wasn’t easy to draw! 😀

Drawn by looking at a double-decker red toy bus he has

Drawn by looking at his double-decker red toy-bus

The Chota Bheem characters - Dholu, Bholu, Raju and Indumati

The Chota Bheem characters – Dholu, Bholu, Raju and Indumati standing at a traffic light

We took him to watch the Jurassic World movie in 3D recently, which was his only second movie outing after Big Hero-6 and he spoke non-stop at the theatre too! During the first half it was all about – “when do we get the popcorn?” and in the second half the drone was – “when will the movie end?!!” And all the time he was meddling with the 3D glasses or kicking the front seats or popping up and down in his seat, with the constant chattering as background score. And then, when the movie got really interesting towards the end (the first-half was pretty boring with hardly any action, if you ask me!) he started crying, getting scared with all the giant T-Rex fights!! Phew! I had to cover his eyes with my hands while shush-ing his cries and soothing his nerves; all the while trying to balance my own over-sized glasses and trying not to miss the action myself! It sure must’ve been a hilarious sight if anyone was looking! And he wouldn’t stop talking between sobs either – he was like, ‘from next time onwards don’t take me to monster movies, let’s go to some nice movies like the Baymax ones!!’ LOL! 😀 So much for carefully planning and taking him to a movie which we thought he’ll enjoy! **eye-roll**

I’m trying to teach him a song for the singing competition they have in school this month-end and it isn’t progressing too well – albeit it really is kinda cute to hear him try to say those difficult Kannada words and get it all wrong! 😛 The theme is Kannada Folk songs and I’ve chosen a poem which I remember from my school days… let’s see how it goes! I’ll try to record and upload a clipping here if he does manage to learn the lines and recite! 🙂

In other news, all my craft-work and reading has taken a back-seat which really makes me sad – especially since I now have a space of my own in the new house, a small little library with a custom book shelf and a craft/work-table. But the problem is with it being located on the uppermost floor space of the house – by the time I finish all my daily chores and climb upstairs it’s typically time to go to bed, with the thoughts of having to rise early the next morning 😦 And weekends too are spent dusting/ cleaning/ tidying-up/ cooking or going out on errands. These are merely excuses and everybody only has 24 hours and it’s upto us to “make time” for things we want to do… I know all this too well, but haven’t really been able to find a balance. I hope to get there one day and hopefully revive my knitting and reading habits! On that hopeful thought, I will end this post…

The first movie experience

Last Friday was a landmark day – it marked one of the ‘firsts’ for our little one. It was his first time watching a movie in the theatre! 😀 Now, many people might argue that 4 years and 2.5 months is too early or too late, but lets just suffice to say that this is what I wanted for my son. My criteria was simple – he had to be at an age where he would understand what happens around him and on screen. Also importantly a child who would listen to when told to be quiet without causing a nuisance to the others around. And I wanted his first movie to be a kiddies movie – one he would be excited to watch on big screen and identify/ relate with a book or story reference. So till last year I wasn’t too keen on taking him to a theatre – if that meant total drought on the movie-watching front for me and the hubby, then so be it! Though there have been some good watchable kids movies this year, I’ve been at fault for not having planned this outing earlier. What caused this sudden plan was an episode from a couple of days earlier.

It was one of those extended holiday weeks and the hubby’s entire family had congregated at the in laws’ place. On that Saturday when it poured cats and dogs in Bangalore and put a damp blanket on all plans for the weekend, the hubby came home and declared that 8 tickets had been booked for the evening show of ‘Happy New Year’ at a nearby mall and the family was gonna watch it together. For all the afore-mentioned reasons, I was irritated and determined that I wouldn’t let somebody else take this simple decision out of my hands. I flatly said no. The hubby was right – the kiddo would definitely have loads of fun playing around with his boisterous cousins, but then this would be his first movie experience – which is not how I wanted it to be. And with due respect to Farah Khan, HNY was not the kind of movie I wanted him to be watching! This resulted in a row between us and I was all the more non-plussed that somebody else’s decision to book tickets in bulk was causing this argument amongst us! :-/ Poor hubby, I cannot blame him – it has been ages since he had a day out watching a movie and he was right in a way… I told him unconvincingly that he could go with his son, but I wouldn’t be coming. Of course, that didn’t happen and we didn’t watch the movie.

That very day I decided, the next decent kids movie that hits the theatres, 3D or not, we’d go to that. You see, another reason for not having taken the kid along earlier was because any kids’ movie that releases these days is in 3D. And my previous experience watching a 3D movie with those glasses hasn’t been great – I ended up with a terrible headache! But this time, thankfully all the ifs and buts were put to rest. I checked out the movies playing on Friday afternoon and saw that there was the Disney movie ‘Big Hero 6’ playing in many theatres. I didn’t have much background, I just read a few reviews and found that it wasn’t bad – it was about a genius kid dabbling in robotics and his escapades with a robot called Baymax. Since I was at work, I couldn’t watch any trailers. I called the hubby and told him about the plan – he checked the trailers online and said yes, it looks good, we can go. I was excited! 😀

That evening I reached home only to see the hubby going about the daily chores in his pajamas nonchalantly! I was like – aren’t we going?! He asks – where to?! *Face-palm moment*! I patiently explained to him that I had meant for us to go that evening, as pushing it to the weekend might result in cancellation as is wont to happen mostly often. We dilly-dallied with the decision a few times and when we had just enough time to rush to the theatre on a two-wheeler, we said – ok, lets go! The bewildered kid was grabbed and soon bundled into layers of jackets and warm clothes and was told to wait for a surprise. We rushed to the mall in time, to grab tickets and get into the movie-screening hall. The kiddo was suitably surprised and was asking questions nineteen to the dozen – where are we? theatre! why are we here? – to watch a movie! what is a movie? – explanation follows! why are there so many chairs? – for people to sit and watch on the big screen! what will come on screen? – it’s like the TV at home, only much much bigger. Is S-akka here? (his S-akka stays close by and is a regular visitor to the mall) No, not now, but this was the place she went to the other day when he was whisked away amidst wails… and so on

We soon settled down with a popcorn bag and 3D glasses – a smaller cute one for the kiddo. It was a blessing in disguise that I didn’t go in expecting more, I loved the movie! The robotics angle appealed to my geeky side and Baymax, the cuddly healthcare companion robot stole my heart! 😀 As for the kiddo – the first half was spent digging his fingers into the popcorn bag and only asking questions about why the characters weren’t coming close to him! (that was the reason given by his dad for having to wear the glasses and he took it literally so!) He did watch the second half more interestedly and enjoyed Hiro and Baymax’s adventures till the end. So all in all, it was one happy amma and kanda who came home on that cold Friday night, with jokes being cracked about appa being the Baymax in the house in his white-banian avatar, what with the pot-belly et al! 😀

Simple aagondu anniversary and more…

It was our anniversary a couple of days ago and after a long time, we went to watch a movie together in the theatre. As my other counterparts would agree, watching a simple movie becomes quite a challenge after one has a baby! After nearly two years, we managed to convince ourselves that it’s ok to spend a day on our own while the kiddo was at school.

We watched the Kannada movie – ‘Simple aag ond love story’. Nothwithstanding the cheesy title, I can say that it was a movie we enjoyed watching – the cinematography and the scenic shots in Coorg are beautiful and some of the songs (especially the one sung by Sonu Nigam and another female solo by Sowmya Rao) are soulfully rendered. But the movie’s biggest strength are it’s dialogues – they’re crisp, sometimes in-your-face, funny, interesting, thought-provoking(?) and hold the story together. Both the lead actors are newcomers – Rakshit Shetty and Shwetha Shrivastav – though the latter is a familiar face on TV I guess. Both of them have acted well and carry the film through, but I thought that Rakshit was especially good – the way he rattled off those dialogues and carries off the different looks in the movie is commendable.
On the downside, though they called it a simple love story, I found that the story was a little too incredible and not very plausible. Also I felt that they could’ve used other people for the flashback scenes which form a major part of the movie – though I must say that Rakshit was equally brilliant in those scenes from the past too.That apart we enjoyed a quiet dinner out with the sonny boy and the day went by in a flash and the anniversary was done and dusted, even before we realized!

Among other stuff, life goes on as usual – amidst hours spent at work and at home with the little one. Now with his pigtails given to ‘maami’ at Nanjangud, he looks and behaves quite like a big boy; who still chatters non-stop though! He goes to a different day-care now which he likes much better and doesn’t mind going to. We’re a month away from sending him to big school and I can’t believe that my little baby is now so grown up that he will go to school on his own in the van with the other kids! He is never short of talk though and I love hearing him chatter, though it does get overwhelming at times! 😀
Some samplers:
Ellige hogtaiddiya? naanu barteeni – whenever he sees his appa or me opening the door!
Ivattu kaalu/palya/chapathi mam-mam madtidyaa? – whenever he sees me getting stuff ready for the next day’s meal
oota madona banni, chaape haakiddini – appa saaku TV nodiddu banni – kanda, ammane first, appa last (or vice versa depending on his mood)
These days all of us sit together on the kitchen floor and have dinner – we started doing this to get him to eat on his own. He has learnt to eat by himself – though he chatters non-stop and makes a mess sometimes, meal-times are a lot less stressful and get done quickly these days!
amma nange jeans pant haaku (anytime that we have to go out, sometimes there are tantrums and I am reminded of my friends telling me this about their sons and how I’d given gyan to them about handling such demanding kids – it all comes back to bite your butt, I tell ya!)
– when we’re watching IPL and shout SIX! or OUT! he repeats saying – six-ante! out-ante! 😀
– he loves listening and dancing to the beats of jhampak-jhapang! says jhampak-jhapang-giligiliye annu!
– he now knows his grandparents’ names and his chikki-chikappa’s names, his dodamma and atte’s names too…and several of his appa’s friends and their sons/daughters names 🙂
– he still loves listening to his amma sing at bedtimes and makes demands like – doni saagalu helu, mungaarina abhishekake helu or sakshatkaara helu… he clings to me like a little monkey and pulls across my hand saying – thatti maadu and falls asleep on many days.
I’m amazed at his grasping power especially with these songs – I’ve observed that I would’ve sung them just once or twice and he would’ve picked up parts of the lyrics even from the antaras and sings them when he is playing or is in a good mood!It has happened a couple of times and I’ve been pleasantly surprised every time.
– If he’s asking us a question and we’re hmm-ing and haw-ing through it, he says yaake, baayi bittu maatadu parvagilla! 😀

Well, that will give you an idea of the extent to which his thought processes and conversations around them have evolved 🙂
However big he talks and acts and says – naanu eega doddavanaagiddini; he still is my puttu-bangaari and even to this day, I am fascinated by his antics and expressions and the ease with which he talks. Sometimes I just look at him when he is fast asleep – that is the sight/ moment when my heart really feels full – with warmth, love and gratefulness for having this blessing in our lives 🙂

As the year 2009 draws to a close…

…the people of Karnataka are not left with much to cheer about. The final few days have only taken away some of the most-loved doyens of the Kannada film and music industry – first C.Ashwath and now Dr.Vishnuvardhan. While it was difficult enough to come to terms with the fact that Ashwath – a truly one of the kind singer whose kanchina kanttha is unmatched, is no more going to be heard; the very next morning brought an even bigger blow – the news that Dr.Vishnuvardhan – one of the most charming and versatile actors of the Kannada film industry had passed away at the mere age of 59.

Whenever Ashwath took centrestage he would literally set it on fire with his exuberant and passionate performance. His voice is to be heard to be believed – loud, melodius and reverberating with energy, it would give anyone listening goosebumps. Though I never had the opportunity to witness any of his performances live, I have dearly loved so many of his songs. His contribution to Kannada sugama sangeetha and film music is immense, but he was also one of the people who had a hand in resurrecting the bhaava geetha genre of Kannada music and made it as popular and favourite as film songs. He popularized so many of the poets’ compositions by bringing out song collections in the voices of promising voices of veterans and new-comers alike, thereby encouraging the infusion of fresh blood into the music world. He has also composed music for dozens of movies and tele-serials – all of T.N.Seetharam’s much-loved serials ranging from Mayamruga to Manvantara to Mukta-Mukta owe some part of their popularity to their excellent title tracks composed and sung by Ashwath. He has composed music for some unforgettable tracks like Raayaru bandaru, Deepavu ninnade, Balegaara chennaya from Mysoora Mallige and also songs like Nammoora mandaara hoove from the movie Aalemane…songs of Santa Shishunaala Sharifa  and TS Nagabharana’s Naagamandala the list just goes on and on. Singers of his kind are rare and his demise has left a huge void in the music world.

Vishnu as he was lovingly called, was one of the most-loved actors the Kannada filmdom has seen. Setting the screen on fire with his power-packed performance as the chiguru-meese Ramachari in Puttanna Kanagal’s Nagarahaavu, he went on to achieve great heights and carved a niche for himself, in spite of always being in the shadows of the larger-than-life actor and icon of his times – Dr.Rajkumar. He has acted in movies like Hombisilu, Gandhada Gudi, Saahasa Simha (which also got him the title Saahasa Simha Vishnuvardhan), paired up with the lovely Suhaasini in the tragic-love-story Bandhana, played the part of a musician with aplomb in MalayaMarutha which had some excellent classical compositions, was the lovable happy-go-lucky-guy in Suprabhaata, romanced Jayaprada in the remake of Baghbaan – Ee Bandhana, was a part of the hugely successful Aapthamitra  and had just recently wrapped up work on its sequel Aaptharakshaka which was going to be his 200th film too. Vishnu with his trademark right-hand kada and left hand antics and immaculate acting has left behind a mark that will be very hard to replace.

The people of Karnataka as usual have been rowdy and disgusting in their behaviour in paying homage to these icons. Pelting stones, breaking glass and shops, rousing mobs, torching public vehicles, forcibly shutting down shutters – everything that would’ve made the dead people turn in their graves. Shame on us – that we cannot in the least give a respectful homage to the departed souls and cannot let their families rest in solitude and peace. I wonder when we will ever get to see such a day, when the so-called fans will realize that they are not helping anybody’s cause by indulging in such henious acts?

I just want to say – you have entertained us all till your last breath and you shall live forever in our memories. May your souls rest in peace!

Wake-up call!

I watched “Wake up Sid” and loved it. It has woken up a lot of supine thoughts in my head – the most prominent being the need to love one’s work. It has left me wondering – how wonderful it must be to get up every day and actually look forward to your day ahead at work with happy thoughts about tackling the challenges that lie lined up. How thrilling it must be to actually work where your creative interests and instincts lie – work not to complete a task or to see your salary credited in your account end of month, but for the deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment it provides you every time you do it – be it every day or month or years.  I simply fell in love with the work that Sid and Aisha do – the magazine they work with, the ambience of the place, the spirit, the passion and precision with which the deadlines are met and the long hard hours of toil put in before the product takes shape and the thrill of pleasure that is sure to run up and down their spines when they spot the fruits of their labour – in the form of the glossy magazine hitting the stands every month.

Wow! Through the weekend I sulked and told the hubby – I don’t want to go back to my boring office work and computer, come Monday. Voila! Here I am, back doing what I always do – type away long winding emails – giving explanations and reasons, follow up and get work done by the team, solve issues or ensure that they get solved, prepare excel sheets and update statuses… well you get the drift, don’t you? Do I have a choice? Of course I do! I can give it all up and run away and say I’ll do what I wanna do – albeit, with the keen thought that I won’t have a promised on-time pay-packet at the end of the month. But what is it that I wanna do? Do I know? Well… I have ideas… which I know don’t amount to much by themselves… am I exceptionally good at something? Well… there’s singing and there’s writing… and that’s about it… that’s about it?? Am I really really good at this? Well… not really, if you wanna put it that way! And then, am I brave enough to step away from the well-trodden path and do something out of the ordinary? Hmm… umm…So there, that doesn’t leave me with much choice, does it?

Seriously speaking, I did leave the movie hall envying people who get to do what they love – I understand that it depends on the choice one makes when it comes to taking up a profession – and it goes right back to one’s high school/ college days sometimes – choosing to stick with one’s love of art or literature or Science – instead of going along with the crowd and making a choice simply because that seems to be the right thing to do at the time or yielding to parental pressure.

Well, there’s still hope for me, I hope! If not now, at least in later years I hope to be doing something I love and loving what I do!