Tales of the little-big boy

It has been quite sometime since I wrote about the little big boy in our house. He’s gonna be five this year… f-i-v-e! just imagine that! I think he’s growing up too fast for my liking! I miss his baby and toddler antics already ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Our sonny-boy just completed his lower kindergarten and is all set to enter the upper KG this summer! His two years at school have been good, but the reports quite contrasting. While he was the teachers’ darling in nursery with both his ma’am’s having a special soft corner for him, being one of the youngest in class; his LKG teachers have a different story to tell. Mid-way through the year we were told that he is quite naughty in class and is most often seen talking and dragging his neighbouring kids into discussions while the class is going on! My heart had sunk when I heard that and I had visions of him turning out into one of those naughty-always-talkative boys in class who’s name figures on the top of every list that the class leader makes! (this memory is from my school days, I’m not sure if they even do this now, for all I know today’s kids might laugh at the idea!!). One encouraging info the teacher had volunteered then was that he was always quick at the tasks assigned and would get around to talking only after finishing his work! A glimmer of hope, I thought!

Cut to the year-end meeting, this time the feedback was more positive with complaints being that he doesn’t seem interested or fascinated by any new concepts taught in class! Their guess was that it could be because he already knows them! Which I think translates into a pat-on-the-back for us parents! His naughtiness hasn’t diminished they said and what’s more he has learnt to tag kids names with titles that the teachers use! For e.g if the ma’am calls somebody talkative, he quickly nick-names them as talkative so-&-so!! But it all seemed to be in good humour and the teachers seemed happy with his academic progress, so that’s good news we heaved a sign of relief!

Also while we were waiting, I saw a beautifully coloured drawing pinned up on the class board. I asked S to know who had drawn and coloured the picture. First he said “I don’t know” and then said “me”. I dismissed him thinking he’s fooling around and telling stories. When we met his teacher she reconfirmed that it was indeed drawn by him and coloured with some help from them! I was incredulous! And what’s more she said that it was chosen to be used as the pic to be printed on the
back-page of all the notebooks! To say that we were thrilled is an understatement! She had a story to relate for that too – a child was chosen from each class to draw the picture and colour it and it was S chosen from his class. When he did it the first time, she saw that it wasn’t all that good. Knowing that he was good at drawing and capable of doing much better she asked him to draw again. But his royal highness was already bored! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ And he was more interested in doing what the other kids were doing in class. So then she took him aside and explained the significance behind it and that it would be printed on the books and coaxed him to try again. Then all the chosen kids were taken to the principal’s room to add more drama to the situation, that’s where they did the actual drawing! Phew! But with all the fee-paying and enquiries, we forgot to check the books, and later when we checked we found that the drawing wasn’t printed on the text books. On checking with the co-ordinator we were told that it would be printed on notebooks which will be given in class later. And amidst all that, we excited but stupid parents forgot to even click a pic of the drawing on our mobile phones! Well, in our defence we did ask the co-ordinator to keep aside a notebook sample for us ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

As you’ve already gathered with all the rambling above, S is very interested in drawing and colouring activities. And he’s not satisfied just colouring ready-made printed pics in books. No sire, he needs to have the drawing replicated in his “diary-book” and then he has to colour it. On many occasions he tries to do that himself, but atleast once a day he gets into this sonorous whining mode that he can’t do it and so he wants me or his appa to do it for him! Oh the agony of replicating intricate drawings, you have to ask a harried parent like us! And that’s not it, the drawing reproduced should adhere to his strict guidelines in look and feel, shouldn’t be too small or too big, with constant drones of it has to be like-this-only and like-that-only! phew!

But when he chooses to draw of his own will, those are the best ones. I just love to see his imagination take flight and the fascinating thought behind his drawings ๐Ÿ™‚ Here’s a sample of some he drew recently.


The words are Net, Nest, Nut and Not. Not is depicted by a girl shaking her head to say No, and she’s wearing a butterfly clip! ๐Ÿ˜€


A is for Alligator, Apple, Ant and (Hot)Air Balloon


M is for Monkey, Mango, Melt and Mum ๐Ÿ™‚

He just picked up the book on a whim and when I explained what he was supposed to draw he came up with the objects and drawings himself. The spellings are his own interpretation too! I was a besotted mother and wanted to preserve this moment forever, and hence didn’t bother to correct them! ๐Ÿ˜› Any guesses on which is my favourite? the “mum” one of course! ๐Ÿ˜€ That one he didn’t tell me before he drew and I saw it only when I opened the page to click a pic. I was grinning from ear-to-ear and lost no time in sharing the masterpieces with friends and family on my whatsapp list! ๐Ÿ˜€

Another heartwarming milestone I wanted to capture here is his new-found love for words! yay! yay! yay! ๐Ÿ˜€ He’s totally into reading words and reciting spellings – off every source that he finds – be it books, newspapers, pamphlets, ads on TV, carton box labels etc. He is also making attempts at reading words and sentences in his story books which fills me with such joy! I just hope that his love for words continues and his excitement on having and reading new books grows multi fold in the coming years – then I’d feel that the efforts I’ve taken to make him acquainted with books from a young age (he was all of 3 months when I first read him his picture book!) would’ve borne fruit! ๐Ÿ™‚

Aside from the above, he talks nineteen to the dozen as always and asks a gazillion questions all the time. He still plays a lot with his building blocks and puzzles and numerous cars and planes. He has become more demanding for TV time – though we have restricted it to only weekend-viewing of a few hours of cartoon, but he does watch unwanted ads and serials when we have our parents over or when we’re following cricket on TV. He has also been introduced now to the luring delights of an iPad thanks to his appa’s office people who’ve forced it into our lives ๐Ÿ˜ก But so far, it is being used only to show him bedtime stories and cartoon videos sometimes, and I am adamant to keep it that way. As we’ve observed and as also pointed out by his teachers, he is very sharp in picking up new stuff and has good grasping power. Sometimes this doesn’t work to our advantage – like his return van trip from school to his day-care takes all of 5-7 mins but within that short time he’s exposed to the evils of radio FM music and has picked up all the latest Kannada numbers – the tunes of which are catchy but the lyrics spouted are trash! He can recognize these from the back seat, on the car radio even if the volume is totally low; while his aghast mom can only splutter what? where? how? :-/

Well as my husband never fails to remind me, I guess I can’t keep him protected under my watchful eyes and wings always and he needs to be exposed to the ways and vagaries of the world too. According to the hubby, S not only needs to grow up to be “smart”, but also needs to be “street-smart”! Well, we can only wait and watch him grow, while we do our best to teach him the good always! And I am but an enchanted mother, who is still smitten by the antics of her thoughtful and kind little one, who never fails to declare in his sweetest kiddy voice everyday – ‘I love you, amma‘! I love you too kanda and will do so till eternity! :-*


Letting go of favourites…

The past Sunday, after a long long time, I walked the once much-trodden paths. The steps which were traced day after day many years ago – the ways which I knew like the back of my hand… the times and memories tucked into some obscure corner of my mind came gushing back and nostalgia took me on its wings for a ride. A smile played on my lips as I took the once all-too-familiar bus routes and stepped past the puddles on the rain-drenched footpath leading up to my parents’ house.

But the smile died when my mind jumped to the task that lay ahead and which caused me to be there early on a Sunday morning… The bright sunlit study room had to be cleaned and handed over to new occupantsย – the one in which I had spent many days huddling over my books – late into nights and the wee-hours of the morning, studying feverishly and preparing for the many exams that lay ahead. I was never the one to sit at a place and study quietly – I’d walk around the room a book in hand or sway back and forth while sitting and hugging the shawl or sweater covering my cold shoulders…somehow those gestures eased my nerves and helped me concentrate! Go figure that! ๐Ÿ˜€

And then I got married and moved away from my parents’ place, but when I had to go back there 4 years later for my maternity break, that was my room again. I threw a tantrum and insisted that my dad get the legs of the old double cot re-done. I didn’t want to take any chances as the legs were weakened after being hauled between many rooms over the years. After that was done, the room became all mine – where I worked from home at the laptop during the later pregnancy months, where I rocked on the easy chair and painstaking but happily knitted the stitches and rows of the many baby sweaters I made for my little one; where I devoured books like there was no tomorrow…

It was the room which welcomed me when I came back from the hospital, a tiny little bundle in tow, the many bright afternoons spent cooing and gurgling with my baby as he flayed and kicked his hands and legs in response, like he would get up and start talking any moment! The room which reverberated with the sounds of his rocking cradle as my granny rocked it tirelessly and alluring baby sounds when my dad invented new games and stories to keep his little grandson entertained…It was the room where I stole quiet moments to browse the net to hungrily cram in blogs-read-time and ravelry-time on the rare afternoons when the baby slept. It was the room where the hubby played with his son making him laugh with his funny faces and put him to sleep in the crook of his arm or on his swaying knees… It always has been the one room where I could trust to let my little tornado play without getting into trouble, pulling out the numerous items and things that we have accumulated over the last 30 years…

It is the room where me and the sis have had our many fights, giggled hysterically over inane jokes, cried buckets-ful, argued over which book belongs to whom and the list just goes on… And now we have to let go of that room, my favourite, the only bright and sunny one in the house… sigh! ๐Ÿ˜ฆย Change is inevitable they say, but it hurts… especially when one has to give up on something which has been witness to so many precious moments in life. But thankfully one has the memories to treasure – atleast that’s something nobody can take away from us! :-/

Fun-tastic four!

It was our little one’s 4th birthday last week! ๐Ÿ˜€ I wonder, for much longer can I call him a ‘little one’?

I’ve already spoken about my new-found-since-the-last-two-years fetish to make birthday celebrations special and personal previously. In tune with that, I set some aggressive targets for myself.
-Make the cake
-Make the frosting, which isn’t just simple butter-cream
-Make the sweet
-Invite his cousins, close family and neighbourly kids
-Cook for the aforementioned 25-30 people
-Have a celebration at home
And all the above in the middle of a busy week at work.
To be fair to myself, I had complete intentions of taking the day off so that I’d have enough time for the preparations. But unfortunately he was down with viral fever the previous week and I had to take two days off to take care of him. This left me with no option but to be at work on the day.

To add to the woes, his school had announced the fancy dress competition on the day following his birthday and they had a theme that we had to follow – birds! After much thinking and indecisiveness following his illness, during the preceding weekend we decided to send him dressed up as a crow. And so followed some hurried scourging around for ideas and procurement of paraphernalia to make the crow costume. With all of the above happening, it was a luxury to get 5 hours of decent sleep and it wasn’t surprising if I felt and looked like a zombie!

Though I did lose some sleep, the birthday celebration turned out to be quite a nice event – the sweet – almond burfi was made 2 days in advance; the cake with the whipped cream frosting was ready the day before and was assembled early morning before I went to work. I did manage to leave office a couple of hours early and rushed home to make some chocolate butter-cream for the piping. The 3-layered-cake, though lacking in finesse of a professional or store-bought one, looked quite nice with the cherries, whipped cream and chocolate butter-cream, I must say. The kiddo had a great time blowing candles, bursting balloons, cutting the cake, jumping around and generally having a good time with all his friends and cousins. Having just a couple of servings of the BBB (bisi bele bath) left at the end for myself, meant that the food was enjoyed too and there were no leftovers – so it was a win-win from all sides! ๐Ÿ™‚

Post the celebration and cleaning up, a couple of hours till late night were spent adding the finishing touches to the crow costume. He did quite decently at the fancy dress event and there were no mishaps to the dress thankfully! We did wish that he’d been a tad more vocal with his lines on stage – I wonder why it is that all the shouting and screaming happens only at home and the vocal chords go into hiding when it is required to be of service?!

So that was one eventful week – but there was one cause for agony which ruined the good parts of it for us – on the day of the fancy dress, the m-i-l slipped a couple of steps at the kiddo’s school and now has a hairline fracture at her ankle. This means she is gonna be out of action for the next 2-3 weeks. With the Gowri-Ganesha festival coming up the next weekend, apart from her obvious discomfort and sadness at not being able to take part in the festivities; this means it is more work for the already sleep-deprived me! I’m hoping that I should be able to pull it off with support from my hubby, co-sister and sister-in-law! Wish me luck!

Simple aagondu anniversary and more…

It was our anniversary a couple of days ago and after a long time, we went to watch a movie together in the theatre. As my other counterparts would agree, watching a simple movie becomes quite a challenge after one has a baby! After nearly two years, we managed to convince ourselves that it’s ok to spend a day on our own while the kiddo was at school.

We watched the Kannada movie – ‘Simple aag ond love story’. Nothwithstanding the cheesy title, I can say that it was a movie we enjoyed watching – the cinematography and the scenic shots in Coorg are beautiful and some of the songs (especially the one sung by Sonu Nigam and another female solo by Sowmya Rao) are soulfully rendered. But the movie’s biggest strength are it’s dialogues – they’re crisp, sometimes in-your-face, funny, interesting, thought-provoking(?) and hold the story together. Both the lead actors are newcomers – Rakshit Shetty and Shwetha Shrivastav – though the latter is a familiar face on TV I guess. Both of them have acted well and carry the film through, but I thought that Rakshit was especially good – the way he rattled off those dialogues and carries off the different looks in the movie is commendable.
On the downside, though they called it a simple love story, I found that the story was a little too incredible and not very plausible. Also I felt that they could’ve used other people for the flashback scenes which form a major part of the movie – though I must say that Rakshit was equally brilliant in those scenes from the past too.That apart we enjoyed a quiet dinner out with the sonny boy and the day went by in a flash and the anniversary was done and dusted, even before we realized!

Among other stuff, life goes on as usual – amidst hours spent at work and at home with the little one. Now with his pigtails given to ‘maami’ at Nanjangud, he looks and behaves quite like a big boy; who still chatters non-stop though! He goes to a different day-care now which he likes much better and doesn’t mind going to. We’re a month away from sending him to big school and I can’t believe that my little baby is now so grown up that he will go to school on his own in the van with the other kids! He is never short of talk though and I love hearing him chatter, though it does get overwhelming at times! ๐Ÿ˜€
Some samplers:
Ellige hogtaiddiya? naanu barteeni – whenever he sees his appa or me opening the door!
Ivattu kaalu/palya/chapathi mam-mam madtidyaa? – whenever he sees me getting stuff ready for the next day’s meal
oota madona banni, chaape haakiddini – appa saaku TV nodiddu banni – kanda, ammane first, appa last (or vice versa depending on his mood)
These days all of us sit together on the kitchen floor and have dinner – we started doing this to get him to eat on his own. He has learnt to eat by himself – though he chatters non-stop and makes a mess sometimes, meal-times are a lot less stressful and get done quickly these days!
amma nange jeans pant haaku (anytime that we have to go out, sometimes there are tantrums and I am reminded of my friends telling me this about their sons and how I’d given gyan to them about handling such demanding kids – it all comes back to bite your butt, I tell ya!)
– when we’re watching IPL and shout SIX! or OUT! he repeats saying – six-ante! out-ante! ๐Ÿ˜€
– he loves listening and dancing to the beats of jhampak-jhapang! says jhampak-jhapang-giligiliye annu!
– he now knows his grandparents’ names and his chikki-chikappa’s names, his dodamma and atte’s names too…and several of his appa’s friends and their sons/daughters names ๐Ÿ™‚
– he still loves listening to his amma sing at bedtimes and makes demands like – doni saagalu helu, mungaarina abhishekake helu or sakshatkaara helu… he clings to me like a little monkey and pulls across my hand saying – thatti maadu and falls asleep on many days.
I’m amazed at his grasping power especially with these songs – I’ve observed that I would’ve sung them just once or twice and he would’ve picked up parts of the lyrics even from the antaras and sings them when he is playing or is in a good mood!It has happened a couple of times and I’ve been pleasantly surprised every time.
– If he’s asking us a question and we’re hmm-ing and haw-ing through it, he says yaake, baayi bittu maatadu parvagilla! ๐Ÿ˜€

Well, that will give you an idea of the extent to which his thought processes and conversations around them have evolved ๐Ÿ™‚
However big he talks and acts and says – naanu eega doddavanaagiddini; he still is my puttu-bangaari and even to this day, I am fascinated by his antics and expressions and the ease with which he talks.ย Sometimes I just look at him when he is fast asleep –ย that is the sight/ moment when my heart really feels full – with warmth, love and gratefulness for having this blessing in our lives ๐Ÿ™‚

The year that has been…

It has been a rather long time since I posted anything here – updating this space has become more and more difficult. As I get on with life and work and home-stuff, I wonder how I had the energy and the inclination to post here regularly in those early days… But yeah, there’ve been some occasions when I stopped to think – ok, I can write about that in my blog. So I guess it’s not time to shut down the blog yet. As long as I feel this urge to get back and put something down here, I guess I should just have it here…

The new year came by and went past – we’re well into the year, having completed almost 3 months – I always feel that these initial few months in a new year tend to just whiz by and you hardly realize where the days went! Here’s what I can recollect ofย my past 3 months:

New year’s eve – we did nothing, just stayed put at home, put the little one to bed as usual, watched some movies on TV, called up a few loved ones and wished them at the strike of midnight and then went to bed.
Jan 1st – I had taken the day off and we had decided to go out for lunch/ dinner. All of us had a leisurely day and went to Commercial street in the evening… spent some time gorging on some chaats at Bhagatrams and doing window shopping – it had been quite sometime since I’d been there and there were lot of new shops which had come up, selling lovely but expensive stuff, of course! We finally went to the Konark restaurant and wound up the day with an early quiet dinner.

January – was otherwise uneventful. Having decided to change jobs, I was spending my last few weeks at my previous organization and was busy wrapping up stuff. I treated my team for lunch – which turned out to be quite expensive, despite the combo offers etc. at Pizza Hut and they in turn hosted a lovely little farewell meeting for me. Everybody had such nice things to say – including the managers! – which I suppose is a good way to say goodbye! ๐Ÿ™‚ They also presented a Titan gift card, thanks to which I am the proud owner of two new Titan watches! ๐Ÿ˜€
Jan end was when I joined my new place of work and I was immediately put on the job at the client place. It was work and more work from day one andย there’s been no let up till now…

February – I was looking forward to Feb, what with promises of a couple of weeks of travel on work. But it turned out to be quite a dampener with the talks being just that and all plans fizzling out ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Feb also was the month when we had planned our little one’s chowla/ mundan ceremony – but that too didn’t work out due to the sudden demise of an elderly extended family member on the husband’s side. Not being able to celebrate the sister’s and the new bro-in-law’s birthdays was another sad side-effect of this untimely event ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

March – has been quite busy so far – the kiddo’s mundan cremony pushed from Feb, was carried out successfully this time – with some puja and homas at home, followed by the actual chowla being done at Nanjangud. It was a successful event on all counts – with a good turnout by all invited family members and the festivities at home carried out without a hitch. Also the trip to Nanjangud was enjoyed with close family and loved ones and the best part was – the little one did not so much as cry during the actual shaving. This was a h-u-g-e relief for all of us who were expecting tantrums and what nots!
So the little one is now a gundu-paapa – well no longer actually, there’s already scores of spikes of hair on his head, which miraculously sprouted the very next day! wow!

But not everything has been hunky-dory though – the kiddo had the annual day function at his playschool last week for which he was selected to be part of an act which had them dressed in birds’ costumes. He was chosen to be a peacock and was given a beautiful costume with long lustrous feathers… We kept talking to him about it and tried to keep him pepped up and he wore the costume in the evening all right. But when it was time for the act, he decided to turn on his worst clingy behaviour and refused to go on stage! We were aghast and tried coaxing him and what not, but he just didn’t budge. Well, the show must go on and it did, even without our little man. He had a chance to atleast pose for the group photo, which too he refused to so. Needless to say, we were disappointed and left perplexed by many unanswered questions… hopefully this is a one-off thing and he will learn to enjoy himself by taking part in such events/ performances further on…

Well, that’s been my year so far… we have a couple of big things lined up for this year – my son’s move to the big school being one of them. I’m just hoping that all goes on as per plan and turns out well! *fingers crossed*

Cuteness overload!

It has been ages, I guess I should just shut this blog down, since I no longer have the interest to open it and pen down posts! Also, I guess nobody ever visitsย to read itย these days … and what fun is it to write if you don’t have any readers? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The reason I got back to this blog now is my son – he is at a stage where I want to record everything he utters! And I’ve been so lazy and careless about capturing these stages of his life. I had bought a baby book and stopped updating it after a few months and am guiltily reminded of it ever so often by the husbnad! His talks are so cute that I wish I could just get back to it and play it back whenever I want in the future, ‘coz I know he will grow up so fast and get past this stage before I can say – where did those days go?!

He just recently completed 27 months and speaks quite fluently and has been doing so for quite a few months now… here’s some stuff that he says which I looove listening to!

– He’s been going to the playschool for a few months now and I guess there they teach the kids to say – ‘this is ball’ and ‘this is so & so’ etc. He uses that a lot at home too and says – ‘this is aeroplane’ and ‘this is crocodile’ pointing at what catches his fancy and what he imagines it to be. In the middle of this he sometimes suddenly says – ‘Amma, this is enidu?’ – that’s his way of asking – ‘what is this?’ ๐Ÿ˜€

– We bought him a set of colourful buildingย  blocks and he loves spending hours with them making all sorts of objects. It’s wonderful to see his imagination take flight. He sometimes even talks to them and has a conversation, like how we talk to him! But if he spies me or his appa looking at him play, he doesn’t let us be and insists saying – ‘appa aeroplane maadu‘ in his sweetest sing-song voice and no sooner is one object made, he says ‘eega helicopter madona‘ or ‘appa chukubuku train maadu‘ and so on…

– He is also very fond of asking us questions and answering them himself (again in his sing-song voice), as if to get a confirmation – sample: ‘amma enadu? cooker-aaaa?’ and ‘appa, en madtidya? tea kuditidy-aaaa?’

– As already mentioned he doesn’t like us sitting idle – he will be playing with his blocks or his latest muse are a set of simple jigsaw puzzles – of chota bheem characters and baby animals which he loves arranging. When he sees one of us sitting down, he immediately says – ‘amma neenu maadu chota bheem, kandange barolla‘ or ‘amma neenu maadu monkey‘! Talk about being a task-master, right from now!

– The best part about his talk these days which I find incredibly cute is when one ofย  us scolds or tells him anything sternly, he immediately repeats it to the other with a mock accompanying cry! Like if I say, ‘kanda! sumsumne kiruchta irbaardu‘, he’ll make a cry face and turn to his appa and say ‘sumsumne kiruchta irbaardu andlu amma‘! It gets hilarious when he does this for most of the things we say!

– Sometimes, there are sudden spurts of love flowing forth and he comes and gives a hug and says ‘nandu amma‘ – that’s my cue to say ‘nandu kanda‘. Instead if I also say ‘illa nandu amma‘ that gets him riled up! And I have no right at anytime to say ‘nandu appa‘ or vice versa for his appa. It is always ‘kandandu appa‘ and ‘kandandu amma‘! ๐Ÿ˜€

– My favourite game playing with him is to pretend that I am eating his cheeks and nose with the chomp-chomp action and noises, saying ‘kandandu kenne illa, moogu illa, amma tindbitlu!‘. I looove the way he reacts! ๐Ÿ˜€ He again pretends to cry and does an action like he’s taking away his cheeks and nose from my mouth and puts it back in it’s place! I’ts totally adorable!! Yesterday he turned the tables on me. He came rushing to me the moment I reached home and jumped into my arms. He pulled at my nose and said – ‘ammandu moogu elli?’ Stretching out his hand he said, ‘waaah, enadu kaiyalli? ammandu moog-aaa?’! ๐Ÿ˜€

Though there are so many such moments whereย  we’re surrounded by overwhelming cuteness, there are equal number of occasions when he is exasperation personified! He wants to have his way most times and it gets so tiring – the amount of stories you have to build-up to get him to do the simplest of things! You can be rest assured that he gets quite a few thwacks on his bum during the day!

But all said and done, when I look at him sleeping soundly at the end of the day – I can’t help but wonder at this amazing blessing and never cease to be wonderstruck by nature/ God’s miracle! I pretty much have to grit my teeth and stop myself from squashing him with all the love and warmth that engulfs my heart! ๐Ÿ™‚

Turning two!

Our little has turned two… this time I won’t say ‘where have the days gone by?’ or ‘how time flies!’ I am not surprised that he has grown to be a toddler so soon…but I am amazed at how quickly he has changed so much. The changes are so many and so frequent that it’s almost impossible for us to remember and say – ‘oh! he started doing this at this time or in this month!’

Everyday there are new discoveries and sometimes I’m flabbergasted thinking – ‘now, where has he learnt this from?!’ His vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds…he talks nineteen to the dozen and literally understands everything. Sometimes when I stop to think I wonder – since when did we start making these fully intelligent conversations with him? Albeit some words are in baby tongue, but it’s full-fledged conversation where he asks, tells, insists and even expresses his opinions. Sample some of his recent quips that quickly come to my mind:

– It was a day when I was working from home. Late evening I came in after washing my face; my hair having been washed in the morning was still not tied. He was playing with his toys on the mat, he looked up and said – ‘ammandu maama elli? ammandu maama illa’ (where is amma’s bindi? amma’s bindi is missing!) and then also said – ‘amma tale baachi madilla’(amma hasn’t combed her hair). This didn’t surprise me, because he almost always immediately notices if I haven’t worn a bindi. Then I went into the room, powdered up and put on the bindi and started brushing my hair. As I was tieing my hair with a clip, he walked in looking for something. He suddenly looked up and said – ‘Hmmm… good boy!’ I was stunned! Leaving aside the boy bit (he’s still to learn about gender and boy/ girl differentiation) I realized that he was voicing his appreciation that amma had put on the bindi and was combing her hair!

– One evening after coming back from work, we noticed that his finger-nails had grown too long and needed to be trimmed. We told him some stories and cajoled him that he needed to get his nails trimmed, else they would get all dirty and also hurt him. I carefully was trimming each finger nail and placing it on a sheet of paper to be thrown, when one of the nails happened to pop out of the cutter onto my lap. He gave a small giggle and said – ‘uguru jump madbidtu’! (the fingernail jumped). The hubby was surprised and said – ‘yo, yavaglo idella kalite? inneradu varsha, kaige sigolla neenu! hogappa homework madbeku anteeya’(hey, when did you learn all this? two more years and you’ll be saying “go appa, I have homework to do and can’t play with you”. I said don’t be too hopeful, it’s more likely that he’ll say – “go appa I won’t do homework and want to play!” ๐Ÿ˜€

– On one of the mornings as I was getting him ready, he was looking at his ‘Winnie the Pooh’ story book. The story itself is too detailed for him to understand, so he likes looking at the pictures. In one of the pages, there was an illustration of a rainy scene – he saw that and said – ‘male barta ide’ (it’s raining). I said – ‘hoon kanda, male barta ide, avarella odde aagtare’ (yes son, it’s raining and they will be wet). He then said – ‘amma, chatri illa, male barta ide’ (amma, they don’t have an umbrella and it’s raining).

– Every Saturday there is an old lady who comes to our neighbourhood, she beats her jaagate and asks for alms. One day we noticed that the neighbouring house kid was giving her alms and she was placing her jaagate plate on the kid’s head and doing some actions to seemingly ward off the evil eye. It seemed to interest our little fella a lot, so we also started taking him to her every week. He now knows as soon as he hears the sound of her jaagate that she’s coming, even if she is at the end of the road. He says with a wide grin – ‘dum dum ajji bandru!’. This past Saturday as she finished blessing him and was on her way, he said – ‘ajji kaalu mannu aagutte’. He had noticed that she wasn’t wearing slippers and said that her feet would get dirtied by all the soil on the road!

As I said, he never ceases to amaze us with his talk!

Another big thing for us and him is – he has started going to playschool. Yes, it’s been a little early than normal but we’ve had to take this decision owing to some circumstances at home. It’s been two weeks and slowly he’s taking that in his stride too. The first week was bad and I was overcome with guilt and remorse that we had to put him through this at such a young age. The first week we only sent him for half a day and one of us stayed with him in class. He stuck to us all the time and wouldn’t let go even for a moment. When we tried to stay away from him for sometime, he wailed and wailed non-stop which would wrench our guts out! But the past week was better. At the beginning of the week myself and the hubby were so worried about what would happen – we were out of options and had to leave him at the day care, as both of us couldn’t afford to work from home and needed to be in office. I guess somewhere the poor soul realized it. He was much better and started getting adapted to his teachers and classroom. The first day when his ma’am told me (we were bombarding them with phone calls every hour or so!) that he had eaten his lunch and was taking his afternoon nap, I could’ve cried with relief! He still gets upset and says – ‘school beda’ in the morning and cries when we leave him there, but soon forgets and gets involved in the going-ons. I hope it remains that way and he begins to enjoy and will look forward to going to school – considering how fond he is of reading and writing and books and games. *Touch wood*

He is very possessive of his stuff and says – ‘idu nandu, adu nandu’ for everything. We chide him and say that he needs to share, but I guess he still needs to learn that since he’s mostly been used to having everything to himself with not many playmates around. I’m hoping that the school will teach him the importance of sharing too. Speaking of the school, it is not one of these fancy popular ones, but is a normal playschool. I wasn’t particularly interested in sending him to a hi-fi school which charges exorbitant fees promising lot of facilities. Moreover we wanted some place which was on the ground floor and with lot of space for the kids to run around and play and some good toys and activities to keep them interested and invigorated. Moreover in this school they say that they follow the gurukulam culture and will teach the children about the richness of our culture through vachanas and kagga etc. Tall promises – how much of it will be implemented, we have to wait and watch, but otherwise we are convinced that it would be a good place for him to start.

My baby is already showing signs of growing up and I never fail to seize an opportunity to cuddle him and demand for kisses in return – which he sometime obliges but most times dismisses saying – ‘sumniru!’ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ He’s still very much appa’s boy and reserves his best for his appa. He sometimes even says – ‘amma beda’! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ which hurts like crazy, even though I know that he is only a child and doesn’t mean it! When I look at photos taken in the past year, I see with a twinge of dismay that his cheeks are not as chubby as they used to be! I want my chubby little fella back who will give toothy grins at the sound of my voice and grace me with sloppy kisses when I yearn for some! He already turns away if I say ‘ammange muddu maadu’ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Kids! Why do they have to grow up! Well, other parents will know, that’s only an indulgent mother speaking ๐Ÿ˜€ On normal days when we’re running behind them to get things accomplished, we’ll only keep complaining – how much more should I run in pursuit?! As they say, with kids, every day and every stage is a challenge; but the accompanying joys are boundless!

So, my dear little muddu mari, here’s wishing you many many many more happy returns of the day! Looking forward to more naughty antics and happy surprises from your side in the coming years ahead!!