Of home and hearth…

Hiya, I’m back on one of my quarterly visits to the blog! 😀 I know, I’m not even going to pretend otherwise!
What prompted me to write here today? – it was when I saw the link to my blog under favourites on Smitha’s space! Wow, I didn’t think anybody still followed my irregular random posts, which seem to revolve only around my son and his yearly birthdays!!

Anyway, a lot has happened since the last time I wrote here. We moved into our new home, a couple of months ago. Technically speaking it has been a good 2+ months but like I tell anybody who cares to ask – we’re still “settling in“! I don’t know… I suppose it’s rather difficult to capture the “when” that a house transforms into a home or the “how” either… when I look at our house today I see a lot of small niggly things that stare at me right back in the face – it’s just got to do with me I know, but I feel these small probably-insignificant-in-the-bigger-scheme-of-things are essential to make it into a home. And that process I know will take many more months.We are getting a lot of stuff still done – there’s probably not a single weekend that we’ve been free; small not-very-evident but nevertheless important stuff, which involves time and effort and money… so I suppose we just have to go with the flow and take it slowly. But the nagging thought that rears its head from time to time is – “but what if it takes so long that the house no longer seems new?!” Well, it really shouldn’t matter to anybody but us, isn’t it? It will be our “home” then! I guess, I sound as clear as mud – that’s the state of thoughts in my head too! 😀
Continuing with our efforts of turning it into a homely place, we got in touch with a gardener and got several plants planted around the house. Though we don’t have a huge garden space to boast of, we had left few patches of land at the front and by the walk-way, hoping to have some greenery. I’ve selected a bunch of different saplings – flowering ones mainly and I’m crossing my fingers that they will all get successfully adjusted to the environs and grow into our healthy green-companions!

In other news, the little one is growing up fast as usual and is already starting cursive writing and dictation at school! 😮 There’s not a day without homework and just the thought of his next years with multiple books of homework in different languages and math is giving me the jitters right-away 😦 He is in his ‘taane‘ phase right now, where every sentence or question of his is suffixed with a ‘taane‘ which I guess in English would translate into tagging-on a ‘isn’t it?‘ to every line that comes out of his mouth! He is doing pretty well at school – the first PTA happened and his teacher said that he is a shy but intelligent, smart child – basically well behaved. His love for drawing and colouring continues and here are some peeks into the latest flights of his imagination.

A very like-to-like representation of the Channapatna Giraffe we have at home

A very like-to-like representation of the Channapatna Giraffe we have at home

That's Chota Bheem turned into a girl, watching the aeroplane fly!

That’s Chota Bheem turned into a girl, watching the aeroplane fly!

Drawn looking at a Dora pic in his book - he improvised with a hat as her wasn't easy to draw! :D

Drawn looking at a Dora pic in his book – he improvised with a hat as her hair wasn’t easy to draw! 😀

Drawn by looking at a double-decker red toy bus he has

Drawn by looking at his double-decker red toy-bus

The Chota Bheem characters - Dholu, Bholu, Raju and Indumati

The Chota Bheem characters – Dholu, Bholu, Raju and Indumati standing at a traffic light

We took him to watch the Jurassic World movie in 3D recently, which was his only second movie outing after Big Hero-6 and he spoke non-stop at the theatre too! During the first half it was all about – “when do we get the popcorn?” and in the second half the drone was – “when will the movie end?!!” And all the time he was meddling with the 3D glasses or kicking the front seats or popping up and down in his seat, with the constant chattering as background score. And then, when the movie got really interesting towards the end (the first-half was pretty boring with hardly any action, if you ask me!) he started crying, getting scared with all the giant T-Rex fights!! Phew! I had to cover his eyes with my hands while shush-ing his cries and soothing his nerves; all the while trying to balance my own over-sized glasses and trying not to miss the action myself! It sure must’ve been a hilarious sight if anyone was looking! And he wouldn’t stop talking between sobs either – he was like, ‘from next time onwards don’t take me to monster movies, let’s go to some nice movies like the Baymax ones!!’ LOL! 😀 So much for carefully planning and taking him to a movie which we thought he’ll enjoy! **eye-roll**

I’m trying to teach him a song for the singing competition they have in school this month-end and it isn’t progressing too well – albeit it really is kinda cute to hear him try to say those difficult Kannada words and get it all wrong! 😛 The theme is Kannada Folk songs and I’ve chosen a poem which I remember from my school days… let’s see how it goes! I’ll try to record and upload a clipping here if he does manage to learn the lines and recite! 🙂

In other news, all my craft-work and reading has taken a back-seat which really makes me sad – especially since I now have a space of my own in the new house, a small little library with a custom book shelf and a craft/work-table. But the problem is with it being located on the uppermost floor space of the house – by the time I finish all my daily chores and climb upstairs it’s typically time to go to bed, with the thoughts of having to rise early the next morning 😦 And weekends too are spent dusting/ cleaning/ tidying-up/ cooking or going out on errands. These are merely excuses and everybody only has 24 hours and it’s upto us to “make time” for things we want to do… I know all this too well, but haven’t really been able to find a balance. I hope to get there one day and hopefully revive my knitting and reading habits! On that hopeful thought, I will end this post…