Fun-tastic four!

It was our little one’s 4th birthday last week! 😀 I wonder, for much longer can I call him a ‘little one’?

I’ve already spoken about my new-found-since-the-last-two-years fetish to make birthday celebrations special and personal previously. In tune with that, I set some aggressive targets for myself.
-Make the cake
-Make the frosting, which isn’t just simple butter-cream
-Make the sweet
-Invite his cousins, close family and neighbourly kids
-Cook for the aforementioned 25-30 people
-Have a celebration at home
And all the above in the middle of a busy week at work.
To be fair to myself, I had complete intentions of taking the day off so that I’d have enough time for the preparations. But unfortunately he was down with viral fever the previous week and I had to take two days off to take care of him. This left me with no option but to be at work on the day.

To add to the woes, his school had announced the fancy dress competition on the day following his birthday and they had a theme that we had to follow – birds! After much thinking and indecisiveness following his illness, during the preceding weekend we decided to send him dressed up as a crow. And so followed some hurried scourging around for ideas and procurement of paraphernalia to make the crow costume. With all of the above happening, it was a luxury to get 5 hours of decent sleep and it wasn’t surprising if I felt and looked like a zombie!

Though I did lose some sleep, the birthday celebration turned out to be quite a nice event – the sweet – almond burfi was made 2 days in advance; the cake with the whipped cream frosting was ready the day before and was assembled early morning before I went to work. I did manage to leave office a couple of hours early and rushed home to make some chocolate butter-cream for the piping. The 3-layered-cake, though lacking in finesse of a professional or store-bought one, looked quite nice with the cherries, whipped cream and chocolate butter-cream, I must say. The kiddo had a great time blowing candles, bursting balloons, cutting the cake, jumping around and generally having a good time with all his friends and cousins. Having just a couple of servings of the BBB (bisi bele bath) left at the end for myself, meant that the food was enjoyed too and there were no leftovers – so it was a win-win from all sides! 🙂

Post the celebration and cleaning up, a couple of hours till late night were spent adding the finishing touches to the crow costume. He did quite decently at the fancy dress event and there were no mishaps to the dress thankfully! We did wish that he’d been a tad more vocal with his lines on stage – I wonder why it is that all the shouting and screaming happens only at home and the vocal chords go into hiding when it is required to be of service?!

So that was one eventful week – but there was one cause for agony which ruined the good parts of it for us – on the day of the fancy dress, the m-i-l slipped a couple of steps at the kiddo’s school and now has a hairline fracture at her ankle. This means she is gonna be out of action for the next 2-3 weeks. With the Gowri-Ganesha festival coming up the next weekend, apart from her obvious discomfort and sadness at not being able to take part in the festivities; this means it is more work for the already sleep-deprived me! I’m hoping that I should be able to pull it off with support from my hubby, co-sister and sister-in-law! Wish me luck!


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