Birthday special!

After nearly two weeks of being indisposed and tired by the mere sight of medicine… I finally had something to look forward to… my birthday.

But then, this was gonna be my first ever birthday away from home, away from all my dear ones… for the first time ever, I wouldn’t see my parents, my sis on the day and wouldn’t be there in person in front of them to demand my blessings, wishes and gifts. My hubby-dear wouldn’t be next to me, to hold me, wish me and make my day special. My mom wouldn’t get to show her love by making my favourite dishes and sweets. My phone wouldn’t ring incessantly carrying the loving wishes of my friends, something that I have been used to, since so many years. Was it really going to be worth looking forward to, after all?

Or so I thought… little did I know the surprises that the day had in store for me… after an early awakening and a visit to the temple to seek the blessings of the Almighty, I made my way to work, feeling nice and happy inside, with a wondering anticipation of what the day could possibly have to offer. My colleagues soon got to know that it was my ‘actual’ birthday (and not official) and after this important piece of information was verified, the mails started pouring in – from different locations and geographies, with people of my practice spread across the globe, I got wishes from literally the corners of the world. And then of course, there were the phone calls to attend to – few, but those which meant a lot.

And by mid morning, as I came back from a meeting, a bunch of 12 beautiful red roses lay on my table, dewy fresh and beckoning me with as if outstretched arms. My eyes gleamed and lips smiled – reflecting the sureness that, there was only one dear soul who would do this for me – no matter how near or far he was. Those roses bridged the gaps of the seas like how only love can do and walked straight into where they belonged – my heart 🙂

As the day wore on, more wishes from friends, family, colleagues poured in as emails, orkut messages, smses… and tea time had another wonderful surprise waiting for me. My team mates had gotten the most delightful and sinfully chocolate-y cake for the occasion! 😀 Needless to say, the cake was delicious and the thought behind it wonderfully warm. I finally wound up the day at office by treating them all to their favourite chaats, with myself gorging on paani puri – though no-where near to being as good as what I ate in B’lore, atleast it was the one thing which matched with the specialities of the same day, last year 🙂

All in all, it turned out to be a wonderful and delightful birthday, something that I will dearly cherish in the years to come and will hold close to my heart, thanks to all the lovely people who are part of my life 🙂 Thank you folks, for everything!


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