Cheer-me-up manifesto

I’m feeling so bored and low… it’s a feeling that has been settling down upon me slowly the past coupla days. There’s no particular reason that I can nail down as the cause, but nothing’s been happening to cheer me up either.

So I decided to try and check if I can cheer myself up. I thought, lemme think and write about the stuff which I know will brighten my mood.
And so I made a list, which reads something like this –

What do I like doing best?

# Hanging out in Malleshwaram – shopping alone – window or otherwise/ going hand in hand listening to a chattering sis/ chatting up at Asha sweets with Anupama over cutlet and coffee

# Eating pani puri at the Iyengar bakery, nearer home

# lounging at home the whole day just reading my favourite book and doing nothing else

# watching a TV show – Indian Idol/ Saregama/ any other musical show and talking non-stop with my sis, offering an opinion on anything and everything

# pestering mom to make us coffee, atleast 3-4 times a day on Sundays/ holidays

# getting together with Sharada and Shilpa for a round of gup-shup at either of our homes

# sleeping soundly after a nice lunch on late Sunday afternoon and waking up to a hot cup of mummy-made tea

# listening to the golden oldies played on radio city 91.1 FM on the weekend afternoons

# watching a Hrishikesh Mukerjee movie with dad – Chupke Chupke, Anand, Bawarchi, Abhiman, Golmaal – to name a few

# catching up with old friends at Coffee Day/ Barista

# eating pani puri with hubby dear at Gandhibazar or Banashankari BDA complex or nearer home… or just about anywhere on earth! 😀

# just going around the streets of Bangalore riding pillion with hubby on his bike

# buying vegetables at the NR colony market with hubby

# going to the malls/ catching up on a movie with hubby

# talking nineteen to the dozen and nagging hubby to respond as he tries to drive the car on the crowded streets 😀

# singing for myself

# singing for people who haven’t heard me before and are pleasantly (only! :)) surprised/ shocked

# shopping for self/ someone dear to me

# watching ‘ede tumbi haaDuvenu’ with hubby and mil on Sunday nights

# listening to my favourite songs – anywhere – at a live recital/ on the radio/ on a TV programme/ in a movie/ on the comp

# spending an entire holiday outdoors with hubby doing chores/ visiting relatives/ buying stuff, ending with us gorging on all the assorted stuff at the VV Puram roadside eateries

# drinking a hot cup of good filter coffee – again, could be anywhere!

Well, that’s quite a list … hmm…yeah it has made me feel a little better, but now I’m getting all nostalgic and wanna get back to doing all of these again! 😦
At least lemme make a beginning – get some coffee, I know it won’t be like the filter coffee back home, not even a remote chance of that! but still, anything to drive away the gloom! :p


5 thoughts on “Cheer-me-up manifesto

  1. [Smitha] – oh yeah! that’s one thing I missed… reading CnH strips… do send me some if you have them handy
    [Saumya] – no 😦 more than a month to go! yeah I did feel a little better after writing it down

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