Random rambling

What do you do when you suddenly feel like smiling brightly at a colleague on your way to the pantry, to brighten up a vague Tuesday afternoon and all you get in return is a quirky wiggle of the eye-brows? I’ll tell you… you look down and walk like nothing happened.

Meanwhile, I had an interesting chat with a friend today. He was talking about how these ‘so-called good looking’ people are the ones who are most insecure about their looks… I pondered over it for a while before saying a yes. It definitely was very logical. I suppose that’s the way it is because they obviously stand to lose the most and that’s what brings in insecurity. Generalizing further, I think this is true for most other reasons too, not just looks/ beauty… it is when we have something, that we fear losing it; one is happiest when there’s nothing to lose. ***********************************************************
Though the afternoon is vague, there is a sense of unrest in the air… I can feel it, especially after the early precautionary pack-up yesterday, it’s like we’re waiting for something to happen. I hope to God nothing does.
I think it’s high time we realised that these kind of violent protests and riots serve no purpose but to cause us discomfort. Just the thought of the loss of property and lives, the pain, fright and unease it brings is benumbing. Hope sense prevails.

8th Feb, this Thursday, a bandh has been called for… the thought of having to work on a Saturday to compensate, which we know is a sure thing, is so depressing. But then other thoughts occupy the mind… there’s a relative’s wedding slated for 8th and 9th. With one of the pre-wedding ceremonies already postponed to Thursday due to other reasons, I just hope things work out fine and the wedding happens as scheduled without any glitches. When compared to worries like this, the inconvenience of working on a Saturday seems trivial.

Rambling seems like such an easy pastime, but the effort it requires needs to be felt, to be known. While the thoughts run amok in the head, the fingers just refuse to find the right keys! 😀


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