Bumpy bus rides… part-2

Aha! The ladies’ turn now… here we go:
f1. The no-matter-what, I-will-get-a-seat kind – these women are on the constant look-out and will do nothing short of a long jump to grab a seat at the first given chance. They also hold the record for relegating the m4 types to the rear of the bus, all bags packed!
f2. The mera-chota-bachcha-needs-a-seat kind – these mommies believe that their 10-12 year-old bonny sonny boys are too young to be left alone and hence need to be proffered a seat next to mommy dearest, what if there are a coupla old grannies standing, clutching on to dear life?!
f3. The I-shall-hog-the-maximum-seat-space types – these obviously very well-fed middle aged aunties believe that if their neighbours are having trouble squeezing into the 2-seater, then obviously it has to be a problem for the BMTC, they need do a re-think about the seat sizes!!

And then of course how can I forget the other characters who add colour to these scenes?
o1. Our dashing drivers who must imagine themselves to be Karthikeyan or Schumaker on a F1 circuit as they rip and zip through the narrow Bengalooru bylanes.
o2. And the ever-so-charming-conductors who don’t miss an opportunity to pocket some dough, by not giving the tickets and handing back half the money; some go as far as taking the money, not giving u the change till u need to get down, then as u struggle to alight at ur stop, make away with the ticket to be given to somebody else!! Disgusting!

Well I know I have been largely critical, but as I said earlier these are the people who lend themselves to observation by doing what they do. This doesn’t mean that our BTS buses are devoid of the other kinds – we have the pawn-chewing and spewing, mobile-toting babus who still believe that cell-phone-talks-warrant-bellowing; the ultra-chic-dazzling-babes and PYTs from the MCCs or JNCs; the middle-class-9-to-5-office-going-ladies-gang which talks nineteen-to-the-dozen; the engineering-college-gangs-cramming-for-internals and of course the I-get-a-cozy-seat-I-doze kind or the book-worms who have this u-mind-ur-own-business and I’ll-mind-mine attitude (now u know, which category I belong to ;)) Interesting…huh??

I’ve seen some weird and strange happenings on a bus, but this one surely takes the cake…
One day, I get into a bus at Kru Ra Marukatte (KR Market for the uninformed) and thankfully ease into a seat next to an already seated lady. The bus moves and this lady starts dozing, nothing funny in that, she must’ve had a tiring day. A few mins later, I see that there’s some liquidy stuff dripping onto her saree. I’m puzzled, on closer look… I’m aghast! She is nodding, in a saliva-dripping (jollu-suris-ing in Kannada will explain it better)-kind-of-deep-slumber!! As I squirm in my seat, I can’t help but notice that every two seconds she wakes up and wipes her mouth, but before long she’s at it again…this was a first for me…how could anybody sleep like that in a bus!!!

Well, as I said, traveling in a bus will never fail to throw these kinda surprises one’s way!! Try it, take a bumpy bus ride for a change…


8 thoughts on “Bumpy bus rides… part-2

  1. You missed the black moving blobs that usually alight in wilson garden and scratch your elbow hard enough to scar you for a decade if you’re in their path when they are getting down.

  2. Too good Anu. I could identify very clearly all the ‘personalities’ u’ve mentioned, for i was also a BTS bus denizen for quite a few years! Some of the buses which i frequented by, especially from K.R.Market, had the vegetable and flower sellers, with their large baskets spread over half the bus floor, and who pushed aside people roughly, when they were trying to navigate their way into the bus. There was this one incident, where one man, was carrying hens(chicken) too, all tied up at their legs, but very alive with their dismal clucks once in a while. Anyways, i thoroughly enjoyed reading this, and looking fwd to more such.

  3. {T}: I know, I know there are still scores of kinds, couldn’t fit in all of them. Will have a sequel sometime in the future, armed with more experiences!

    {M}: Gee…Muktha, that must’ve been a horrid bus journey!
    Glad that u liked the post 🙂

  4. i’ll put this here so you’ll read it, but it’s more in regard to your post on friendship…

    Didn’t Proust say ‘Hell is other people’? Friendship is a contract between two people to mutually not point out the faults in each other, in order for you to continue to live your life in a way that is less than you truly are. Life is a journey to find yourself, and being comfortable is not taking steps from that journey. The people you don’t get along with are your teachers, because from them you can learn about yourself and what is in you that makes you dislike them.
    This doesn’t mean don’t have friends, but you shouldn’t be comfortable in just them, you have your journey. This is just my opinion, so feel free to disagree!!

  5. Just awesome…..
    its like uve snatched the words away from my mouth… i could visualise every single character metioned (except the mouth dripping one!! Thank God!!).
    I would like to add another angle though…how about all those jokes that happen on board.. do share them too if u happen to remember..:D

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