Weekend introspection

Today, I find myself rather free and short of work, thanks to my on-site team-lead who has taken off on an extended-weekend holiday, without remembering to get back to us with some much-needed clarifications, for us get on with work 😦
So here I am, with some much-sought-after free time on hand and voila! I am also short of ideas for my blog!! (already?! It’s not even 15 days since I started writing!) Actually there are quite a few things I wanna write about, but nothing seems right for the moment.
So what do I do? I decide to put on the head-phones, tune in to some great Kishore Kumar music and write about (one of the) the thought(s) that’s uppermost in my mind after the weekend that has gone by…
This weekend brought me great joy in terms of some great stuff happening on my friends’ front. One of them will be shortly finishing her PG course from one of the premier institutes of the country and the great news is that she has bagged a very prestigious job offer from a much reputed MNC, which deserves an employee of her caliber(no, it’s not a mistake, I don’t mean it the other way round) The truly happy part in this whole situation is

1. she gets to be placed in Bangalore, which means that geographical location will no longer be an issue when we want to share thoughts (not that it mattered anyway, but still, it is a small improvement)
2. The work will be research oriented, which is an area that she will enjoy and thrive working in.

The other good news is that another of my friends has got admission into another premier institute and will be soon be embarking on a 2 year stint there to do her PG. The icing on the cake here, is that it will be in an area close to her (and my) heart. Having put in 4 years of hard work and efforts studying this subject in Engineering college (I know not many will agree with me here, but believe me, studying ‘tronics, and I don’t mean just for exams’ sake, that too in UVCE, is not a piece of cake) it would have been terrible if she’d had to do her PG in some other field, even if it is popular and well-paying.

While on one hand my mind was indulged in happy thoughts of the way their lives were shaping up, on the other hand, there was a small thought that kept nagging at me all through-out the 2 days… no matter what I did to distract myself, it wouldn’t let me be. It kept saying, what about you? What are you doing with your life? Was this what you always wanted to do? Do you even know, what you wanted and want to do? In this age where every house in a street has 2-3 engineers in the family, how does it feel to be just one among the millions of the same kind? And there was the other line of thought reminding me of the very obvious reasons, already well-known to me, for me doing what I’m doing… It felt like I was at some cross-road and didn’t know what direction to take… I’m still grappling with these thoughts and trying to find some answers.
Meanwhile, great going girlies!! I’m very proud and extremely happy for you both 🙂


One thought on “Weekend introspection

  1. Well, all I can say is every person has a different way to take his /her life, at some point of time this question arrives in mind, and if it is strong enough to bring a turning point in your life, it will for sure 🙂
    Inspiration and introspection put together bring out a genius!
    Teena and you have inspired me to read blogs  and try to write one, and your friends to do something in life!
    You know who I am!

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