The many posts that could’ve been…

On dull work-days when I’m done browsing through all my favourite blog links and am in no mood to get back to work is when I click on my own blog-link to read snippets of posts from the past. Today being one such day, I noticed that my last post was way back in June 2016! That was six months ago! I don’t remember if there have been such long-drawn periods of non-blogging before… I’m not checking either.

I also noticed a tiny orange dot in the notifications of WordPress when I logged in to finally write a post – when I clicked on it, it said

Happy Anniversary with!

You registered on 10 years ago.

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.


Wow! 10 years?! that’s a long time I thought but then realised that I’ve actually been writing a blog for longer than that. Of course, I was on blogspot when I began blogging, before I moved to WordPress! I had difficulty remembering my blogspot address – a couple of tries later I did get it right – Of course it doesn’t exist now and redirects readers to this space.

I found the above in the drafts of my blog posts – written in Jan 2017 which was four months ago! I found another post about the Kannada movies from last year…which too was half-written. 

Today when I opened my page, for lack of reading material on the other blogs that I follow, I was shocked by the date on the last post – it was in June last year, which effectively means I’ve not written any post for almost the whole of last year! 

It’s not that I haven’t felt like writing – I’ve been inspired many times by looking at other posts – especially when I see that people take up the blog-a-month challenge and the A-Z challenge etc. But the inspiration hasn’t transformed into words in this space 😦

I feel like I’ve let myself down – I haven’t been able to note down the memories that I’d like to preserve and get back here to re-live them later… my son’s growing up and fast, I’m not jotting down what he says and does – how can I remember them later? The posts from his baby and toddler days thrill me when I go back and read them.

I tried my hand at making terracotta jewellery by attending a workshop and made a few sets too with gusto – I don’t have any record of the experience and the sense-of-fulfilment I felt to be making something with my hands after a long time!

I tried to revive my reading habit – read quite a few books at a stretch – the famous Shiva trilogy (I know I came late to the party!) and first book of his Ram-Chandra series, revisited the Harry Potter books and movies enthused by fellow fans at office, read some of the many books I’d picked up at the book fair two years ago… I didn’t get around to talking about any of those here.

I’ve tried to pick up knitting and crochet projects – starting with some baby items for friends who’ve had their second ‘uns…

We went on many interesting short and long trips last year – the key ones being the Singapore/ Malaysia trip last summer with the hubby’s friends’ families and the Sharavathi and surroundings trip with my friends’ families in the Christmas hols. The latter one was truly an experience in itself – we did so many unconventional activities – very unlike the typical trips we take – and it was the first one when I practised by photography skills armed with the new DSLR. I’m foolishly proud of some of those moments that I managed to capture with the lens.

The camera is another new experience that I’m loving – found some good use for it at two family weddings last year – of cousins on either sides of the family. I loved capturing the candidness of it all – the gaiety, the incredibly rich colours of the wedding scenes – the sarees, the flowers, the accessories and the paraphernalia. The sister and I also planned  an inspired photo-shoot at Cubbon park – the beautiful green lung-space that is the heart of Bangalore…

There was so much that I could’ve written about but didn’t…


‘New York’ – the movie that I almost went to!

I don’t know if this would qualify as a funny incident – but I’m definitely not laughing now!

The client’s been visiting us at office and as part of the entertainment plans to keep her amused and also to cater to her particular interests, a Hindi movie viewing was planned for the evening. After much deliberation which happened a week ago where in talks of – ‘you go’… ‘No, no, you being the manager should accompany her’ to ‘the young guys should get a chance to interact’ etc. two people from the team were chosen, of which yours truly was not a part. In spite of tantalizing talks of PVR Gold Class and an all expenses paid movie outing on a weekday evening, I chose not to be the chosen-one* and had quietly slipped away.

That was, until today morning – when the concerned manager designated to accompany her and the practice-head successfully cajoled me into being the substitute – giving the usual reasons ranging from ‘lot of work’ to ‘impending delivery’ and ‘be a sport!’ to ‘I want you to have some work-life-balance!’ *indeed!* I half-heartedly agreed, but with the firm condition that at no cost would I be accompanying them for dinner to KFC *shudder* Just when I had reconciled myself and was almost getting excited and looking forward to the evening (albeit the PVR Gold class being replaced with a INOX regular arrangement), the bomb-shell was dropped. The client was not gonna make it to the movie after all – she had a couple of tasks to complete before her departure tomorrow and wouldn’t be able to spare the evening for entertainment purposes!

Now initially the selected team was morose and dejected that the plan had to be canceled, but then the practice-head sportingly said – that was no reason for us to cancel our plans. We could still go ahead and catch the movie since the tickets were already booked. First-up I was the generous and caring team-lead and offered a chance to each of my team-mates to take my place; when all of them declined with equal magnanimity I said – ‘what the heck! Lemme just go ahead and have fun’ Even as we gathered our bags and were stepping out, the thought struck me – ‘what if she comes around asking for me?’ You see, we’d kept her on her toes since the morning, sending a volley of questions and issues that she needed to address. And she had enquired after me a couple of times already in the day and there was a very good chance that she would do so again. I was in two minds – the sight of her purposefully walking towards our bay with a file in hand sealed it for me. I backed out, quickly hid my bags in a colleague’s desk and woefully asked a team-mate to go instead.

Well, that is the story of the New York movie viewing which almost happened, but didn’t!

* I couldn’t let go the chance to refer to the movie of the season, could I? Especially since I happened to catch it in the weekend and wasn’t disappointed, so to say! 😀

Potty about Potter

Done! Finished! Through!
After one day, two nights and three sittings, I finally finished reading ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows‘. Thanks to a friend, who mailed the soft copy, I got to read it soon after it released, without sweat, except having to grit my teeth and bear with a couple of spelling and grammar errors. Yes, I know, a friend shouted at me, calling me names for not buying the original book and instead reading a pirated copy; it was probably not the right thing to do. But I also know that I didn’t want to buy it here knowing I couldn’t carry it back home. And there was no question of leaving it behind, I do not like and never do donate my books, no matter how inexpensive or small they are, ‘coz the memories tied to them are immeasurably large. There, I’m done with my take on why I read it, the way I did.

And now for the book itself, I wouldn’t want to comment since anything I say might give away what it has in store for those who haven’t read it yet. But I guess JK Rowling has got it right after all, the ending to the saga couldn’t have been more ‘politically correct’. I’ll reserve my other comments for later.

The reason for this post is to answer the question some morons tend to ask– ‘Why do grown-ups read Harry Potter?’ There are several counter-questions that come to mind when I encounter such people…

1. First and foremost, have you ever even tried reading a book? If not, then I guess you can be forgiven ‘coz ‘son, thou know not what thou art talking’!

2. Ok, assuming you read books, have you ever tried reading Harry Potter? If not, then how can you be a judge of how good/ bad it is and for whom it is?

3. Where in God’s name, is the classification that lists the books children should read and those which are for grown-ups? Who gave you the right to categorize books this way? Don’t you love revisiting childhood when you read fairy tales and reciting moral fables to your kids? Isn’t there supposed to be a child hidden in each one of us, no matter how old we grow?

4. What prompted you to single out the Potter series as children’s books? Is it because there is so much imagination and creativity involved in it? In that case, are adults meant to read only stuff which is sans-imagination and does(n’t) require too much activity for the gray cells?

5. Finally, have you ever tried penning down a few lines born out of your own imagination? Forget weaving stories, will you be able to create one fictional character that seems true to life and believable enough to be able to write a couple of incidents revolving around him/ her, which is not ‘inspired’ by any living person’s life? If not, whatever gave you the idea that it is child’s play to create so many fascinating characters and weave a seven book series involving them?

Ok, I agree some of the above lines might sound impassioned. But when people question the need to read a book like Harry Potter, it irritates me no end. Given some thought, as anyone would understand, writing a series like Harry Potter, involving not two, not three but seven books in seven years and continuing to capture the imagination of billions in the world, is no mean task. It just goes to show how novel, intriguing and interesting the plot and characters need to be to get the people coming back for more every time. I can’t think of any other series which has been so popular, in the past decade at least. The beauty of the book lies in the fact that there isn’t any target audience for it; there is no particular section of the populace belonging to a certain age group who need to be catered to. It is and can be read by anyone who enjoys and appreciates the power of imagination, loves creativity at its best.

So people out there, complaining about the ‘Potter-mania’, take a chill pill and go get yourself a copy; may be you might get just as enthused and enthralled about Harry and his antics, like the rest of the world currently is! 🙂