The mood in the house has been sombre and we have been caught up with running chores and errands almost every weekend. Friday happened to be our kiddo’s star birthday and I had decided to take this day off from work to spend some time with him – especially since on his actual birthday later in the week, he would be at school. Albeit some pressures and discussions at work, I did manage to take off and so did the hubby and we decided to drive down to Mysore. This Mysore trip again was on the cards for a long time now, where we wanted to take the kiddo to the zoo to see the animals and also the Brindavan gardens. We thought this was the right opportunity, especially since it was a weekend dedicated to celebrating having him in our lives!

We started on Thursday morning and took the Kanakpura – Mavalli route, since we had decided to visit Shivanasamudra waterfalls on the way to Mysore. The roads were in good condition and the views scenic and by mid-day we were at the site of the waterfall. we went to the first view point for the waterfall and spent sometime taking in the beauty of the roaring cascade of water. The little one had a good time gushing over the waterfall and pointing to the monkeys around and posing for photographs. I had taught him the names and he in his super-sweet kiddish but clear voice kept repeating Ga-ga-na-chukki and Bhara-chukki all the time 🙂

The Gaganachukki waterfall

The Gaganachukki waterfall

After downing some cool cucumbers and tender coconuts, we drove across to the other view-point which is near the Dargah and which we remembered from our previous visit would take us closer to the waterfall. The area around the Dargah itself was much dirtier than previous times and we had a tough time reaching the actual access point. There again some time was spent getting the kiddo to wet his legs and play with water, while I being the adventurous one wouldn’t be satisfied without climbing down a couple of rocks to take better pics of the gushing waters from close range.

All done and with stomachs rumbling we decided to head the Mysore way. As we were taking the car out of the parking lot, we saw a board which said – ‘Bharachukki – 2kms’ and both of us were like ‘what?!!‘ With questions writ large on our faces we drove across only to find that the so-called twin waterfalls we had been viewing all along that day (and also in past years) was in fact only the Gaganachukki falls and what we had just then driven to was the site of the Bharachukki falls – which we realized was a totally different waterfall altogether and located a good 5-8 kms away from the other one!!

The Bharachukki waterfall

The Bharachukki waterfall

The view of this was just as magnificent and the Karnataka tourism department has spruced up the place with good boards and railings alongside the steps leading right down to the bottom, from where we saw people taking teppa-rides right upto the foot of the waterfall. The sight was mersmerising and tempting but we were already tired and couldn’t imagine going down and climbing up the scores of steps with a mischievous toddler in tow. We decided to revisit the place sometime again, even if it is only to take that tantalizing teppa-ride!

To find the missing links in this mystery of the two waterfalls I decided to google and found that they indeed were two separate segments formed by the splitting of the Kaveri river, surrounding the island town of Shivanasamudra. Wikipedia also goes on to say that we were not alone in thinking that the two segments of the Gaganachukki were two waterfalls in themselves and that it is a common misconception. Phew! there’s always something new to learn! I also checked back on this blog because I remembered writing about our previous trip to the place and guess what – our visit then too was at the same time and infact right down to the same date of the month, a good 7 years ago! Gosh! it’s hard to believe that it’s been so many years!

I will add the pics from home… and also write about the Mysore leg of the trip in detail in another post

Edited: to add pics


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