Cuteness overload!

It has been ages, I guess I should just shut this blog down, since I no longer have the interest to open it and pen down posts! Also, I guess nobody ever visits to read it these days … and what fun is it to write if you don’t have any readers? 😦

The reason I got back to this blog now is my son – he is at a stage where I want to record everything he utters! And I’ve been so lazy and careless about capturing these stages of his life. I had bought a baby book and stopped updating it after a few months and am guiltily reminded of it ever so often by the husbnad! His talks are so cute that I wish I could just get back to it and play it back whenever I want in the future, ‘coz I know he will grow up so fast and get past this stage before I can say – where did those days go?!

He just recently completed 27 months and speaks quite fluently and has been doing so for quite a few months now… here’s some stuff that he says which I looove listening to!

– He’s been going to the playschool for a few months now and I guess there they teach the kids to say – ‘this is ball’ and ‘this is so & so’ etc. He uses that a lot at home too and says – ‘this is aeroplane’ and ‘this is crocodile’ pointing at what catches his fancy and what he imagines it to be. In the middle of this he sometimes suddenly says – ‘Amma, this is enidu?’ – that’s his way of asking – ‘what is this?’ 😀

– We bought him a set of colourful building  blocks and he loves spending hours with them making all sorts of objects. It’s wonderful to see his imagination take flight. He sometimes even talks to them and has a conversation, like how we talk to him! But if he spies me or his appa looking at him play, he doesn’t let us be and insists saying – ‘appa aeroplane maadu‘ in his sweetest sing-song voice and no sooner is one object made, he says ‘eega helicopter madona‘ or ‘appa chukubuku train maadu‘ and so on…

– He is also very fond of asking us questions and answering them himself (again in his sing-song voice), as if to get a confirmation – sample: ‘amma enadu? cooker-aaaa?’ and ‘appa, en madtidya? tea kuditidy-aaaa?’

– As already mentioned he doesn’t like us sitting idle – he will be playing with his blocks or his latest muse are a set of simple jigsaw puzzles – of chota bheem characters and baby animals which he loves arranging. When he sees one of us sitting down, he immediately says – ‘amma neenu maadu chota bheem, kandange barolla‘ or ‘amma neenu maadu monkey‘! Talk about being a task-master, right from now!

– The best part about his talk these days which I find incredibly cute is when one of  us scolds or tells him anything sternly, he immediately repeats it to the other with a mock accompanying cry! Like if I say, ‘kanda! sumsumne kiruchta irbaardu‘, he’ll make a cry face and turn to his appa and say ‘sumsumne kiruchta irbaardu andlu amma‘! It gets hilarious when he does this for most of the things we say!

– Sometimes, there are sudden spurts of love flowing forth and he comes and gives a hug and says ‘nandu amma‘ – that’s my cue to say ‘nandu kanda‘. Instead if I also say ‘illa nandu amma‘ that gets him riled up! And I have no right at anytime to say ‘nandu appa‘ or vice versa for his appa. It is always ‘kandandu appa‘ and ‘kandandu amma‘! 😀

– My favourite game playing with him is to pretend that I am eating his cheeks and nose with the chomp-chomp action and noises, saying ‘kandandu kenne illa, moogu illa, amma tindbitlu!‘. I looove the way he reacts! 😀 He again pretends to cry and does an action like he’s taking away his cheeks and nose from my mouth and puts it back in it’s place! I’ts totally adorable!! Yesterday he turned the tables on me. He came rushing to me the moment I reached home and jumped into my arms. He pulled at my nose and said – ‘ammandu moogu elli?’ Stretching out his hand he said, ‘waaah, enadu kaiyalli? ammandu moog-aaa?’! 😀

Though there are so many such moments where  we’re surrounded by overwhelming cuteness, there are equal number of occasions when he is exasperation personified! He wants to have his way most times and it gets so tiring – the amount of stories you have to build-up to get him to do the simplest of things! You can be rest assured that he gets quite a few thwacks on his bum during the day!

But all said and done, when I look at him sleeping soundly at the end of the day – I can’t help but wonder at this amazing blessing and never cease to be wonderstruck by nature/ God’s miracle! I pretty much have to grit my teeth and stop myself from squashing him with all the love and warmth that engulfs my heart! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Cuteness overload!

  1. Wow!!! It was just amazing to go through the article. It feels amazing to see kids playing in front of us and see them do all kinds of amazing stuff.. It surely is a blessing to have a child.. Loved this.. 🙂

  2. hahaha! Your kanda has such cute things to say , LOVED reading them ! A big kissie from me to him 🙂

    I am a little envious that the little one talks in Kannada all the way. The disadvantage of living in an English speaking country , my little girl talks in long cute sentences..completely in English 😦

    If I insist she does switch to Kannada for few minutes, but then it’s back to English. I feel so deprived of the basic ‘mother tongue’ connection due to this. Never thought it would be an issue, but it IS 😦

    • And I am in awe that your little one can talk long sentences in English!
      I can understand your feeling… I guess it’s the lack of Kannada influence around her… do you guys converse in Kannada or English at home?
      I’d think that it would help if you spoke to her and your family in Kannada mostly, atleast at home when she’s around – the more they hear, the quicker they pick up.
      In our case we only talk in Kannada at home and that’s why he talks so much in Kannada too.
      Also buy her some basic Kannada books/ CDs and get her interested. My son loves his Kannada rhymes.
      But he hardly speaks sentences in English, we’ve taught him words and he says quite a few but doesn’t converse yet and honestly we too haven’t tried much. His teacher said they talk to the children only in English at his play-school – I’m not sure about that, ‘coz he had picked up a few Telugu phrases from them sometime back! 😀 I don’t know if I should be worried and start talking to him in English, but I’m hoping that going to a proper school will take care of that…

      • As you might know, I am a kannadiga, while my husband is not ( he is a Tamilian). But, we both converse to her in our individual languages so she picks up both. I strictly talk/respond in Kannada even if she speaks to me in English. I know it’s a little too much to expect from a (about to be) 3 yr old to know 3 languages and switch between them effortlessly. But…my fear is that she’ll just give up on her mother tongue(s) altogether…like all the other Indian kids being raised here.

        Thanks for your suggestions though – I need to read some books and play some songs in Kannada next 🙂

        Don’t worry even a bit about your son learning English. The regular schooling shall teach him all…we haven’t turned out bad in English ourselves, alwa? 😀

      • Good luck with your efforts! And don’t worry too much – I’m sure she will pick it up with time, kids have very high grasping power! You can gently encourage her with books, songs, videos and other activities.
        Yeah, we sure didn’t turn out bad, I hope he turns out fine too 🙂

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