Turning two!

Our little has turned two… this time I won’t say ‘where have the days gone by?’ or ‘how time flies!’ I am not surprised that he has grown to be a toddler so soon…but I am amazed at how quickly he has changed so much. The changes are so many and so frequent that it’s almost impossible for us to remember and say – ‘oh! he started doing this at this time or in this month!’

Everyday there are new discoveries and sometimes I’m flabbergasted thinking – ‘now, where has he learnt this from?!’ His vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds…he talks nineteen to the dozen and literally understands everything. Sometimes when I stop to think I wonder – since when did we start making these fully intelligent conversations with him? Albeit some words are in baby tongue, but it’s full-fledged conversation where he asks, tells, insists and even expresses his opinions. Sample some of his recent quips that quickly come to my mind:

– It was a day when I was working from home. Late evening I came in after washing my face; my hair having been washed in the morning was still not tied. He was playing with his toys on the mat, he looked up and said – ‘ammandu maama elli? ammandu maama illa’ (where is amma’s bindi? amma’s bindi is missing!) and then also said – ‘amma tale baachi madilla’(amma hasn’t combed her hair). This didn’t surprise me, because he almost always immediately notices if I haven’t worn a bindi. Then I went into the room, powdered up and put on the bindi and started brushing my hair. As I was tieing my hair with a clip, he walked in looking for something. He suddenly looked up and said – ‘Hmmm… good boy!’ I was stunned! Leaving aside the boy bit (he’s still to learn about gender and boy/ girl differentiation) I realized that he was voicing his appreciation that amma had put on the bindi and was combing her hair!

– One evening after coming back from work, we noticed that his finger-nails had grown too long and needed to be trimmed. We told him some stories and cajoled him that he needed to get his nails trimmed, else they would get all dirty and also hurt him. I carefully was trimming each finger nail and placing it on a sheet of paper to be thrown, when one of the nails happened to pop out of the cutter onto my lap. He gave a small giggle and said – ‘uguru jump madbidtu’! (the fingernail jumped). The hubby was surprised and said – ‘yo, yavaglo idella kalite? inneradu varsha, kaige sigolla neenu! hogappa homework madbeku anteeya’(hey, when did you learn all this? two more years and you’ll be saying “go appa, I have homework to do and can’t play with you”. I said don’t be too hopeful, it’s more likely that he’ll say – “go appa I won’t do homework and want to play!” πŸ˜€

– On one of the mornings as I was getting him ready, he was looking at his ‘Winnie the Pooh’ story book. The story itself is too detailed for him to understand, so he likes looking at the pictures. In one of the pages, there was an illustration of a rainy scene – he saw that and said – ‘male barta ide’ (it’s raining). I said – ‘hoon kanda, male barta ide, avarella odde aagtare’ (yes son, it’s raining and they will be wet). He then said – ‘amma, chatri illa, male barta ide’ (amma, they don’t have an umbrella and it’s raining).

– Every Saturday there is an old lady who comes to our neighbourhood, she beats her jaagate and asks for alms. One day we noticed that the neighbouring house kid was giving her alms and she was placing her jaagate plate on the kid’s head and doing some actions to seemingly ward off the evil eye. It seemed to interest our little fella a lot, so we also started taking him to her every week. He now knows as soon as he hears the sound of her jaagate that she’s coming, even if she is at the end of the road. He says with a wide grin – ‘dum dum ajji bandru!’. This past Saturday as she finished blessing him and was on her way, he said – ‘ajji kaalu mannu aagutte’. He had noticed that she wasn’t wearing slippers and said that her feet would get dirtied by all the soil on the road!

As I said, he never ceases to amaze us with his talk!

Another big thing for us and him is – he has started going to playschool. Yes, it’s been a little early than normal but we’ve had to take this decision owing to some circumstances at home. It’s been two weeks and slowly he’s taking that in his stride too. The first week was bad and I was overcome with guilt and remorse that we had to put him through this at such a young age. The first week we only sent him for half a day and one of us stayed with him in class. He stuck to us all the time and wouldn’t let go even for a moment. When we tried to stay away from him for sometime, he wailed and wailed non-stop which would wrench our guts out! But the past week was better. At the beginning of the week myself and the hubby were so worried about what would happen – we were out of options and had to leave him at the day care, as both of us couldn’t afford to work from home and needed to be in office. I guess somewhere the poor soul realized it. He was much better and started getting adapted to his teachers and classroom. The first day when his ma’am told me (we were bombarding them with phone calls every hour or so!) that he had eaten his lunch and was taking his afternoon nap, I could’ve cried with relief! He still gets upset and says – ‘school beda’ in the morning and cries when we leave him there, but soon forgets and gets involved in the going-ons. I hope it remains that way and he begins to enjoy and will look forward to going to school – considering how fond he is of reading and writing and books and games. *Touch wood*

He is very possessive of his stuff and says – ‘idu nandu, adu nandu’ for everything. We chide him and say that he needs to share, but I guess he still needs to learn that since he’s mostly been used to having everything to himself with not many playmates around. I’m hoping that the school will teach him the importance of sharing too. Speaking of the school, it is not one of these fancy popular ones, but is a normal playschool. I wasn’t particularly interested in sending him to a hi-fi school which charges exorbitant fees promising lot of facilities. Moreover we wanted some place which was on the ground floor and with lot of space for the kids to run around and play and some good toys and activities to keep them interested and invigorated. Moreover in this school they say that they follow the gurukulam culture and will teach the children about the richness of our culture through vachanas and kagga etc. Tall promises – how much of it will be implemented, we have to wait and watch, but otherwise we are convinced that it would be a good place for him to start.

My baby is already showing signs of growing up and I never fail to seize an opportunity to cuddle him and demand for kisses in return – which he sometime obliges but most times dismisses saying – ‘sumniru!’ 😦 He’s still very much appa’s boy and reserves his best for his appa. He sometimes even says – ‘amma beda’! 😦 which hurts like crazy, even though I know that he is only a child and doesn’t mean it! When I look at photos taken in the past year, I see with a twinge of dismay that his cheeks are not as chubby as they used to be! I want my chubby little fella back who will give toothy grins at the sound of my voice and grace me with sloppy kisses when I yearn for some! He already turns away if I say ‘ammange muddu maadu’ 😦 Kids! Why do they have to grow up! Well, other parents will know, that’s only an indulgent mother speaking πŸ˜€ On normal days when we’re running behind them to get things accomplished, we’ll only keep complaining – how much more should I run in pursuit?! As they say, with kids, every day and every stage is a challenge; but the accompanying joys are boundless!

So, my dear little muddu mari, here’s wishing you many many many more happy returns of the day! Looking forward to more naughty antics and happy surprises from your side in the coming years ahead!!


6 thoughts on “Turning two!

  1. Cutie pie he is!! Turning all big and smart.. πŸ˜€
    Saddening that he has to grow up so soon.. Hope the coming years ahead brings more beautiful things his way!

    • Hmm… he has grown up so soon I feel! Just looking at the photos of last year he was such a baby – chubby cheeks and all! I want my baby back! πŸ˜₯

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