Do you know what is the height of travel frustration in Bangalore?

You and your hubby get into your modes of transport at the same time. 2 hours later he is at his destination while you’re still 20 mins away from yours. So what, you might say? 2 hours is pretty standard time to reach the outskirts in Bangalore in peak hour traffic.

The sting lies in the fact that he boarded the aeroplane at the same time as I took the bus and managed to reach Hyderabad in the time it took me to reach office! 😦

I’ve recounted this episode to several people today only to see their shocked reactions. Most of them had a good laugh, one person said – may be you should look for a job in Mysore! I couldn’t resist the urge to post it here and shock some of the readers of this blog too!

That is the gist of my travel-to-work woes these days and I don’t see a solution in sight 😦


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