After a long time…

…I’m on this page, writing a new post! I don’t even want to look at the date on my last post here… well, I’ve been busy can be a ready excuse! There’ve been so many things I’ve wanted to write about but never got around to doing it…

Our sonny boy is a 19 month old toddler now! Can you believe that? I can’t!! He has bounded past so many milestones that they seem like a blur in my mind! That’s why one has gotta be regular on the blog, you’ll say; I know!
He now tells his name correctly albeit by adding a paapa suffix to it – infact he takes several names now – mine since a long time, it being the simplest with 2 letters, the maids’ names (she is delighted to have him call out her name and he does it atleast a dozen times while she’s around!), his cousins’ names – many such, except his appa’s – ha ha! *evil laughter*

He loves his books – yes he’s got quite a few already (courtesy his amma, who crazily had picked up the first bunch when he wasn’t even born) and he loves it when we read it out to him loud and that is the first thing he wants to do in the morning after he wakes up! He learns quickly and knows most of the pictures/ objects already and tells them out loud when we point to it in the book. He loves his rhymes and recites several in Kannada (nayi mari, nayi mari…, male bantu male, aane bantondaane…) and English (chubby cheeks, twinkle twinkle, johnny johnny, happy birthday…) – even if it is in parts, in his cute baby tongue, as and when it pleases his fancy. He also knows to count from 1 to 10 in both Kannada and English (he swallows ‘entu‘ in Kannada and ‘five’, ‘nine’ in English). He recites “A for apple, B for ball… right upto Z for Zebra”, with only a few misses in between. He understands every single thing that we tell him; but whether he chooses to do what we say or not is totally decided by his majesty! I don’t know if he’s doing stuff ahead of his age or not, as I’ve mentioned once before, I’ve never looked at any charts to keep track of his milestones. We enjoy them as and when he learns new stuff and surprises us with his antics. All I can say is – there is never a dull moment and it is a joy to watch him grow!

This spring of joy is much needed in our lives which is getting more hectic by the day. If the distance we were traveling to work was not already long enough, both mine and the hubby’s offices shifted to a location, another 10 km further away – now most of our waking hours are spent in locations on the far East of Bangalore, which if you ask me I can never consider to be a part of the city! Of course, people’s opinions differ and they have offered us various suggestions – the most common one being, why don’t you move to a place closer to work? We don’t want to move for several reasons – the most important being the kiddo, we don’t want to disrupt his routine, most definitely don’t want to put him in a creche/ playschool now and we want him to grow up in environs which atleast in parts remind us of the Bangalore of yore. We want him to be familiar with the bylanes of Basavangudi and Gandhibazar and Jayanagar and Malleshwaram – enjoy and drink in the cool air provided by the green lung spaces which still dot some parts of these areas. We don’t envisage ourselves as people who would enjoy the pleasures offered by the glitzy malls and amusements of a glamorous cosmopolitan Bangalore. If for this we gotta bear some hardships, then so be it; I am sure we will work out a mid-way solution somewhere down the line.
Phew! that’s quite a rant, isn’t it? But I’ve really had enough of people offering me the seemingly simple solution to our hardships – ‘move house’!

Amongst other news, on one of our recent ventures to this famous lung-space of Basavangudi, we came across this Kannada library called “Munnudi” and I thought I must spread word about it on my blog. It is a modern library catering exclusively to Kannada readers with a wide variety of books – old and new in the various genres of Kannada literature. The registration fee is a nominal Rs.100 and they have different membership schemes – starting with the silver membership plan for Rs.50 a month with the facility to borrow 1 book at a time, right upto the diamond membership for Rs.150 and 3 books combo. Additionally with each scheme you have the choice to pay the fee upfront for the year where you also get cool discounts and what’s more in such a case, they do a home delivery of the books too! There is also a platinum plan for Rs.2000 yearly payment only with 4 books combo. They have a in-house kiosk with the RF-ID reader using which you can track the books and maintain your membership. Isn’t the whole idea so  awesome?!

I was really impressed with the initiative and thought I should share it with my readers (however few they might be! :D) And today while I was looking to check if they have a website, what do I find? – apparently it’s a venture of Just Books clc, as you can read it here and they also have a Facebook page – check this out. Guess they’re not exactly in need of publicity, but it nevers harms to spread the word, don’t you agree?! 🙂 Do drop in if you’re in the vicinity of KrishnaRao Park in Basavangudi – it is located on the road leading to ‘South Thindies’, they’re open from 8.30 AM to 9 PM on all days except Mondays which is their off-day.

Well, that’s it for now and I will try to be more regular with my posts, going forward…



4 thoughts on “After a long time…

    • Thanks Dwija! Long time… I haven’t visited your blog for sometime…will do so now! am so happy to see that you’ve been updating in the new year…unlike me! 😀

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