Milestones and more…

I am back with more baby news! How can I not write about my baby’s first big milestone?! He walks! Yes, my little puttu paapa, chinnumunnu, rolu-golu, my gumma-maama has actually started taking his first independent baby steps. I’ve never poured over any milestone charts to compare my baby’s developments and have not had a checklist to tick off his various accomplishments. But many babies that I’ve seen began to take their first steps within the first year. But our kiddo was content crawling around on all fours all this time. We were mildly worried that he hasn’t been showing any inclination to walk. It didn’t help when our parents said that their offspring, which is us, were walking around at 10 months! When we tried coaxing him to stand up and encouraged him to take a few steps towards us, he would grin and promptly plonk himself down on his bums. Either he wasn’t ready or was being plain lazy!

And now suddenly in the past week, he has taken to the idea of being up on his two feet and walking towards us when we beckon. It’s a game he thinks, when we make him stand and say puttu puttu hejje, he claps his hands, tries repeating the words, does a little jig, imitates us doing a baa-baa with his tiny hands and totters towards us with squeals of delight and a broad bunny-tooth-ed smile 🙂 He takes 4-5 steps and either plonks down or takes a lunge towards us in a spate of giggles. And then depending on his mood, he either wants more – asks us to lift him up and repeat the exercise, or crawls away if he spies something else of interest.

Among other developments, his vocabulary has increased so much! He is constantly uttering new words every few days and we are amazed by them. He now says kose(close), bukku/ bukka(book), yed(red), aeight(light), kaa(car), bus, baa(ball), kash (catch), adu (that), idu (this), ochhi (oushadhi – medicine), mam-mam (food), bikki (biscuit), appa, amma, ajji, akka, paapa, boochi (insect), kachchi (suddenly uttered yesterday by looking at the mosquitoes in the Mortein ad!!), ta-ta, pitha-pitha (for the serial Muktha Muktha, the title song of which is his favourite) etc. He also makes several sounds like bow-bow, ambaaa, grrr (roar), aishshh (imitating the cooker whistles)… he also points out so many objects correctly now – the animals like dog, cat, horse, hen, duck; objects like ball, car, bus, teddy, bottle, paapa(baby) etc in his favourite “First 100 words” book (which is already dog-eared by all the rough treatment!) and several others like the toothbrush (at which he does a eeeee and points to his teeth), soap, mixie in another book depicting household items. He points out the various body parts – eyes, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, chin, head and tummy! 😀

It is amazing to watch the coordination of his hands when he plays, especially when he’s given a small box and items which can go into that – he repeatedly puts different items inside, closes the lid (saying kose), shakes it to hear the sound and opens and repeats the process (when he’s unable to open himself, he throws a mini tantrum and points the box at you asking you to open saying adu, adu, adu constantly!). Like all new-age kids, the remotes and phone are his favourite things to play around with (probably because that’s what he sees us using the most! lessons for us parents 😦 ) During the play, he picks random objects keeps them to his ear and says ‘ayello‘ (hello) in the cutest way imaginable!

But the sweetest and most significant development according to me is – during the Diwali week he started saying amma and actually addressing/ pointing to me while saying so! I’d written here about how he first said the words amma, but after that it had been mostly confined to his crying times – that was the only time he would utter the word. Of late, when asked where is amma, he would point out to my photo! (Just imagine how heart-breaking that was for me! :() Did my baby really not know who his amma is? I’d worry. And just like that one day (while we were in Chennai), he clearly said amma and pointed to me. I was thrilled beyond words! The greatest joy that motherhood brings is when you hear your little soul say ‘amma’ in his/ her clear, sweet, warbly voice!

And thus my dear readers, it has been an eventful festive season, where we’ve had an amazing and heart-warming experience of watching our baby gain the confidence and balance to take his first steps; a bitter-sweet realization that our little one has grown up already and has taken that huge first step towards independence!

How has your Diwali been? Hope all of you had a bright, sparkling and safe Deepavali!

10 thoughts on “Milestones and more…

  1. Arey, your diwali experience rates higher than any of ours ( which might include fireworks, friends, eating, chatting, new clothes at best)…must be so thrilling to watch your little one walk to you, especially with that adorable toothy giggle.

    Cannot stop awwwing at the whole picture you painted here.

    God bless..and wishing him many more bigger milestones – as happily as can be.

  2. Hi Anuradha,

    Happy to read about your sons developments :). Be ready for a lot of running around! Althought its a real joy to see them grow up.

    And I totally agree that it is a bliss to hear your son/daughter call you amma/aai :).

    Best Wishes,

    • hey thanks Meghana! lovely to have you around here, after a long time!
      Yeah, I know… the running around has already started! 😀
      And I agree 100% that there is no greater joy than seeing them grow up!

  3. Wow Anu,

    This is a wonderful post. I hope he’s keeping up the good work! Would love to see his videos on facebook if you could upload them!

    • Thanks Teena! Yeah he is keeping us on our toes all the time! Have uploaded the photos… don’t have any latest videos…will take them and then upload 🙂
      Hope all is fine at your end?

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