What has your little one been upto?

It’s August! wheeeeeeee! this time last year I was walking around with a tummy as big as a huge melon and asking questions like – 2 weeks? 3 weeks? oh baby! when will you decide to pop out?! 😀 And this amidst the frantic knitting I was doing to finish a favourite vest for the little one (that reminds me – I haven’t done a post at all about all the kiddie stuff I knitted for my friends who had babies this past year! I need to do that soon… I’ll get to it as soon as I finish the set that I’m working on at the moment :)) For the record, I finished weaving in ends for that vest on the day the he started kicking about and giving me clear instructions that he needed to get out and now! 😀

My little kiddo is growing up so fast – his every antic is so cute and he has new ones up his sleeve every few days! I want to capture it all for posterity – catch it on film, ink it on paper, carve it in my memories, but most often I end up just living and enjoying the moment with him, which too matters at the end of day, I think…

His latest is the way he’s learnt to bob his head up and down especially when he hears some music that he likes- the title song of the Kannada serial Muktha Muktha is a clear favourite, the Tata Docomo ad jingle, and a few others – and here I am trying to steer him away from the television! sigh! He clearly demonstrates how much he’s enjoying it – sitting on his knees, waving his hands and bobbing his head in sync with the rhythm with his lovely smile.

He also jabbers nineteen to the dozen in his baby language – apoum, bapaoum, kappiti, gapuchi, and various other sounds that only he understands at the moment. While being unintentionally funny, it is absolutely adorable to hear his baby voice talking gibberish around the house 🙂

Sometimes when he is in one of his most naughty moods and insists on following me around the kitchen and pulling out all drawers and cabinets, I hand him the kitchen towel or a piece of cloth and that keeps him busy – he intently flogs it around like the dhobhis and what’s more funny is – in case he spots some other piece of interest like his red car and reaches out for it, he takes a moment to stop and carry the cloth along in one hand while he grabs the car in the other 😀

His screaming phase is back again – if he is not fed the moment he eyes the food, he brings the house down with his screams! If he finds that his appa and amma are having a conversation instead of paying him attention, he makes himself heard loud and clear!

He is sprouting another top tooth and I’m sure he’ll have two happy bunny teeth by his first year birthday! 😀

He is with his grandma from morning till evening while we’re both at work – apparently no sooner does the clock strike 7, he’s at the door – as if he knows that it’s time to go home with his appa, amma – the first time I heard about this, it broke my heart! Even now, I think of it and my mind conjures up an image of the tiny guy waiting at the door with anticipation and there’s a pang and a twisty knotty feeling inside my stomach. Why, oh why? I ask and it sounds like mere rhetoric 😦

But the results of that wait are sweet – the moment he comes home with his appa and knocks at the door, he knows that I am behind it and will open the door for him; he reserves the loveliest, most joyous and welcoming smile for me!! 🙂 I love that moment and wait for it in happy anticipation – his one smile fills my heart with joy! He rushes into my arms and is happy being cuddled, but only till he spots something else shiny to divert his attention! Well, we moms live for such fleeting moments, don’t we?!

So, what has your little one been upto these days? 🙂


One thought on “What has your little one been upto?

  1. You sound like the perfect happy mom Anu * Anti jinx, kaala tika, touch wood et all *

    Such a delightful read 🙂

    The gibberish, the screams, the head bobbing to music, the first big flash of smile after many hours away – I almost re-lived my Paapu moments there with you. My tight hugs and kisses to the little champ!

    On my side, Paapu is growing up way too fast ( trust me, it is faster than how it was few months back. Yes, that’s possible). Every day she surprises us with her new learnings. Like one fine day last week she can name all the animal sounds I point to -ALL of them. How? When?

    It is such a blessing to grow with them, isn’t it? 🙂

    🙂 I have my moments of woe too…just that I want to capture all the happy and memorable little moments/ incidents from this age here… these days wont be back again… he’ll only grow older and wiser! (hopefully :D)
    Wow! that is fast! Sooo cute! My hugs to paapu! :-*
    Yeah always makes you wonder, who teaches these things to them, doesn’t it? Where do they learn it from?
    You said it right – there’s no blessing better than this 🙂

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