Bounding past more milestones…

It’s time for more updates already –

Just as I was telling you about the first tooth, within a week of that appearing, 2 more were spotted… one day there were none and then there were three!Β And now, it looks like a proper toothy grin! πŸ˜€

The standing-up now being mastered, he’s walking around holding onto stuff… if I’m sitting on the bean bag, his favourite activity is holding onto me and pulling himself up and then it begins – from me to the chairs which are atleast an arm’s distance away – from there onto the sofa chair and then back again…there will be moments when his hold isn’t good enough and he finds his steps faltering, he gives a small cry and steadies himself soon and is back at it with renewed zest! His grandma was heard reporting that he walked the entire length of the living room by holding onto a stool and pushing it along, all by himself! At this rate he’ll be pattering around soon.

He crawls around the entire house – standing up, throwing things down, pulling them apart – his favourite activities are pulling out the washed utensils from the tub when I bring them into the kitchen in the evenings. He loves looking at the microwave and no matter where he is, he bounds into the kitchen as soon as I turn it on and sits and watches it mersmerised. He is alternately fascinated or scared (that depends on whether he’s perched on my waist or not! :D) by the sounds made by the mixer grinder and the cooker. He loves pulling out the kitchen cabinet drawers and putting his fingers into their crevices and generally driving me crazy with worry that his fingers will get caught in one of them!

He’s taken to scolding us if we scold him! Dunno from whom he picked it up, but the moment we apprehend him even lightly, he points his index finger – sometimes with both hands(?!!) and goes thi thi thi or hath hath in a commanding voice! We were so surprised and felt guilty looking at that and also amazed at how quickly kids pick up nuances and that too the wrong ones! Just the other day, he was having a go at the cooker when it was blowing its whistle off – apparently his highness didn’t like the loud noises emanating from it! πŸ˜€ I find it incredibly cute the way he goes about doing it – that’s the foolish and fond mother in me speaking, although I know it is one thing that he’s better not picking up from us!

How time flies! At the same time last year, I was counting the weeks and rueing that the due date wasn’t approaching fast enough and now, we’re here – nearly a year completed! A few more weeks and he’ll be a year old! Gosh! My darling baby, please don’t grow up so soon!!


4 thoughts on “Bounding past more milestones…

  1. He has started covering the entire room on his own alright! πŸ˜€

    I cannot stop smiling at him go ‘thi thi thi..’ with both index fingers ..too cute!

    Approaching the 1 yr mark already and beginning to feel the sweet sand wash away from under the feet too soon -eh? Welcome to the club dear πŸ™‚

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