It’s June already!

I’ve become so lazy in terms of jotting down posts for this space… It’s not that I’ve been terribly busy but I guess, it’s just inertia… I’m feeling particularly bad that I haven’t been posting enough updates about the little one… I realize this acutely when I see other mommy bloggers posting monthly milestone posts 😦 Guess it’s better late than never! So here’s listing a few of the latest updates from the little one’s life…

– He’s standing up more easily now… in fact the tiniest bit of support he can latch onto – be it the corner of a stool, the leg of a chair or easier still, a corner of amma’s dress within his reach, he’s up on his legs!

– We’ve moved to a bigger place – all for the sake of his highness! The idea was that with a bigger hall space for him to move around, it’ll be easier for me to get my stuff done. But the brat that he is insists on following me around wherever I go and using the aforesaid salwar suit’s corner to pull himself up to a tottering position, which gives me the jitters every single time!

– The babbling continues and sometimes he even has a conversation with us, mostly his dad – saying ‘aye’ to each other in a domineering tone – guess they’re competing for the title of ‘the man of the house’ already! 😀

– The edge of his first little tooth has cut through his gums now in his tenth month(though the toothy-whiteness was visible for quite sometime now, it took its own sweet time to make a grand entrance!) and I am so stoked each time I look at it! I think it is sooo adorably cute! 😛

– When I leave him on the floor in the bedroom and am busy getting ready in the mornings, he plays for sometime and invariably finds his way to the long dressing mirror and pulls himself up to peer into it. My favourite part is where he looks at himself with various expressions flitting across his face, first frowns, then smiles, then takes his face near and touches the mirror, then tries to put it into his mouth as he does with everything else – or he’s trying to kiss, maybe? 😉 Clearly he’s fascinated! It’s such a joy to watch him and I leave all that I’m doing and rush to get his dad to watch this awww scene 😀

– I was over at my parents’ place for the weekend and within a day, the grandfather has taught his grandson to wave when anyone says ta-ta or bye! I was so amazed! Now all one needs to do is go towards the door and say bye and this little fella gives a gorgeous smile and puts out his tiny hand and waves in his ooh-so-cute-manner! 😀

– Also over the weekend he’s definitely learnt to say amma!! 🙂 Though he’s said it a few times earlier, it used be like thrown in once in a while along with the other sounds he’d make when wailing…but now he clearly beseechingly calls out amma and comes looking for me, asking me to pick him up! Oh! the joy…! 🙂

– We went on our first trip with the little one, to Kerala to attend a friend’s wedding and he really behaved well, without giving us undue trouble…he’d cry no doubt, but only when he was hungry or tired and sleepy – but overall, he helped us manage beautifully especially on the long drives in the car, without being cranky as we’d feared. Thanks for that, my munchkin! 🙂 He also got his first whiff of the sea-breeze and loved it, though we can’t say the same about his experience with the waves! He bawled when we made him stand as the waves came in… but he loved the sights and being carried around the beach.

Amongst other things, there’s a lot happening on the home front – as I mentioned earlier we moved onto a bigger rented place to stay – though we loved our first home and it was convenient for us as a couple, the equation changed when the little one entered our lives – the internal staircase and the limited hall-space wasn’t quite working and we decided to move. This house is very spacious and works for all of us better and we’re getting used to it now… hope we build some lovely memories here as well!

Also, I’m in a middle of changing jobs – after sticking on at my first workplace for a very long time, I finally thought it best to move on and luckily also got a good offer at the right time. Though the parting was difficult (aren’t first jobs always like that?) it had to be made. I made some great friends there and some associations which go much beyond being just colleagues – I can definitely say that they’ve made a lot of difference in my life. Thanks folks! I hope I can find equally good friends and an environment that I like working in, at the new place too! *Keeping fingers crossed*!

And finally, I got myself a new hair-cut, like for the first time ever! 😀 People who know me will be very surprised, I can tell! Well, it isn’t exactly what I went out looking for, but now that it’s done, there’s no looking back… The reactions haven’t been non-supportive so far and I hope it remains that way… it’s funny, how much we have to worry sometimes for something as simple as a hair-cut! Or maybe, it’s just me!

Now, here’s the cue for you to say – wah re wah Anu, naya ghar, nayi job, nayi hair-cut…kya baat hai! 😀


11 thoughts on “It’s June already!

  1. ok first, new haircut!! wow! your enviably gorgeous hair, with a new hairstyle, i really want to see this 🙂 pic please 🙂
    congratulations on the new job, i’m completely opposite you in that regard. Since i left my first job just over a year into it, and have kept moving from one place to another ever since. I like the newness, i can’t take the settled down feeling too much.

    • ha ha! no pics on the blog! will send u some when it’s taken… 🙂
      hmm… that’s an interesting perspective on the first job… I guess the time spent at the job makes all the difference…

  2. wah re wah Anu, naya ghar, nayi job, nayi hair-cut…kya baat hai!

    Ok, now that is done..can I just move on to gush about how adorably cuuuuuuuuute your little boy is? 😀

    If you feel ok, post a picture na..would so love to put a face on that baby boo who does all those heartening antics 🙂

    * muah * kisses to him..

    And, congratulations on all things new in your life.

    • Thanks, thanks and more thanks! 🙂
      The little one sends you his love too… and as for pics, I’ll try to do a photo post next – mainly to show his antics, but am not comfortable putting up his face on the blog…so we’ll have to do without that!

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