A season for celebrations

Much water has flowed under the bridge since my last post… amongst other things, we won the world cup! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Though it has been a month already, I want to blog about it here for posterity – to help me remember that wonderful day when I became a part of the generation that witnessed history in the making! Even as I was complaining in my last post that the team’s performance isn’t living up to all the hype &  hoopla and that I’m becoming disinterested, believe me – it only took one match for me to get back on track 😀 The quarterfinal match against the Aussies and the way we won it was brilliant and then there was the biggie – the semifinal against Pakistan. That was a cracker too and before we knew it, we were in the finals and our opponents would be the mighty Sri Lankans, who can never be taken for granted! All I could remember then was the 1996 fiasco at the Eden Gardens – the image of Kambli crying in the middle as people threw stones and bottles onto the ground is etched in my memory. Several members in the team too were carrying ghosts from the past – the loss in the 2003 finals and the dismal performance in the 2007 world cup, to be scuttled out in the initial rounds after their loss to Bangladesh. Many had a point to prove and it was Sachin’s last shot at being part of a world cup winning team.

And boy! Did we do it in style?! To be frank, my heart sank when we lost Sachin and Sehwag quickly; the way they were going all guns blazing, I was sure we’d win if they’d just continued to play like that till about mid-way. Just then, they fell one after the other and I didn’t fancy our chances, even though Yuvraj was in good form. But then the skipper chose to rise to the occasion and he did it with such panache! He was brilliantly supported by Gautam Gambhir at the other end (who was plain stupid to have missed out on his ton! aarrgh!) and then Suresh Raina. If you ask me, the key to our turn-around in this world cup has been Suresh Raina, the moment he came back in the middle order, the team looked totally different, he played crucial knocks in all the important matches and built brilliant partnerships just when the hour demanded it.

Finally, that look on Dhoni’s face as he scored the winning runs off a six said it all and that’s gonna remain in my memory for a long long time. That and several other scenes of jubilation – Yuvraj sobbing, the glow of pure bliss on Sachin’s face, Kohli’s words about carrying Sachin on his shoulders – ‘he’s carried the dreams of a billion people for 21 odd years, it’s high time that we take the weight of his shoulders’ or something to that effect… stuff that only dreams are made of.

When I talk of dreams, it’s also been a year since I wrote this mushy post (hmm…I wonder now, must’ve been them, the harmones! :P) – so it means it’s time to hi-five! Five years of being married, phew! On the day, we spent some time trying to recollect how we’d spent the day on each of the past years – or rather I bullied the husband into recollecting. Or it would be more apt to say that I recollected while he hmm-ed and haa-ed… what is it with men and their memories eh? I detailed out all of them, except the second anniversary which I for some unknown reason can’t recollect a minute-of and the husband insists it was when I bought my favourite necklace at CKC (trust him to remember such things eh? ;-)) This year of married life has been special, with the little munchkin entering our lives and seeking out all our attention and love. So much so, that there is no moment or event that can be recollected as being complete without him being a part of it 🙂

Speaking of him, he’s as mischievous and as sprightly as ever – racing across the floor in a flash, sometimes with such gusto and so many squeals that I get scared he’ll hurt himself! He pulls himself up into a standing pose at every given opportunity and wants to walk. He’s already negotiating the steps of the staircase with such ease and glee that it’s an absolute delight to watch him – I’m tempted to stand back and look on, even as I should be behind him protecting him from a possible fall. He’s babbling various sounds – started off with attha and akka… and now says baa baa, taa taa, maa maa and many more in his lovely baby tongue that is pure music to my ears 🙂 He’s also become a lot more clingy in terms of wanting me to carry him all the time when I’m around – he’s fine playing by himself, but the moment he sees me, he has to come to me.

Sometimes as he plays with his toys/ cups and is sitting on his knees with his feet tucked behind him and his back to me, I look down and watch the little head bobbing from side to side with his silky hair spread across the smooth nape and the cute little shoulders supporting the even cuter antics of his baby hands and am filled with such an ache that I wanna just grab him and hold him tight and smother him with hugs and kisses… doesn’t make sense, does it? Well, you gotta make allowances for a mother’s gushing… 🙂


10 thoughts on “A season for celebrations

  1. I am so glad that you put the historic moment down in words, nobody could do it better. “He has carried the weight of the team for 21yrs, it’s time we carried him” were Kohli’s words. What a day!! What a match!! 🙂

    Wish you both many more wonderful years of love and togetherness. 🙂 Words about the tiny fellow makes my heart yearn to see him and hold him.. 😦

    • Thanks! 🙂
      Didn’t Kohli say something about Sachin and the billion people of India? Dunno, that’s how I remember it…
      Come over soon so that you can hold him 😀

  2. The world cup experience- nicely written.. well worth re-living it again and again !

    Belated wishes on the anniversary. May the sweetness last for many many years. God bless.

    That last little para turned me into a mush. Made absolute sense to me..have been here too ( still there many times). 🙂

    Convey my tight hugs and kisses to the putani paapu. Any chances posting a pic here?

    • Thanks for your lovely wishes… 🙂
      As for the photo, I’ll check if I have something that can be posted, else I can send you some through email 🙂

  3. wow! a girl who is crazy about cricket…there must be absolutely no fight over the remote in your house. No wonder your 5 years have been a super success! 😀

    • ha ha! the ‘no fights over remote’ is not actually true! It’s more like, the fight to keep the TV switched off (when there’s nothing of my interest going on, of course! :D) while he wants to be channel surfing! 🙂

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