March-ing ahead…

So what’s up folks?!

The world cup is on… but sadly I feel that the accompanying fever is missing… even though it is being held in the sub-continent and India are touted to be the hot favourites to bring home the cup after 28 years… even though our team is one of the best (on paper, that is)… even though Sachin is playing in what will probably be his last World Cup before retirement and is all fired up to add that one elusive feather to his cap… I still feel that the fever is missing… I am somehow not convinced that we will go on to win the cup… and my initial gut feeling has only been fortified looking at our performances so far – it has been insipid! After making 300+ scores batting first, we have allowed opponent teams to make huge scores chasing – including Bangladesh (which incidentally got skittled out for 58 against the WI!!) – or making small totals seem like mountains while chasing against the minnows – case in point: Ireland, Netherlands.

As an aside, wasn’t the England-Ireland tie a cracker of a match?! Absolutely wonderful achievement for the Irish – just imagine, in all the years of World cup history, they now have these records in their names – the fastest ever 100 scored in a WC match and the highest ever run chase! Just imagine! this distinction does not belong to any of the elite cricket super-powers like Australia or SA or India, it will be etched in sands of time as belonging to the Irish!! Amazing achievement!!

In the one important match that India played till now, our team frittered away all the good work done by the top order and folded up for much less than the expected score and then allowed England to get within clawing distance of a victory and settled for a tie and made that seem like an achievement – I’ve been more or less dusgusted with our performances so far. Maybe it’s just me! May be I am growing old… I don’t seem to be enjoying this world cup! May be it is extended post-baby blues 😀

Amongst other news, life’s become hectic – each day is one l-o-n-g affair with a list of chores to be done one after another – I hardly find any me-time – in fact I feel I can relax a bit only at office and never once at home – not even the weekends! 😦 I wonder how long it will be before I settle down to a comfortable routine which gives me enough time for everything? – probably never! 😦

On the brighter side, our little monkey is doing new stuff everyday and is a joy to behold. He’s learnt to crawl (the process of how he learnt it is amazing!) and now just bounds across the floor to get at anything that catches his fancy. He’s now already progressing onto climbing onto whatever is climb-able in his reach – easiest target being his appa when he’s blocking his way! 😀 He’s learnt to screech big time and does it all the time when he’s not pleased and sometimes even when he’s pleased, just to drive us nuts! He’s officially become amma’s boy – he wants me to carry him, put him to sleep, feed him, hold him – basically do everything and screams non-stop till I do it – appa is not amused and neither is amma! 😀 He has learnt to do taaramayya with his hands – but of course will not comply when his amma asks, it is done according to his whims and fancies! His toothless smile and the accompanying warbling grrr… (I wish I could reproduce the exact sound here – it is absolutely adorable!) is still the bestest, though I see signs of the first lower teeth appearing shortly! 🙂

His pranks, the naughty expressions in his eyes, his yelps and whoops of joy, his bath-time playfulness, the wonder with which he looks at his hands and turns them around, the intent seriousness with which he pursues his plaything by chasing it across the floor crawling, the way he suddenly looks up on his name/ gundumaama (which is my present favourite name for addressing him :D) being called and gives that gorgeous smile – each moment and action is priceless and makes me want to record it all for posterity. He’s already half a year old and at the rate in which the days are whizzing by, he’ll soon be bounding past other milestones!

Well, that’s the update from me… my posts seem to have become a monthly feature now! Gosh! In a way, I suppose that’s a good thing, considering that I am not finding time for anything else that I want to do otherwise!


6 thoughts on “March-ing ahead…

  1. thanks Dwija! yeah he’s fast no doubt, no sooner does he learn to do one thing, he’s already on to trying out the next…now that he can crawl he wants to hold stuff and stand already! 😀
    Yeah I haven’t found time to upload the pics I’ve taken, will do so soon and send you the link 🙂

  2. Crawling already? Nice! But wait until they start walking..then you’ll think back about crawling less stressful 😉

    Me-time is a distant dream..but make sure you create it at least once a while. Leave the guilt behind and ask husband or family to take care of the little gundanna for couple fo hours on a weekend – go read a book in the park , or knit while hearing music ( I know you love it girl)

    Lots of love and kisses to the sweet pie 🙂

    • hey, so you’re back in the US? How was the India trip? updates please…
      I know, he’s already trying to stand, I’m sure he’ll have us constantly running after him, once he begins to walk!
      Sigh! Sounds so good… as you say, I gotta make time for myself.
      He sends you sweet kissies right back…muah! 🙂

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