More knit-work

Thought I will share some more of the goodies that are ready for the little one to wear…

 I started this vest thinking that I shall make it in a small size so that he can wear it in the initial months…but it ended up being as big as the earlier cardigan I knit. I loved the pattern and the colour of the wool too… the pattern is called Pebble and I call it the Firebrand Pebble 🙂 I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish it before the baby arrives as I started knitting it quite late – sometime in early August… miraculously I finished weaving in the ends on the morning of the day I got labour pains! I only had to sew the buttons later on – that too since I didn’t have the correct size when I finished knitting.

This lovely Baby Sophisticate sweater and the Neat Ripple Blanket were gifts from Anjali – I was awestruck by her neat work – especially the blanket. This is her first crochet project and she has finished it in about a month! Anjali is a pro at knitting and has been doing it for the past 4 years and more. I’ve always been fascinated by how she finds time to fulfil all her hobbies – be it knitting, reading, listening to music or cooking and that too along with taking care of a toddler at home! I can’t thank her enough for these beautiful pieces of work and can’t wait to show off the blanket when we take the little one out!

Finally, this is the first handmade gift for puttu gunda from his chikki. This is again a crocheted sweater and we picked the pattern from Rima’s work called Bombay Love. Again Rima is accomplished at knitting and crochet and I’ve been fascinated by her works. When my sis said she’d make something for gundu I suggested this pattern – it has turned out well and I call it Chennai Love, since she works there and finished it after her working hours.

Well, as you can see the little one has got some lovely gifts and I hope he enjoys wearing them all!


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