Month-long motherhood

How do you feel about being a mom?

How is motherhood treating you?

These are some questions several of my friends have asked me over the past month and a half. My replies have been varied – the feeling is still sinking in – I am taking it one day at a time without thinking too far ahead – it’s a novel lovely feeling etc. I don’t know about the other moms, but one fact I have realized is – motherhood is anything but easy! 😀 At every step you face situations where you gotta deal with a gamut of absolute blinding-ly new emotions and experiences. You gotta learn and unlearn skills and quickly too! You can never relax and say – yes, this is it! I have done it! ‘coz each day brings along new surprises and challenges.

There’ve been days and nights when I’ve been at a complete loss, beset with all sorts of self doubts, weeping in sheer frustration and helplessness – not knowing why he cries and throws tantrums, what his feelings are and what troubles him. And then there have been others where I’m overwhelmed by thankfulness that he is at peace and in comfort. What makes it all worthwhile is that tiny little soul who has stormed into our lives. As I lie down at night, listening to his gentle rhythmic breath, I get up and peer over the cradle at his peaceful countenance, fascinated and unable to believe sometimes that I am now a mother of this little child!

As he gurgles and plays, flailing his little arms and legs and listens beady-eyed as I coo sweet nothings to him, I cannot but smother him with kisses. Needless to say, he is already the apple of everyone’s eyes at home – from being his ajji’s puttanna to his thatha’s puttaani, his doddajji’s kullanti to his appa’s gunda and his chikkamma’s chinnumunnu! As for his besotted mad mother, she comes up with a new name every minute! 🙂

I continue to discover new joys and lessons on this journey of motherhood and all I can say is – being blessed with a child is the most life-changing event that can occur to you, ever! I’m sure the other parents will nod their heads sagely, in agreement! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Month-long motherhood

  1. Yayyy!! I am the first to comment on this post 🙂 You know Anu, I was gonna write a similar post on my blog, just after reading all my friends’ blogs.. and here you are 🙂 You leave me with a smile and a feeling that says “Oh so true…”

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