A bad dream

I had a bad dream yesterday… it’s been sometime since I’ve had one of my weird dreams where all sorts of characters from various walks and periods of my life get mixed up… but this was almost like a nightmare – you see I was about to be killed! 😦

It looked like a reality show setting – there were a group of us in a house – most of them were known to me but I could identify just one – a colleague from office whom I’ve hardly spoken to! The show was about how one by one, each of us would get killed and the killer would be one amongst us. Apart from me there was another pregnant lady in the team. We were all sitting around a sofa and discussing who it would be next and there was a scary knife lying around. I kept repeating why does it have to be a stabbing – can’t it be something else?!! Funnily none of us seemed inclined to kill or to die and we all trusted each other. We were discussing how was it that the organizers or whoever was controlling the show would know if we didn’t kill. Then that colleague I mentioned said he would volunteer and cut himself and throw in a shriek so that it looked like someone was killed and then we would all run away from the house.

Accordingly he cut a deep gnash in his hand and shrieked and a couple of others shrieked too… all of us looked out of the French windows to check if anyone was spying on us. Not finding anyone everybody rushed out… I suddenly realized that I had the knife in my hands and it would carry my fingerprints. I decided to wash it and throw it away before making my escape. As I went in I noticed that one of my ex-teammates, who did not particularly like me, was getting into the house behind me – I didn’t have time to wonder. As I went near the kitchen I suddenly spotted a female – a stranger who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere and was working in the kitchen like it was the most natural thing to do! As I went closer, she hissed – give the knife to her – meaning the ex-teammate who was behind me. I said – ‘what??!’, she hissed more fiercely – ‘I said, give the knife to her!’

With a shock I realized that I was the target, I was about to be killed! I remember shrieking ‘NO!!!!!!’ and rushing out through the French windows into the lawn outside. That’s when I woke up with a cold sweat! I realized that the fan was not running and the power was off. It was uncomfortably hot and my heart was thudding against my chest. My hands instinctively went to my baby and I was afraid that someone would harm me and my baby 😦 It was sometime before I could console myself that it was only a dream and the baby was safe. Phew!

I wonder why I had this dream – I haven’t been watching any scary shows on TV – all I watch is the Indian Idol and a harmless fun family serial – which isn’t even the typical saas-bahu types! I’m reading a book which isn’t particularly scary or grotesque. I guess, strange are the ways in which our sub-conscious mind works… I just hope I don’t have any more of these scary dreams keeping me awake at nights! 😦


10 thoughts on “A bad dream

  1. Heyy… It’s that time I guess!! You are almost there right, in your pregnancy..and most of us who are preggers have these weird, insane dreams all the time (as my doc put it!) Apparently, she says, we are subconsciously only thinking about how good mothers we would make, and that leads to the fear of unknown and further such dreams… I had a similar one last week (yes, at the fag end literally) I was whining and shouting in my dream and when the hubby put his hand on me to say ‘it’s just a dream’, I whacked him bad right on his nose!!! The doc and we had a good hearty laugh about it 🙂 so, dont worry!!! All is well!!

    • oh wow! I wasn’t aware that it is a pretty common phenomenon during pregnancy… phew! that’s comforting! 🙂
      Whoa! poor Bharath! He got a whack in response to his comforting words… 😀

  2. What a dream that was! Blame it on your hormones and a higher level of anxiety, with the D-day nearing and all that. Don’t worry, these kind of dreams is quite common in these days. I too used to have nightmares in the last trimester. I always forget, when are you due? Sometime in August, right?

    • Hmmm… didn’t know that it’s pretty common. It’s comforting to know that it’s not just me! 🙂 Yup, you’re right, late August it is.

  3. Woh!! I was so worried reading your post, but the comments are soothing. I’ll pray for you both and may you only have sweet dreams from now on 🙂

  4. Hi Anu, I just realized you are pregnant – congratulations and best wishes! Sorry, I get very little time to read and comment these days because of the baby – you’ll see very soon! 🙂

  5. So, now you already know.

    I came here to the comment section to also tell – Fear Not dear. It’s normal at this stage.

    I used to have really descriptive and many a times scary dreams.Wonder why is it that way??!!

    I used to hear soothing music/ avoid harsh thoughts/watch baby pics..and do everythign good before goign to bed..still end up watching somethign gross in the dreams.

    Umm, well.. 😛

    Just don’t think of it repeatedly later.

    Stay well dear.

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