Another homecoming of sorts…

I had written about a homecoming then… it is a homecoming of sorts now… so much has changed in the interim. The negihbourhood and the household have changed – the groups of children playing of the streets have changed and so has the games and the decibel levels. I search for the tree-lined avenues and see cement and mortar and traffic and crowds everywhere… walking on the roads has become more difficult and tiring… one has to go a long way to find a little peace and quiet.

The friends have moved on in life as well… they’re now settled and are in different parts of the world, if not the city. The meet-ups that could’ve been possible don’t seem likely to happen. The sister is out of town – deputed to a different city for training and so my constant source of relief from boredom is away too 🙂

At home too, now all attention is focused on the little one to be welcomed. But I feel unsettled… not interested in doing anything much – reading has taken a back seat, I wonder why? I would devour pages of a book earlier without a break and now I cant seem to muster the interest to pick up a book… I thought I will try and get back to reading ways by picking up something fast and light – my eyes fell on Chetan Bhagat’s  ‘3 mistakes of my life’ – I read it, only to realize that I had made  a mistake in my life! 😀 Now I have to again pick up something else that can pique my interest. I’ve been listening to music on and off. I’ve taken up knitting and am trying to get the basics right with a simple pattern – I plan to make something substantial once this is done – I hope I do!

I guess it’s the lack of work… technically I am supposed to be working from home but there’s nothing much to keep me busy and I realize I don’t like it this way – I like being useful and being at work for a fixed number of hours during the day 😦 I suddenly don’t know what is to be done with all the time on my hands! I guess it’ll take a little getting used to., like everything else!

On the health front things are fine… I eagerly await the moments of the day when the little one decides to be awake and kicking! I sometimes still can’t believe that there is a little life-form developing inside of me! It is most fascinating of all changes that can happen to anyone! 🙂

Well… I guess this has been a very blah kind of a post… but I just wanted to pen down something to keep my blog going!

How’ve you guys been?


2 thoughts on “Another homecoming of sorts…

  1. Hey!
    Nice to hear from u after a long time…whens ur due date?…n from whatever li’l experience I have, can tell u this :P… Savour ur free time now..u will never know what that feels like for a looong time after the lil one arrives 🙂

    • hey, nice to hear from you too… how’s the baby doing?
      yeah… a lot of people have told me that… but the wait especially when one is not doing regular work is a little trying for your patience! 🙂

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