Four…and on to many more!

It has been four years. Has it really been four long years that have whizzed by so? Wasn’t it just recently that the preparations were on in full swing for the big day? Why, it seems like just yesterday that I was this shy, excited, nervous, glowing bride waiting at the threshold of a life full of promises of changes, challenges, dreams and hopes! Has it been so long since the day I spoke to him about my expectations from this sacred bond of trust that we hoped to build? Well, it truly has been f-o-u-r years since life changed forever. Where did all the days and months and years roll by so quickly, I wonder?!

 When I think back I can clearly remember the various moments of the day. It really was our day – the day when all forces, seen and unseen worked to make it happen for us. It was one day when everything that was done, was being done and that would be done, by anyone and everyone, was solely for us and us only! Boy! Is that a heady feeling or what? One does feel on top of the world! Our marriages are really special that way, don’t you think? It truly is an once-in-a-lifetime experience that one cherishes for ever. On the day, amidst the myriad busy events and emotions, one will not truly appreciate the significance of all that takes place, but in retrospect it fills the heart with a warm glow of contentment 🙂

 As I tread back on the path of memories of the four years since, I can’t but help muse about all the changes that have happened around us, amongst us and within us. Some dear ones are no more and the memory of the beautiful moments shared with them remain just that – memories to savour. Our opinions and priorities have changed – some subtly and some radically. We have walked on hand in hand with new aspirations and dreams that we envisage for our future, taking along our families in this wake. Our thoughts and perspectives have acquired new dimensions that we didn’t think was possible – there has been so much to think, plan and hope for – so much joy and tears, pleasure and sadness, love and pain – a melting pot of emotions and experiences it has been and continues to be!

 I glance at the hubby – home after battling the city’s traffic and a hard day at work – creases line his forehead – lines of thought for his dear ones – plans to ease their difficulties and smoothen the path leading to the future – dreams and hopes for himself and his beloved. I wonder – when and how was it that I began to trust and believe in this guy – a mere stranger just four years ago?! And then… there is a funny commercial on the TV and he guffaws – I fall in love all over again! 🙂 Every little aspect of his personality that captivates me – his childlike wonder, innocence and naughtiness, his boyish charm, the endless patience, the ready laughter, the heart that melts at the sight of any 4-legged being, the selflessness when it comes to his family and friends – the thoughts gush through the heart and mind and engulf me in an avalanche of mush! 😀

 I had a vague idea of the kind of person whom I wanted to lead my life with – someone who would share my interests and passions, who would believe and support in the causes that were close to my heart, one who would understand and encourage me in my endeavours – I suppose, each one of us would have harboured thoughts of this kind sometime or the other. I slowly realized that all of this need not be true for a happy marriage – the interests, hobbies and passions needn’t be shared – what matters is mutual respect for one’s likes and dislikes and the large-heartedness to accept that the partner is different and needs a space of their own. The hubby has been all this and more – has been the rock-solid support that I’ve needed when I’ve questioned my own abilities, has been a mentor and a guide who’s corrected me when I’ve stumbled, has encouraged me always to aim for heights that I dreaded to aspire for, but which he thinks I am very well capable of achieving.  Be it music, further studies or writing or the progress at work – he’s always believed and has been encouragement-personified. I hope I have measured up in my own way to keep the scale balanced.

 Well dear, on this occasion, I want to dedicate this song to the both of us… I re-discovered it recently – just in time to realize that it rings so true for us. 

Happy fourth anniversary! And here’s wishing for many many more happy ones to come along… 🙂

11 thoughts on “Four…and on to many more!

  1. WOWWW.. what can I say other than that I ve fallen one more time for your writing!!! So beautiful and heartfelt!!!

    Heartiest Congratulations on the anniversary!! Wishing you a million more to come!

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