Cricket crazy

We’ve been a cricket-loving family – I guess I’ve mentioned it before. I suppose that’s the primary reason why I am an ardent follower of cricket matches of all forms – be it tests, ODIs or the present flavour of the season– the IPL T20 – albeit with the former two, I cannot claim to follow all matches that are played. I am interested in those which involve India as playing side. I suppose this is true for most people unless they are true cricket aficionados.

Somehow this whole idea that a girl is interested in a sport and can be an avid follower is always met with raised eyebrows even today, I find. People act surprised when they get to know I understand and follow the rules of the game and can have a confident conversation about cricket with them. It’s hilarious when people who think they know me well enough discover that I love cricket. Like it happened recently when I posted a message along the lines of ‘RCB rocks!’ on FB, a couple of my school-mates replied saying – you didn’t look like the kind of person who would follow cricket! Well people, looks can be deceptive, is all I can say.

Now that I think back I don’t remember having too many cricket related conversations with my friends – none of them were as interested as I was and even if they were it was only in passing. I guess it’s because of my family that I’ve developed this interest – my grandpa, dad, uncles and cousin – we’d all get together and it would be one noisy bunch watching a cricket match at home. Each of us would have our own opinions and expert comments to air and it used to be a medley of wise-cracks and interesting conversations. I also want to acknowledge the fact that neither my dad nor anyone at home made fun of me when I was part of these discussions – thankfully nobody thought it to be a non-girly thing! Even now I enjoy such snippets of cricket talk – in fact I and my dad often discuss cricket on the phone during the daily calls like it’s an important event of the day – and in serious earnestness too! 😀

Luckily the hubby is also a cricket lover and I have company. While watching a match – 2 things are of paramount importance to me – one is the commentator – I cannot tolerate crappy commentary and everyone except Harsha Bhogle has indulged in it time and again. Sunny Gavaskar is ok most times and a couple others like Tony Greig, Geoff Boycott and Robin Jackman make it interesting. But the rest are crap. Harsha was and is the best commentator ever – his memory, the anecdotes he relates, his style, the sharp acumen and knowledge that he brings to the table is immaculate. Listening to him is a treat. The second important aspect is the audience – I need an audience to listen to my commentary! 😀 I love giving my thoughts on anything happening during the match – it could be about the players or the commentators or anything – I love having discussions. It’s no fun watching cricket alone!

I am a teeny-weeny bit proud that I like sports like cricket and tennis and can have a decent conversation about them. This is not to look down upon others who don’t but the fact that I do makes me happy. I loftily questioned the hubby one day – ‘Aren’t you glad that your wife isn’t like the typical girly-types who don’t follow sports? What would’ve you done if I’d hated cricket and wouldn’t have allowed you to watch it as well?’ He was quick to burst my ballooned ego with a – ‘ Nothing, I would’ve taken it in my stride and gotten on with life, like I’ve done with so many other things after marrying you!’ Grrrr!! Men!

With all the above cricket talk, it must be quite clear as to how my evenings are being spent the past month – watching IPL on TV. No prizes for guessing whom I support – the RCB team of course! But their inconsistent performances in recent matches have been a definite put-off 😦 The defeat to Deccan and Mumbai particularly rankled – not the fact that they lost, but the manner in which they lost. That and the sad occurrence of the venue shift, away from home support advantage has sort of dampened the spirits for today’s semi-final – though I will continue to root for RCB, I won’t be surprised if we stumble again.

Well the elders and the wise ones say that the activities one indulges in during these months of the pregnancy will influence the baby’s habits and interests. Well in those terms I am not investing my time very productively I know – but it’s not my fault that it is the IPL season, is it?? What’s worse – Indian Idol is gonna start airing soon as well! Gosh, I just hope it is my love for sports/ music that rubs off on the baby and not the continuous TV watching trait!! 😐


5 thoughts on “Cricket crazy

  1. Hey Anu,
    This reminded me of the same scene at my place too. I lost interest in cricket after a few years 😦
    But enjoyed the bondas Ajji used to make and chip in some of my unwarranted expert comments 😀
    We all had such a wonderful childhood, which I don’t see in the current generation of children. They seem to always want something larger than life to keep them happy.

    • Ohh.. you reminded me of the bisi bisi aambode and bhajjis with piping hot coffee that were enjoyed on such evenings..sigh how I miss them! 😦
      Seriously the kids today I think miss out on a lot of simple pleasures that we had the good fortune of enjoying…

  2. Hahaha.. 😀
    //I just hope it is my love for sports/ music that rubs off on the baby and not the continuous TV watching trait!!

    That trait will come from bhava.. 🙂 And that’s a smart reply from him…
    How come I’m different and not that interested in sports??

    • Oh no! I won’t allow that to happen… wait till I tell him, he won’t be happy with your opinion! 😀
      How should I know… you were hardly interested since the beginning… atleast now you are better… you can distinguish between a LBW and a stumping! thank God for that! 😀

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