The baby-moon that wasn’t to be

Well, it’s been some time now since we had planned this trip… actually it was planned as early as late last year – it was a voucher from one of the best holiday planners and we were excited to say the least. It had to be last year, but it being a free voucher and preference obviously given to members, we didn’t get a weekend slot then and had to postpone it to early this year.

Then of course we got to know our good news and got busy in making preparations and taking necessary precautions. And before we knew it, the planned holiday dates were nearing. That’s when the rigmarole began. We started by checking with our doc – she straight away said – ‘no road travel absolutely! This is the right time to plan for a holiday but you gotta go wherever you want by train, and not by road. There’ve been people who’ve been there, done that without any mishaps, but there is just that 1% chance which I don’t want to take with my patients! If you still wanna go, go ahead but don’t tell me!’ Well that left us crestfallen 😦

I, being the one not to give up so easily went about consulting, whom I thought were other experts, since I knew that they’d been in such situations before. After speaking to an odd assortment of people and detailing our plans and reassuring that we would drive down and not take the public transport etc. I realized that nobody wanted to take the slightest chance by giving us the go ahead. Everybody had the same thing to say – ‘ yeah, this is the right time; yes it should be no trouble if you’re driving yourself… of course, it’s not too far away… but… but… why do you want to run the risk? After all this is probably a once in a lifetime occasion when you might have to give up on immediate pleasure for long term gains… well… it is finally left to you. It’s your decision and you must make it!’

Arrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhh! I was frustrated to say the least. The hubby conveniently washed his hands off the whole affair and declared – ‘I have no problems, if you wanna go, we’ll go. Else, we’ll not! Period.’ Hmpf! So much for being soul-mates and life partners!

Well, after much deep thought, heartache and deliberation, I decided that we wouldn’t go after all. What mattered to me most were the baby and its well-being. That’s how the baby-moon stood canceled 😦 It has been the norm with our and this particular holiday-maker’s association till now, every time we plan a holiday with them, it gets scrapped for one reason or the other! May be it is jinxed 😦

Well the reason why I got around to doing this post is – the conversation I had with my mom on my recent visit home. As me and my sis listened with wide-eyed and jaw-dropping expressions, my mom recounted the various (mis)adventures that she had been up to when she was supposed to be worrying about her babies-to-come! In her 6th month while she carried me, she had the gall to go climbing all the way up the Palani hill! She says she was on the final year college trip with her friends and couldn’t stay back! She of course had to hear an earful once her prof got to know that she’d attempted this while she was preggers! And as if that wasn’t enough, the very next month she and my dad had gone gallivanting on a scooter all the way to Nandi hills! Phew! I guess they’d made all plans to dump me even before I was born, it was a resilient me who fought back and made my presence felt in this world, methinks! And just so that they are fair to their younger child, they had undertaken a North India trip with me in tow all the way up to J&K, even riding ponies for sight-seeing – all the time my yet to be born 3 month old baby-sis waiting to see the light of day!

But you know, what really got my goat?? These very same adventurous-in-their-youth parents of mine were the first ones to shoot down our holiday plan as downright risky when we had not even begun mentioning about it! Gah! Parents, I tell you, sometimes they act like they’re from a totally different planet! 😐


10 thoughts on “The baby-moon that wasn’t to be

  1. Hahaha!! I can’t imagine aunty and uncle were so adventurous after witnessing their highly cautious and protected parenting 🙂 You should have gone, if only you would have asked me I would have encouraged you. Enjoy yourself and be careful thats it. Your first babymoon won’t come again. There is still time 🙂

    • You bet! Neither could me and my sis imagine them being so don’t-care-types! I know… that particular opportunity is gone…lemme see if I can convince the better-half for another one – a small weekend getaway atleast. Wish me luck!

  2. You know what? It’s no big deal. I have had some minor adventures myself when I was carrying. In my 6th month, we went on a road trip. 3 hours car drive back and forth and I am living to tell the tale. Your mom and mine used to do more strenuous, physical work than what is involved in a road trip and we were born just fine, right? I know a woman personally who worked in the farms till the last day of her pregnancy. She came back home in the evening and delivered a healthy baby and there was no one around her to help. When I hear such stories, I feel like I am a whining sissy, a delicate darling and what not. All these ‘don’t do this and don’t do that’ gets really irritating after a point of time. Nature has designed the womb to handle all these situations, so trust your instinct and go on that trip. Because, let me give you the bad news, after the baby arrives, you won’t be able to take a trip for a long, long time.

    • Wow! I should’ve spoken to you before deciding not to go! I know… I have convinced myself several times with the same logical reasons… but somehow when it came to taking that final decision I faltered with everyone around me warning against it 😦 Yeah I know all too well that it will be a long long time before we can go on any trip… well, lemme see if I can convince the hubby for a small getaway atleast!

  3. Well….well….well… was a nice way to convince, Just asking me to read your blog, particularly this topic.

    OK …Done….I am convinced…..You tell me …..I’ll take you….Any thing for you dear.

  4. Hahahahha… Totally enjoyed the post and the comments, especially the one from the better half 🙂
    And I have a long comment be prepared 🙂
    We had similar plans too and canceled! Obviously, due to mom and MIL’s strong no-nos! when the doc advised that I could go anywhere till I stayed conscious of the situation! Nevertheless, on hindsight, I feel I probably did the right thing – for one and only one reason – that you dont feel being preggers so much in the first trimester, and there is a strong urge to forget it and do things we would ve dared to, otherwise! There is always, as you know, the small aspect of luck that rules..
    But, i totally agree(not that I dont with others..) with two things on the post – the hubby saying ‘you decide’ and the parents having done worse physical activity as compared to what we do these days.. Even now, when I feel a weeny bit scared of the labor process, my mom convinces me with the story on how she delivered me! Me being a premature baby, she had nobody to assist and walked all the way to the hospital(a few kms), with the baby bags and stuff and got herself checked in! Of late, when she says this story, I tell her, ‘then why wouldnt you allow me to climb on a step stool or go hiking?’
    What shall I say.. The unique ways in which parents can turn a pain!!!
    Besides, you still have time 🙂 and use your second trimester for as many baby moons as possible 🙂

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