Up, up and away…

The time has come for the bird to fly the nest… tomorrow the sis is off to take up her new job – away from home, hearth and us all – very much on her own. It seems so strange to think that she’s all grown up now… a little girl no more… well for me, she has been the little kid sister always – to be loved, pampered, bullied and bossed over 😀

I didn’t realize that she’s growing into this independent little lady with a mind of her own – not until last year I think – that was when I realized with a start and have been reminding myself ever since. I still don’t approve of several of her thoughts and actions, but that is to be expected isn’t it? After all, what are elder sisters for? 😉

This will be the first ever time that she will be all on her own – working in a strange new city, traveling long distances in the hot humid unfriendly conditions, slogging over the training and house work, coping with the challenges of a new job and new associations, making her own decisions, fighting her own battles – it scares the hell out of me sometimes – will our little girl be able to cope with it all? 😦

But then I console myself with the thought – of course, she can do it! It will be a wonderful learning opportunity for her, it will make her tough and teach her resilience. She has been sheltered always; she will now have to face the bold bad world, where she cannot afford to take anybody or anything for granted. She hasn’t had everything going her way in her life so far and she’s a tough gal, I know. I hope this stint turns out to be an enriching experience and will prepare her for the future challenges.

Go on, little one, go conquer the world! But don’t forget to remember that we’re always here for you – watching over with lots of care, a little trepidation and tons of pride! 🙂 Good luck!


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