My city, my love

The temperatures had been soaring over the past few days and there was no respite… sleeping at night beneath the fan churning and re-circulating the hot humid heavy air was turning out to be an ordeal. Yesterday when my manager started to leave at an unusually early hour (for him), I remarked – “wow! It might rain today!” Seems like the Gods above heard me! 😀 In the evening even as we got back we could smell it in the air… the sweet scent of the first rains on dusty dry land wafted from far across. I reached home and it hadn’t rained yet, maybe it won’t rain after all, I thought disappointed.

As I finished the chores for the evening there was a sense of restlessness – of not knowing what to do – it wouldn’t do to switch on the TV – it just wasn’t a day for cricket and IPL and all that screaming. I decided to pick up a book after a long time. As I flipped through the pages the unease stayed with me… I decided to step out into the portico. I vacantly looked across the street and the kids playing with gay abandon… that’s when the symphony started – the clouds darkened and without warning big fat drops started decorating the brown surface of the road. I realized with slow childlike wonder that it was actually raining! The first drops brought with them the unrivalled sweet scent of the wet earth and the sense of calm and joy that the rains would wash away the heat and dirt and everything would be sparkling clean again.

The mobile beeped and I grinned at my manager’s message – “Anu, it is indeed raining today!”😀

I sat out by the steps for a long time, taking in the sights – kids jumping around and getting drenched, the umbrellas coming out of closets to be put to use, the saree hung out to dry now flapping in the cool wet breeze, the orange-ish hue of the full moon night bright in spite of the power cut; listening to the soft pitter patter of the rain-drops and more than anything else, hungrily drinking in the heady fragrance.

Today morning it continued to be cool and the clouds hung low on what looked like a wintry/ rainy day. As I walked into the lush green campus fresh after the night rains – the roads wet, the leaves green and the flowers dewy, I couldn’t help but feel a surge of overwhelming love and thankfulness. I breathed in deeply and was reminded of the purity of the mountain air of Shimla. I am so glad to be living here – in this city, which in spite of all its so-called changes continues to surprise and bless us with days like this. Of course, we need the summers – for the mangoes and the melons, the spring buds and the shoots, the pink and yellow blooms lining the skyline and carpeting the roads… but when the mercury level rises what we crave for is showers like these – to bring the message of hope and freshness and purity and fill our hearts and lives with that inexplicable sense of joy! Thank you, my love!


6 thoughts on “My city, my love

  1. Awesome post.. 😀 I simply love the city… Weather is gonna be one thing that I am gonna miss when I’m not here, apart from the people 😦 The day looked beautiful today… 🙂

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