A blessing in the making…

Life is a journey isn’t it? The different stages of life are like the various stations along a journey. From babies we grow into toddlers and then into school-going boys/ girls. Moving on from young spirited collegians to wanting-to-be-taken-seriously-undergraduates to freshly-recruited-graduates, we go along with the flow and aim to become responsible working individuals.

The next natural step is to settle down in life with marriage – which more or less brings the wild ways of our lives to a grinding halt. We move on from being excited newlyweds to settling-into-a-routine kind-of couples. Life tends to get a little monotonous and boring what with having gotten used to each other’s ways and taking each other for granted. Of course, there are spurts of joys and moments of sadness and rows and skirmishes that spice up our lives, but the spark kind-of dies down. What I believe re-kindles this spark and sets the marriage rolling once again is – a baby!

Well people, me and the hubby are getting into the family way and hope to be blessed with an angel later this year. I’m praying and hoping for a safe continuation of this journey and a healthy happy blessing at the culmination. You folks – whoever you might be – the regulars or the lurkers or the just-stopping-by readers, kindly do send your blessings and wishes my way and keep me in your prayers. We and the little one need all the best wishes that we can get! 🙂


26 thoughts on “A blessing in the making…

  1. marriage sometimes is a peaceful cruise and at times also a roller coaster ride.. but i hope a peaceful cruise for all true loves, including yours 🙂 good things are coming your way.

  2. WOWWWWWW!!! That’s amazing news!!!! My heartiest congratulations Anu!!! I am selfishly happy that we are taking this journey together… All the very best! My prayers and best wishes shall stay with you always!

  3. Congratulations!
    I’m glad I visited this blog after a long time, and started my day with a such an awesome news ….

    Congratulations once again Anu….i am sure u wud be perfect mom.. 🙂


  4. awwwweeeeeeee!!! me and roothie behave like alien and predator (as in the movies) after we got shadieed. so much so for the wedding bells.

    you do have a fantaboulistic newz!!

  5. Hey, so glad to hear the news :). Congratulations!!! Its going to be a really really wonderful time ahead – experience speaks :). Good luck and enjoy every moment!


  6. Hey Anu,
    Congrats to you both. My prayers and well wishes for you both and the most expected one.
    I hope it continues as a healthy and happy journey 🙂

    And………….. and I will need the same from your end for our’s too…. 🙂


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