Au revoir!

Well, it’s time to say good bye to the “City of Lights” and what most people term – the most romantic city in the world!

It’s been a good four weeks spent doing some significant fulfilling work which also involved a lot of learning. But more importantly, it has been time spent working at a relaxed pace… well atleast till the last week (that’s when my work from back home caught up with me!) . Paris has been all that was promised and more – with romance in the air and history along it’s every lane, it’s a tourist’s delight. I would say my month’s work-stay and 3 weekends thrown in didn’t allow me to do enough justice to the place as a tourist, but that’s precisely reason enough for me to want to visit it again.

Work-wise as I already mentioned it has been relaxed, but efficient work with colleagues who made us feel right at home – especially the guy we worked with being an absolute dear! 😀 The stay, the commute and the experience of working away from home were as comfortable as could be desired. The sight-seeing trips were very insightful and enjoyable, although I found that my stamina for weekend sight-seeing walkathons isn’t what it used to be 😦 Overall I think it was a wonderful stint, and the joy of meeting-up with a close friend all the way here – away from my and her place of stay – was the icing on the cake! Neither of us had imagined, even in our wildest dreams that we would meet here, of all places! Well, that’s life I suppose! 🙂

Tomorrow I formally say goodbye to the city and take my flight back home. All said and done, the heart does yearn for home and the warmth of loved ones – well, this time the hubby has been missing me quite a bit too 😀 (now why does that make me grin with glee – my heart melts but the mind says – see, this is what I feel everytime you leave me alone and go off on your official trips! :)) But, the city has tempted and tantalised me enough to hope for a second visit and that time with the hubby in tow. So hopefully our paths will cross again and may be I should say – Au revoir à bientôt! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Au revoir!

  1. Oh, so you are back and all settled in your home nest now? 🙂

    Did the cousins like your gifts? I read your past posts..girl, that was one heck of time-consuming shopping for 3 items! 😀

    What was hubby’s reaction when he came to receive you in the airport? 😀
    ( I am recalling the face of H when he came to receive me after 6 months of separation..and the look on my face too)

    • yeah, I am now back and settled into the nest, but the daily grind at work is also back 😦
      Oh yes, the babies liked the jackets and the mothers tell me that they look really cute in them – so I guess all that effort paid off! 🙂
      Hubby was obviously very happy to see me and so was I – but now we are back to the daily squabbles… life goes on! 😀
      How’re you doing girl?

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