Restaurants Vegetariens in Paris

On one of our sight-seeing trips around Paris, when we visited Notre Dame and it’s surroundings we bumped into this – Le Grenier de Notre-Dame – a vegetarian restaurant bang in the middle of Paris! Come on! Who would’ve expected to find something like that in the heart of this city? Needless to say, my colleague was overjoyed, especially since it was past lunchtime and the stomach had started doing the talking. As we walked in, I wasn’t too interested – I had my packed lunch anyway and would just take a coffee or juice I thought. 
As we entered I knew immediately that I’d love it. It was a small area set with quaint little tables to seat two persons each. As we took our seats I started noticing the other things that only piqued my interest some more. Each table had an arrangement of a small little glass – set with flowers and was lit by the soft glow of light, which deceptively looked like candle-light! I also noticed that there were plants of different kinds adding a touch of green to the various nooks. They had an open kitchen with a counter which too was adorned with some more fresh flowers and greens. I saw that at a corner by the entrance was a spiral staircase which led to a similar area in the floor above and that also brought into view the lovely hanging vines of the money-plant. Also set-up next to the staircase was a counter-top with the day’s menu handwritten on a blackboard in chalk, in the midst of a lamp shade suffusing warm light around another pot-ful of beautiful roses. Needless to say I absolutley fell in love with the ambience of the place and the final icing on the cake was the way in which our bill was presented to us. Why don’t you take a look at it yourself?! 🙂

Disclaimer – I cannot however vouch for the quality of food at the place because I didn’t eat anything. My colleague ordered lasagne which he said was OK, but nothing great. The staff however was very courteous and mindful of our needs. Do check them out if you are in their neighbourhood in Paris – they have 2 restaurants located closeby – one in Notre Dame (Saint-Michel metro) and the other in Saint Louis ( Pont-Marie metro).

2 thoughts on “Restaurants Vegetariens in Paris

  1. Oh cute little french cafes. That’s the dream. Well, my dream. I have a thing for cafes. And a cafe in Paris- well nothing quite beats that.

    Enjoy woman! And more pics si’l vous plait? 😀

    it’s the little cafes that are the best, isn’t it? 🙂 Well, I hope your dream comes true!
    You know what, maybe you can teach me French?! That I figured out is ‘please’ or ‘if you please’ in French

    • Oh dear. I have only learnt basic french. For about four months and that was four years ago. So I remember ONLY basic words and phrases now. I doubt I’ll be of much help. 😦

      And yes si’l vous plait means ‘please’. 🙂

      And here I was, very happy at having found a French tutor! 😦
      Never mind! I can learn a few phrases and the basic stuff atleast through these comments 🙂

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