My encounters with French – 1

Two days ago I had my first near encounter of the French kind. Having returned from our sight-seeing jaunt earlier than expected,  I had time on my hands. I decided that I might as well use the time to sort and upload the pics taken on the day, after putting in my clothes for a wash. I’d done it once in the week earlier and had figured out a few essential things about the all-in-French washing machine contraption. Accordingly I dumped in the clothes, scooped in some washing powder and turned the thing on.

Ten minutes later I sauntered into the kitched to get something and that’s when I noticed there was no soap water in the drum! I pulled out the soap-powder inlet and fair enough, all the soap that I had scooped in earlier was merrily sitting there staring back at me! Head-slap! It was the wrong inlet dumbo! There were three (no less!) partitions and I’d put in the soap in the wrong one. Voila! I scooped out and scooped it in again into the right compartment and happily turned the selection-knob to some number from where I was sure it would re-start washing, by letting in a fresh whoosh of water.

5 minutes and no whoosh! I got a trifle worried and turned the knob a little bit more. This time I was successful in hearing the whoosh and felt a little relieved. After fiddling around with the knob a few more times (so that my clothes didn’t get over-washed!) I returned to my laptop and forgot about the machine. About half an hour later I remembered and went to check, sure enough the machine had stopped tossing and turning my clothes inside and seemed to have come to a steady not-gonna-do-anything-more kinda stop. Was the drier on at any point in time? I wondered… the selection-knob seemed to be almost at the last point, though not exactly there… I then stopped wondering, thinking that it must have… I anyway hadn’t been paying much attention.

And then, I pulled the door open. WHOOSH!! a mini-waterfall happened and there was a slight flood-like-situation in the kitchen! Luckily I recovered my wits quickly enough and banged the door shut. I then stood for a full 2 mins thinking how I should handle the situation. Was there any button to drain the water? No. Was there a spin/ dry kinda small picture anywhere on the damn machine? Nope.

Then, I did what any self-respecting IT professional and software engineer would do while in trouble! I googled-up to decipher the French options on the machine! That’s how I found out – Essorage is wring-out/ spin-dry and Vidange is empty/drain in French. I prompty turned the knob to Essorage and switched on the machine again and cleaned up the mess. 5 more minutes and I was done, my clothes were ready to be hung out to dry!

Hurrah for Google! I shudder to think… what would’ve been life without you?!! 🙂


3 thoughts on “My encounters with French – 1

  1. You’re getting some swell photos alright! 🙂 Louvre the header 😛

    I discovered French language podcasts btw … might give em a go 🙂 Oh and continuing from our last comment convi, French cuisine does have some really nice vegetarian fare, you ought to sample at least! 🙂

    and I loove your pun! 😀
    Oh cool! what are these podcasts about? do they teach you some basic stuff? If yes, share them with me too!
    Yeah I know… I’ve tried a few dishes… but am not really gung-ho about trying any new cuisine for that matter 😀

  2. Oh I meant French lesson podcasts. I think your mobile service provider should have some sort of podcasting thingy up, most of them are free, worth checking out!

    What are the chances of you touring about Europe while in Paris? 🙂

    oh ok! shall check them.
    Touring Europe? With a week left to go, that is not much of a possibility… if I were here for longer, then I would’ve definitely thought about it… am especially keen on visiting Rome and Venice 🙂

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