An evening in Paris

And it turned out to be a pretty interesting one at that… Well, I am here on a month-long work assignment with a colleague and the experience has been good so far. It’s been the first time that I’ve ever been staying all by myself in an apartment in a foreign country, not counting the difficult first week I spent in London. But the experience has been made easier with the help of some really kind individuals out here – especially the admin lady at our client place. She had literally taken us under her wing the first day and went to great lengths just to make us feel at home. She says – ‘I like you and it’s my pleasure to do all this for you!’ Well, what can one say in reply to such sweet behaviour?! Merci! a thousand times over?! 🙂

The people in general seem to be of helping nature and not hostile to foreigners, especially the dark skinned ones like us. But one aspect that I found a little annoying was the obsession with the language – well, they almost seem to believe that there is no need for any other language while there is French! With everything right from the labels on the home appliances to all the TV channels to the un-pronounceable street names, it does get inconvenient and tedious for outsiders who don’t happen to know French. As one Parisian colleague was heard saying – some French guys can be really snotty and obnoxious in their behaviour towards tourists, considering that Paris is such a favourite and most sought after tourist destination in the world. I guess it doesn’t help that they get all the attention and the tourist influx without having to really work hard for it.

On that note, I leave you with some pics from my first actual evening out in Paris – spent watching the spectacle of the breath-taking lighting display at the magnifique Eiffel tower! 🙂

The Eiffel Tower spectacle

The Eiffel Tower spectacle


4 thoughts on “An evening in Paris

  1. tellme what magic do we need to know in order to get a month long assignment in Paris too! 😀

    You go girl..and enjoy maadi..especially with such nice admin people.

    Awesome collage of Eiffel pics!

    I did feel the same about the Frech language affinity..but otherwise they were helpful people. And did you notice how many of the tourist spot vendors are desis? We got talkign to them in hindi..and bought lotsa memorabilia @ cheap prices.

    Are they? I haven’t checked out many tourist-spot vendors yet… just a few at the metro stations and near the Eiffel who I had a feeling were quoting high prices for the stuff they were selling…tell me where can I look for the desis? I wanna buy memorabilia too!

  2. When were you in London?! Lovely photos!!!

    I’ve heard too that Parisians are rather insistent about the use of French by everyone … are you learning the language now? There’s this book by Stephen Clarke called A Year in the Merde, an Englishman’s take on France in the year he was there … it’s really funny, read it if you get a chance!

    P.S: Are you gonna try snails? 😀

    I was there at the beginning of last year for a month… guess that was before getting to know you in the blog-world! 🙂
    Yeah they are very particular about the language, not that I can learn it in a month, but yes I am trying to pick up some frequently used phrases and greetings atleast.
    Thanks for the tip, will try and pick up that book the next time.
    Snails?? I’m strictly sticking to Indian vegetarian diet! Forget snails, I’m not the one to experiment with food at all! 😀

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