Of telephones and simple pleasures

I actually began writing this post about a couple of weeks ago – about how we got our landline telephone connection so quickly that I was was maha-thrilled about it – the feeling matched that of the good old days when telephone was still considered a luxury that few could afford. But then, thanks to some muddles among the BSNL staff departments themselves, our phone went dead the very next day and also came back to life equally quickly too – thanks to hubby’s PR skills (as usual!). Well, somewhere along the way my excitement about writing that particular post just petered away.

Now the situation is that we have obtained a landline telephone and the broadband connection from no less than Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited – in less than three weeks. If that is not an achievement, then tell me what is?! It just goes to prove two things – there is still hope for the likes that depend on Government related agencies/ PSUs – all is not lost, and also good PR always pays! 😀

As you can guess, I have suddenly become more active on the social networking sites and feel much less handicapped while at home. Internet is like an extra limb, don’t you think? It is just so comforting to know that it is just a hand’s reach away and one doesn’t have to wait for another time and opportunity to be able to access it. Gosh! Sometimes just the thought of how much it has brought the world’s people closer together, overwhelms me!

Of course, with me logged onto the net many evenings, the hubby isn’t too happy, but I’m now thrilled that I have a thirumantra to counter all his TV-watching-hours which irks me no end! 😀 Sigh! It’s only good for argument sake I know – me in front of the laptop and he in front of the TV, is not the happy us-time I want to visualize!

Getting back to the original intent of this post – I was reminded of the time when we first got the landline connection at home – it was nothing less than a milestone in our lives. The fact that we could call people – friends, relatives, acquaintances and speak to them whenever we felt like – we were so excited. Especially me, I was in high school I think – I could exchange numbers with my friends – we could call up and discuss homework and doubts and syllabus before exams! Wow! Once the instrument was installed and the connection to the neighborhood telephone pole made I was waiting for the moment when the phone would ring and we would be given our number. I can still remember that very first ringing tone of our phone! I was the privileged one as it was the school vacations and I had excitedly called up my dad at office to tell him the good news!

Sigh! Whatever happened to the days when such simple accomplishments brought so many pleasures?!


One thought on “Of telephones and simple pleasures

  1. Go BSNL! In fact, at parents home we had BSNL from day 1 and still continues to be, even for the internet. Have had no major problems..a few minor ones were quickly taken care of.

    The customer sevice is is soo amazing..the Sub Divisional Engineer of our town lives with us!

    I call her “Amma” 😀

    According to her..BSNL has hopes..much of it 🙂

    wow! that’s cool! 🙂
    Isn’t that interesting? Sometimes inspite of all the new fangled and advanced stuff available, it’s always the old and the reliable that we prefer – for the same reason that the reliability has been proved many times over! Though I must say, BSNL has kept up with the times amazingly, their broadband services are one of the best, the offers they provide the customers in terms of ‘melas’ are unmatches and best part – they’ve already come out with 3G!! BSNL rocks! 😀

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