Wake-up call!

I watched “Wake up Sid” and loved it. It has woken up a lot of supine thoughts in my head – the most prominent being the need to love one’s work. It has left me wondering – how wonderful it must be to get up every day and actually look forward to your day ahead at work with happy thoughts about tackling the challenges that lie lined up. How thrilling it must be to actually work where your creative interests and instincts lie – work not to complete a task or to see your salary credited in your account end of month, but for the deep sense of satisfaction and accomplishment it provides you every time you do it – be it every day or month or years.  I simply fell in love with the work that Sid and Aisha do – the magazine they work with, the ambience of the place, the spirit, the passion and precision with which the deadlines are met and the long hard hours of toil put in before the product takes shape and the thrill of pleasure that is sure to run up and down their spines when they spot the fruits of their labour – in the form of the glossy magazine hitting the stands every month.

Wow! Through the weekend I sulked and told the hubby – I don’t want to go back to my boring office work and computer, come Monday. Voila! Here I am, back doing what I always do – type away long winding emails – giving explanations and reasons, follow up and get work done by the team, solve issues or ensure that they get solved, prepare excel sheets and update statuses… well you get the drift, don’t you? Do I have a choice? Of course I do! I can give it all up and run away and say I’ll do what I wanna do – albeit, with the keen thought that I won’t have a promised on-time pay-packet at the end of the month. But what is it that I wanna do? Do I know? Well… I have ideas… which I know don’t amount to much by themselves… am I exceptionally good at something? Well… there’s singing and there’s writing… and that’s about it… that’s about it?? Am I really really good at this? Well… not really, if you wanna put it that way! And then, am I brave enough to step away from the well-trodden path and do something out of the ordinary? Hmm… umm…So there, that doesn’t leave me with much choice, does it?

Seriously speaking, I did leave the movie hall envying people who get to do what they love – I understand that it depends on the choice one makes when it comes to taking up a profession – and it goes right back to one’s high school/ college days sometimes – choosing to stick with one’s love of art or literature or Science – instead of going along with the crowd and making a choice simply because that seems to be the right thing to do at the time or yielding to parental pressure.

Well, there’s still hope for me, I hope! If not now, at least in later years I hope to be doing something I love and loving what I do!


2 thoughts on “Wake-up call!

  1. Nice post. Thats why they rightly say:
    “Chose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

    Hey Meghana, wonderful to have you speak up here! 🙂
    So true that is…isn’t it? 😀

  2. ha ha…its fun when u realize that ppl much older than u have the same confusions u have…(i am 22 and been working an year now…and i assume u are atleast 5-7yrs older than me..!! )
    as one of my fav author has put it…
    Its tough being in a position to make a choice…its better to be in the agony of ur indecision…..in that way u are spared…!!!!

    on a completely different note…wake up sid===yeddelu manjuatha (jaggesh’s latest in kannada)…..some similarity eh???

    hello! and welcome here!
    It’s no longer about confusion and indecision… I guess it’s more of a disillusion and disenchantment for people in my age group (I’m guessing that it’s a common phenomenon)
    We’ve long passed the point of indecision… now it’s like – the sameness and the monotony gets to us! Well, you’ll know it when you’ll get to it 😀
    As for wake up sid == eddelu manjunatha… no clue! I haven’t watched the latter

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