Home Sweet Home!

As promised, here’s a collage of few pics from our new home…

My favourite snapshots…


As they say, home is where the heart is!


 there’s nothing much to show-off or talk about – but we like it this way – simple and neat! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home!

  1. Looks neat kane!..send the link to the album if you have them uploaded on sme site…

    thanks kane! no, I haven’t uploaded it, just took a few snaps…will send when I upload

  2. The snapshots are too small 😦

    Anyways, it looks all sweet and simple as you said.

    Miss those initial days of marriage when there was no clutter and hoarding of things and furnitures.

    keep it this way always dear..so much better than crowding house with things.

    yeah, I know, I tried to give them a link to open a bigger image on clicking, but somehow that doesn’t seem to be working… will check if I can do something about it.
    Thanks dear! yeah, I too like keeping it as uncluttered as possible…but somehow we humans are so prone to accumulate stuff isn’t it? I hope we can stay away from hoarding!

  3. Simple and neat is how I like it too. I love the way you have taken some of the photos, like the Ganesha idol (is it a wallpiece?) and the staircase. The angle of these photos grabs your attention. Have you considered photography seriously? If not, you should. You are pretty good.

    wow! thanks! I’m beaming 😀
    Yes, the Ganesha is a wall-piece hung alongside the stair case. I love photography and love visualising angles and composing shots… but have neither the equipment nor the drive to pursue it professionally 😦

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