‘New York’ – the movie that I almost went to!

I don’t know if this would qualify as a funny incident – but I’m definitely not laughing now!

The client’s been visiting us at office and as part of the entertainment plans to keep her amused and also to cater to her particular interests, a Hindi movie viewing was planned for the evening. After much deliberation which happened a week ago where in talks of – ‘you go’… ‘No, no, you being the manager should accompany her’ to ‘the young guys should get a chance to interact’ etc. two people from the team were chosen, of which yours truly was not a part. In spite of tantalizing talks of PVR Gold Class and an all expenses paid movie outing on a weekday evening, I chose not to be the chosen-one* and had quietly slipped away.

That was, until today morning – when the concerned manager designated to accompany her and the practice-head successfully cajoled me into being the substitute – giving the usual reasons ranging from ‘lot of work’ to ‘impending delivery’ and ‘be a sport!’ to ‘I want you to have some work-life-balance!’ *indeed!* I half-heartedly agreed, but with the firm condition that at no cost would I be accompanying them for dinner to KFC *shudder* Just when I had reconciled myself and was almost getting excited and looking forward to the evening (albeit the PVR Gold class being replaced with a INOX regular arrangement), the bomb-shell was dropped. The client was not gonna make it to the movie after all – she had a couple of tasks to complete before her departure tomorrow and wouldn’t be able to spare the evening for entertainment purposes!

Now initially the selected team was morose and dejected that the plan had to be canceled, but then the practice-head sportingly said – that was no reason for us to cancel our plans. We could still go ahead and catch the movie since the tickets were already booked. First-up I was the generous and caring team-lead and offered a chance to each of my team-mates to take my place; when all of them declined with equal magnanimity I said – ‘what the heck! Lemme just go ahead and have fun’ Even as we gathered our bags and were stepping out, the thought struck me – ‘what if she comes around asking for me?’ You see, we’d kept her on her toes since the morning, sending a volley of questions and issues that she needed to address. And she had enquired after me a couple of times already in the day and there was a very good chance that she would do so again. I was in two minds – the sight of her purposefully walking towards our bay with a file in hand sealed it for me. I backed out, quickly hid my bags in a colleague’s desk and woefully asked a team-mate to go instead.

Well, that is the story of the New York movie viewing which almost happened, but didn’t!

* I couldn’t let go the chance to refer to the movie of the season, could I? Especially since I happened to catch it in the weekend and wasn’t disappointed, so to say! 😀


One thought on “‘New York’ – the movie that I almost went to!

  1. Arey, I would be jumping to go to a movie with colleague friends..why were you so reluctant?
    I am guessing the company was not a good one 😀

    Glad you went for it later int he weekend..me liked NewYork, at least until the second half 😉

    Any good kannada movie lately? Suggest if you know ma..havn’t watched one for years after mungaaru maley.

    arey, not that the company wasn’t bad… though I didn’t feel like going initially, I did change my mind, but by then the circumstances was changed and I couldn’t go as the client herself had canceled her plans. And no, the movie I went to in the weekend was ‘Harry Potter’ (hence the ref. to the ‘chosen one’ :D) Did hear from other colleagues who went that ‘New York’ was a good movie.
    Kannada movies – the last I heard, ‘Savari’ was supposed to be good… apart from that, nothing of late. Though a couple of biggies are awaited – one being Prem’s ‘Raaj’ with Puneeth (not sure about it being good though! :D) and another is Yograj Bhat’s next with Diganth and Aindrita Ray (which might be worth the wait)

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