Only me-time!

Things have been quiet around here isn’t it? Not so in life. Shifting to the new place has brought in changes in its wake – my routine is turning out to be quite different. Am back to taking the cab to work and as a result the mornings are as rushed as they can be and the evenings are spent planning and preparing for the morrow. Luckily work-wise  I can breathe a little easy now, but dunno for how long! We’re settling down and slowly forming a new routine – it’s fascinating to think how each home results in a unique routine – it’s like, it dons a character of its own. Even though the people essentially remain the same, the house and place of stay matter so much and end up affecting even the smallest details of our everyday activities.

Just as we were settling down to a new way of life, dividing duties and sharing responsibilities and nestling into the home, the hubby has had to travel on work. It is no less than two weeks, which essentially means it is only me and my tanhaai in the coming fortnight 😦 While I’m trying to think of and enthuse myself with all the exciting stuff that I can do in this me-time, I know I will end up not doing anything much and much of the time will be spent moping around and getting through the basic essentials. Though I must say, I have gotten back to my reading habit a bit and am able to catch up on at least a few pages each day, which is a cause for much joy. I’m racing through the final few pages of The Kite Runner and the next slot is already booked for a Kannada book.  

Apart from the reading I plan to finish up with some more cleaning and sorting work at home and also catch up with some long-lost friends in the next weekend. One of them has had a baby recently and this will be a good occasion to meet-up for some pure unadulterated girly gossip and fun! 😀 With the looks of things getting back on track on the work-front and a new project about to start rolling, I’m hoping it will keep me busy enough to plod through the two whole weeks, at the end of which I join the hubby and we chug into the mountains for a brief holiday 🙂

Well, looking back at this post, may be it won’t be so bad after all – I do have a whole lot of cheer-me-up stuff to look forward to. That coupled with the daily dose of hubby-tele-talk should help keep my spirits on a high!


4 thoughts on “Only me-time!

  1. Oh my, you are a busy woman!

    I, too, am getting back into my reading habit.
    Just yesterday a very close friend asked me on gtalk whether I want him to send me some books. I sent him a list of ten books today! Hah, he got himself into big trouble. 😀

    ha ha! 10 books! good one! poor friend of yours must’ve been quite surprised 😀
    what are you reading currently?

  2. You know I thought he would be all shocked and say something like “ten books?! Are you crazy?!”..but surprisingly he was totally fine with it. Ah, may God bless such wonderful friends! 🙂

    I’ve already read The Kite Runner. Quite a good book isn’t it?
    I am currently reading Vikram Chandra’s Sacred Games and so far I am totally loving it! 🙂

    You know your comment reminded me of a message on some card I’d seen long back – ‘God gave us relatives, but thankfully he let us choose our friends!!’ 😀
    Yes, The Kite Runner is a good book, I liked it better than A Thousand Splendid Suns.

  3. Never had the hubby go away for more than a couple of days..and even so, I have stayed away on work ( as long as 6 months!) rather than him gone.

    So, really not sure what I would do at home with so much ‘me time’ 🙂

    Your to-do list looks like fun! Read your heart’s content and catch up with friends while enjoying your sweet nothings on phone with the hubby 😀

    Be safe. Take care.

    Yeah, me too had been away for many months on work, but mostly stayed with roomies. The only time I stayed alone was for a week in London the memories of which are coming back to me now and they’re not pleasant! 😦
    thanks dear! Will try and stay cheerful 🙂

  4. Two weeks of me-time? I am so jealous. I would give anything to have a few minutes of that! Hope you make the most of it.
    hmm… I can understand why you are craving for me-time! 😀
    I’m hoping to make the most of it too!

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