Emancipation of the girl child

…did you say? Well then, I have reasons to look at you askance. Two instances over the past few days have kept me thinking – what age and times are we living in yet?

Here, judge for yourselves…

Scene at a friend’s wedding –

A relative of the boy overheard speaking to the boy’s mother–

“Yeah, the girl is good, not fat, quite right in being as thin as she is… and very good colour too…”

 Now, the lady is question was pretty dark complexioned herself and not a great looker by any standards. Also the groom was of a wheat-ish complexion, like me and you and so many others. What I don’t understand is – why should this random lady comment about the girl’s looks? How does it make a difference when the guy and girl have agreed and their families are happy with the association? Nosey parkers of the worst kind!

 Scene at the hospital where a relative delivered her first born–

Soon after the nurse brings out a bonny little girl baby to show to the anxious waiting relatives, the baby’s grand-mom starts weeping. The reason you ask – she would’ve liked a boy! All her kids’ first-borns have been girls and she was hoping that at least this one would be different. She was heard complaining – “no luck this time also, and more-over, her colour is also not so great!”

I am too appalled to speak anything! There you get a healthy, lovely little bundle of joy for your grand-child and is this what you have to say?!! Are you nuts? Which era do you think you are living in? All this and more cuss words dance in my head.

Now tell me – how many more eons before we can actually claim that the girl child has been emancipated? I’ve lost hope really! 😦


6 thoughts on “Emancipation of the girl child

  1. There is no hope. I turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to such things. One would think the world has progressed so much that these things don’t happen anymore. Sadly, that’s not the case. It’s better not to get worked up over these things. Know what? Some random lady would have commented about you and me the same way during our weddings. Just be happy that our immediate families are not like this.

    I know, I try and turn a deaf ear too and believe that all’s not lost. But it really hurts when sometimes someone within your circle of friends or relatives behaves this way! 😦

  2. Damn, that’s just plain stupid…at least the second scene you described. I don’t know what goes on in their minds that makes them say something so insensible…

    I don’t really get what the whole color thing has to do at all…Why are people so obsessed with it?

    Exactly! Education and changing times seem to have no effect on some people.
    Obsession is the word – I want to ask them, does being fair guarantee that one has an ideal married life – isn’t love, understanding and companionship more important?

  3. The Incident one I can relate to, have seen several nosey women who have absolutely no other topic but to discuss the looks and ‘colour’ of new or prospective brides ! Arrrgh!!Cannot describe the nauseous feeling that invokes in me.

    As for the other incident.. really???? She said that in the face of the new born??!!

    OMG, Anu..I sure hope that little one grows up a strong lady and kick this old mean granny’s sorry ass.

    🙂 I love the vigour with which you said that. Personally having known this lady, she is not a bad sort altogether, which was why I was shocked by her reaction. But I heard that her first reaction has always been like this, even to other girl kids born in the family. But later on, she does not anytime discriminate and actually dotes on them too! I don’t know what to call it – eccentricity or plain foolishness!

  4. But Anu, YOU aren’t going to react like that right? You do know better. Emancipation is happening therefore… slowly, but surely 🙂

    Yeah sometimes I think, that with our generation atleast this should and will change… but isn’t that what some people of our parents’ generation also thought? Still we see and hear of such incidents, which is what really really puts me off! 😦

  5. Well, I still think more people in our generation are open-minded than there were in the one before ours …

    It still is sad, I have plenty of relatives who bitch in this manners … women especially. I wonder how they can forget that they were little girls too one time.

    yeah, I know!
    little girls who also probably heard similar remarks and were as hurt by it as we are today… 😦 Age is supposed to bring along wisdom in its wake but I suppose that need not always be true!

  6. I can completely relate to what you have expressed. I have witnessed such stupid comments in my own wedding.. howzzat?? Regarding the girl child, all the disappointment is because they would have to bear the expense of their daughter’s wedding in the future. In today’s age where a daughter is as well educated and employed as a son i don’t understand whats the big hue and cry about. Useless mentality, I loathe all such people.

    hey girl, are you still around? I thought you were bogged down by too much work! 🙂

    You too?? Unbelievable? If people have a problem with your colour, then I don’t know what else is there to be said!!
    Hmm… I understand it is due to such thoughts that people say ayyo to a girl child, but as you said, in today’s times where a girl is no less educated or qualified or capable of earning for herself, I don’t see any reason why parents should have this attitude. Funnily, in this case that I relate, it was the grandparent who was lamenting and for no better reason than to say that none of her first born grand children were boys!!?!

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