A good fat ten!

Tag time folks!!

Got tagged by Anamika here. Good excuse to get me out of my non-blogging mode I should say! But this was one tag which wasn’t too easy to do. I had think of something significant from my life that I can relate to the numbers from 1 to 10. After much bushed-up eyebrows and scratching of heads this is what I came up with…

1-was my ranking in my class, almost throughout my middle-school and high-school years

2-it is for my parents – me and my sis! 😀

3-the number of years that I and the hubby have sailed along joteyali-jote-joteyali

4-the number of countries I have visited

5-must be the average number of girls who manage to get together in our gang on a special occasion; provided all the stars are aligned and the conditions favourable! 😀

6-will be the number of years I complete at my first job this year

7- is more or less the number of years that I practiced Carnatic classical vocal music under the guidance of my very strict, but excellent tutor

8- would be the approximate number of months that I have ever been away from home, on a work-assignment

9-the month in which the most number of people I know have their birthdays!

10-is the number of people in my team that I handle right now!

Phew! Now whom do we tag… how about our new bloggie friends – AHK and Ersa? and some old ones too – Dwija. Care to do this one girls? 


2 thoughts on “A good fat ten!

  1. 4 countries? Damn, I need to get over my fear of flying and get going, travel more…

    Good one, Anu.
    hee hee! thanks!
    You’re scared of flying? Hmm… tough luck! Sleeping could be a good remedy for air-sickness 🙂

  2. This sure seems like a head scratcher tag, but will take it up anyway 🙂

    I like the way you put No.5, unique .

    So, you learnt Carnatic Vocal for 7 years? Wow, that’s quite a lot. Do you still practice? I learnt for about 4 years and almost lost all touch now 😦

    well! that’s how it usually happens… not all of us can manage to be free at the same time!
    Yeah, I’ve not been regularly practising though… I just try not to lose touch by singing on occasions and festivals. 4 years is quite a long time too… try brushing up and sing on festive occasions, it helps 🙂

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