Kemmannugundiya pravaasa…

 The high school Kannada lesson by Ms. Shanta Devi Malawada, with the aforementioned title is what first flits across my mind when I think of this giridhaama. That and the fact that I missed attending my close friend’s sister‘s marriage on the first occasion when we visited this place as a happy family of four.

That was no less than five-six years ago, but the memories are as green as the place itself is! No wonder then that this was one of the first choices that popped up when we were planning a day’s team outing. Given the working Saturday to compensate for the election holiday and the fast-approaching last-working-day of a colleague who was leaving us, it had to be a action-packed 2 nights, 1 day trip with travel being the major activity we’d do over all those days and nights!

The start itself on the Saturday evening was far from auspicious. The plan was to start early by around 4 – 5 PM so that we could reach there latest by mid-night, grab a couple of hours of shut-eye and be geared for some action on Sunday. But after delays caused by a team-mate’s late arrival from her hometown and traffic -snarls across the city, the plan remained just that – a plan which didn’t get executed! This led to some major wait-hours for the two spouses who were accompanying us which in retrospect might seem funny somewhere far into the future, but definitely did not on the day! 😀

We finally started off by around 7.30, and reached Kemmannugundi by 2.30 AM, after a dhaba-dinner stop on the way. On alighting from the bus, the night was pitch-dark, it was raining and there was no power at the PWD dorms we had booked for the night. The sleepy lot just trooped into the rooms and hit the sack, while I for some unforeseen reason could only toss and turn while waiting for the dawn to break.  The day dawned bright and clear and the surrounding seemed pristine after the night’s showers – one could almost feel the purity of the air one breathed.

The first half of the day was spent trekking to the Z-point – the trek was tiring but the breathtaking view worth the efforts. After monkey-ing around for a couple of hours and gobbling down lunch, the latter part of the day was spent at the Hebbe waterfall. The journey to reach the waterfall is nearly 10-12 kms and the only mode of transport on the dirt track is the rickety jeeps, unless one fancies trekking all the way. After a back-breaking jeep-ride at the end of which we were covered in kemmannu from head to toe (not for nothing is it called the red-soil-land!) and a half-a-kilometer trek into the forest, we reached the majestic water cascade. Couple of us adventurous ones lost no time in getting into the water, going right up to the foot of the fall. We had a blast playing in the water for a good two hours before heading back to the dorms. A quick shower and change of clothes later, we were all set to leave.

the majestic Hebbe waterfall

the majestic Hebbe waterfall

Suddenly everyone wanted to be on their way back, so that we could at least reach Bangalore by mid-night (the plan again!). One had to report back to work the next day you see! Again after a dinner pit-stop, we could reach home-ground only in the early hours of Monday morning. The next day saw us dragging our legs to work after popping in pain killers and such, while some less-immune ones decided to call in sick and take the day off. All said and done it was a memorable trip – time for some good team bonding amidst all the fun and frolic.


4 thoughts on “Kemmannugundiya pravaasa…

  1. Sounds like the trip was great fun…Nice.

    Loved the waterfall, btw…

    yeah, it was good fun especially the time spent at the waterfall! 🙂

  2. That sounds like a short and crisp weekend get away. I can imagine the good times you guys had under that splendid white veil of water fall 🙂

    Glad that the trip was worth it, in spite of the little hiccups and then a tired Monday at work.

    Have never been to this green land and KemmanuGundi is definitely in my list of places to visit next time!

    well, it wasn’t quite a veil actually… though it looks so in the pic, there were huge boulders at the foot of the fall which is where we went. Getting under the water was a tough task in itself. We had to lie back completely on the slippery rocks to get water on our faces! nevertheless it was an awesome feeling just being there!
    Definitely, you should give this place a visit – its not very commercialized so you don’t have any fancy resort or hotels but then that’s why it’s still so naturally pure and beautiful 🙂

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