hi there!

Yeah, I know… I am still around though. Just haven’t had the time and the inclination to post anything in this space! Crazy work schedule, changes in project/ role/ nature of work with the accompanying restricted internet access have all been excuses that I can quote in my favour. So what prompted me now, do you ask? Well, I’ve had some new readers visiting my space of late… AHK and Ersa… and needless to say I am thrilled! Thanks guys for being here and letting me know that you like it! 🙂

Well amongst other things, I had my first ride in the rain last week. Just as the mercury was shooting up to un-godly highs in Bengaluru, the pre-monsoon showers set in and we’ve had some heavy thundershowers every evening for the past few days. One such late evening last week, just as I got out of office and noticed the dark gloomy clouds with streaks of brilliant lightning shooing away the darkness every few minutes, I sent up a prayer asking the clouds to hold-up for 10 more minutes.

But it wasn’t to be so. Even as I crossed the office-campus gates, heavy dumma droplets started falling around me and within minutes I was soaked to the skin. When I realised that I couldn’t see the road beyond a few metres, let alone anything else, I decided to stop at a shop and take shelter. But given the late hour and the sparse population in the area I was prompted to move on as soon as it looked like the downpour had subsided to a reasonable extent. But soon after the rain got only more furious and was accompanied by howling winds too. I just prayed fervently, concentrated hard and rode on with the sole aim of reaching familiar home ground!

All in all, for a person who enjoys the rains to the extent of looking at it and appreciating it from afar, without getting drenched, it was a new experience for sure – not one that I can say I enjoyed, but definitely one that will stay in my memory for long!

Well, I’m off on a trip to Kemmangundi with the new team-mates tonight and I’m hoping it will help bring-down the stress levels a bit! Although there will be the long work week looming ahead soon after getting back on Monday morning… nevertheless we’re hoping to have some fun! 🙂


5 thoughts on “hi there!

  1. Wow, I would’ve loved to get drenched in rain… :-)…Anyway, have a fun weekend at Kemmangundi…
    thanks! we sure did have a nice time! will try to write about it…hope you had a nice weekend too!

  2. Been there in tormenting rains too..but it made for a sweet memory because the hubby was along and we found a shelter under a tiny hut in that desolated area. 🙂

    Scare set in later anyway after an hour of getting stuck there ! 🙂

    How was Kemmannugundi ? Am sure you guys had fun. Tell us about it.

    wow! sounds so perfectly romantic! yeah, I can imagine the scare if you were stuck for more than an hour! Kemmannugundi was fun, we had a good time…will try and write about it! 🙂

  3. ah! its always a great feeling getting drenched in the rain. I usually prefer to get drenched in the rain while I am back home from my office. My wife enjoys the rain as much or rather more than i do. Whenever we are at home and if it is raining, we make sure we stand outside and get drenched – needless to say, our neighbours think we are a crazy couple – kattege yenu gottu kasturi vaasane..he he

    wow! sounds like absolute fun. Yeah actually I too wish I could be carefree and get drenched in the rain, but somehow when it is actually raining I chicken out! 😀 But definitely should try it out once – just standing out and enjoying the rain!

  4. Hey Anu! Loved this post and the one before.. uhhh.. This cant be good for my homesickness.. I’ve played badminton in the rain but biking! thats a whole new level girl! I’d have loved it

    hey Teena! so wonderful to have you back here!
    hee hee! actually I didn’t have a choice, given the late hour! Else you know me na… never the one to venture out in the rain! 😀

  5. Hey Anu, thanks a lot for your comment on my blog! – since I had turned on this whole moderation of comments thing on my blog, I just didnt realize how many had responded! Sorry about that… How ve you been? Hope all is well!

    Good to see you having started writing again!

    hey Dwija, that’s ok! how’re you doing? I’m doing well! Good to have you visiting this space too! 🙂

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