Home – away from home

Was chatting up a team-mate enroute to the team-lunch on Friday. She was raring to set off to her home-town by that evening’s train. The following conversation ensued…

Me – ‘So, you’ll be away for a week is it?

Her – ‘Oh, 3 weeks actually’ she beamed.

Me – ‘3 weeks?? Anything special happening out there?

Her – ‘Nah, nothing special…. my sis and her kids are here on a vacation from Dubai. So I am going to spend some time with them


Suddenly I felt a twinge of jealousy and a sense of sadness clouded my thoughts. I realized I would never know the feeling – of taking leave for weeks at a stretch and going home to meet family and loved ones, staying miles away in a different state/ city/ country. Technically speaking, I was in Singapore for some time and did come down here once, but that was just for 4 days and that too, to take up an exam. It never felt like I was home for a holiday! So that doesn’t qualify – which effectively means I’ve never had a chance to experience what this going-home feels like and what’s worse – I am never likely to, ever! 😦


Innumerable have been the occasions when I’ve felt sooo glad of being a Bengaluru girl. I love this city and identify myself completely with it… in fact, I cannot think of a life beyond it and away from it. All my years of growing up, my childhood, my school years, pre-university days in the halcyon areas of North Bangalore and then the famed and memorable days of graduation – have had me falling more in love with this haven. Call it luck or good fortune; I’ve never had to face apprehensions of having to go outside this realm of familiarity for any reason. Even in the case of taking up a job, I got placed in a company which neither trained its campus recruits in its exclusive training facility located elsewhere nor followed a system of posting its recruits in different branches, being a believer in growing roots at a single branch, at least at the time!


But being in this industry one can never get away from people who are going home all the time! With enough and more migrants flooding the IT capital to take up jobs in this sector, one is surrounded by people from other cities and states, like the aforementioned colleague. And invariably these guys never tire of traveling back and forth. Every holiday that is earned or sometime every single weekend, they lose no time to book trains/ buses/ flights to be home with their family. Sometimes I wonder, don’t they ever get tired of it – travel every Friday night and be back in office on Monday after a grueling 8-10 hours night journey?! This is something that I don’t identify with and would never subscribe to, even if I am away from my family.


It is the long vacations and planned leaves that have me green with envy. I can only imagine the sense of pure joy one must feel on getting away from grueling work and spending days in gay abandon, being showered with unfettered affection and warmth – after all, distance does make the heart grow fonder!


So, while on one hand I cannot comprehend a life beyond this city, on the other I yearn to be part of this people-mass which revels in the pleasures of having a home away from home. Isn’t there a way that I can eat the cake and have it too? 😦


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