Up-lift-ing humour!

This transpired a couple of days ago.

It was lunch-time and I was waiting in the lift lobby of my floor to go upstairs and join friends waiting at the roof-top cafeteria. Surprisingly all the four elevators were working and in hindsight, I guess this led to some confusion. The UP and DOWN buttons on both the sides were glowing and as I reached the lobby one of the DOWN buttons went off and an elevator stopped on its way down. A couple of people got in and it went on its way.

Then, suddenly, the other elevator on the same side stopped and opened its doors to emptiness inside – I quickly glanced and saw that the UP arrow/ button was still glowing. Dubiously I got inside – oftentimes I’ve observed, though the elevator initially is on its way down, if the request of the people on the lower floors have already been answered, it tends to stop and change its direction to go the other way – I supposed this was what was happening then. I got in and waited for the doors to close expecting the direction to switch.

Just as the doors were closing, it opened again and this guy gets in – grinning sheepishly with a sorry on his lips. I respond with a small smile and shrug as if to say – I don’t know where this is going – up or down! And before I can add that I have to go upstairs – dang! – he presses the ‘G’ button. I stop short of exclaiming out loud. He then proffers these pearls of wisdom as an explanation for his act – and I quote him here –

 “It was confused; it didn’t know where to go. Only ‘6’ was pressed, but it was trying to go down…”

Even as I tried to gather my wits after what I’d heard, he quickly got off as we reached the Ground floor. I was left alone to muse and laugh out loud as I realized – it had sounded like he was actually trying to explain the feelings of the elevator! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Up-lift-ing humour!

  1. Ha ha ! Goodone…Even I have similar experiences at my office.


    Is it? Then do blog about it…so that we can also share a few laughs! 🙂

  2. HAHA…Good one…

    First time on your blog. I know I will keep coming back for more !

    hey thanks! lovely to have you here! Will visit your space for sure! 🙂

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