Savoury Singapore

Sometime back, when I was in Singapore, still unsure about the date of my return, and on a particularly gray day, I had made this list – and called it the Cheer-me-up-manifesto.


Now that I am here and back to the trudge of being the typical Indian-married-working-woman alternating between the home and office and caught up in the mundane, I sometimes wistfully think back to the season and flavour of my life there and not surprisingly paint a pretty rosy picture. Many a time have I taunted the husband with – ‘oh, what bliss it was! to be away from responsibilities and the daily conundrum…’ only for him to respond with a teasing – ‘of course, nothing can match the fun times I had in Bombay!’ 🙂

Today was no better and had me tangled amidst the sunny memories of those hey-days.


Amongst several slips from my thought-sieve I see…

  • The joy of a non-fussy, simple and yet filling breakfast of bread and fruits – eaten uncomplainingly on all five days a week
  • Absolute lack of rules and norms for the wake-up regime – more so, the weekends – time stilled and savoured lying-in till the heart’s content!
  • Re-discovery of love for trinkets and junk jewellery – the re-kindled interest – ample time-on-hand to mix and match, on working days too!
  • Simple kitchen delights and appreciation from roomies – the time ripe to hone  culinary skills and the ability there-of to handle a simple meal preparation with confidence
  • Weekend late-night viewing of the Indian Idol episodes – lolling on sofas with roomies – each cheering for own firm favourites – scene for some serious discussion & dissing!
  • Strong ginger tea that R brew every morning – about the only thing she prepared regularly – and didn’t otherwise believe in cooking being an everyday affair! 🙂
  • Aroma from the cup of strong instant coffee/ bru – self-served on lazy afternoons
  • Comfort of travel by the swift, efficient MRTs – reaching the corners of the country within the hour!
  • Weekends pleasure trips, taking us to the corners and attractions of the place
  • Plots, plans & exploratory-jaunts to beautiful & bountiful skirting countries
  • Pouring over the shopping lists with careful loving consideration, decision on items to be bought for self and near & dear ones
  • Patient wait for the clock to strike the hour – time for the voice messenger and a catch-up session with parents & sis
  • Precious money spent on calling cards – for snatches of lovey-dovey long-distance conversations with the hubby
  • Occasional splurges on impromptu eat-outs and movies
  • Anticipation of re-unions with long lost friends & acquaintances – seemingly God-sent in a country of unknowns!

 I suppose, more than anything else, it was that heady feeling of being free that was most enjoyable – from the binds of the society, the norms of family ties, the weight of responsibilities – freedom of mind, thoughts and actions – so often found lacking in our otherwise day-to-day life – most of which one knows, are not even imposed by anyone, but donned of one’s own accord – from which one scrambles to break away each day, but in vain! 😐



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